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Jun 16 2015
Need To Know: Worldly Atlas + Big White Lies + Nice, Pratt Ass + Photoshop Till Ya Drop + Forget Barack, We Can't Have A President Jeb + MORE! Comments (0)


*widget boy cultureRare Zeb Atlas interview.

*widget boy cultureKristen Stewart's in a lesbian relationship, has a cool mom.

*widget boy cultureUPDATE: Kristen's mom never said that stuff. UPDATE: Yeah, she did.

*widget boy cultureMexico legalizes gay marriage.

*widget boy cultureRachel Dolezal resigns as NAACP chapter prez.

*widget boy cultureDolezal, when she was white, sued Howard University for reverse discrimination (!).

*widget boy cultureDolezal is also a copycat.

*widget boy cultureThe shoes in Jurassic World are stupid.

*widget boy cultureBut can Chris Pratt run in high heels?

*widget boy cultureJames Bond Spectre set video.


*widget boy cultureFirst-ever Nathan Sykes solo show.

*widget boy cultureJanet's insane tour poster deconstructed.

*widget boy culturePope Francis is green, but anti-gay.

*widget boy cultureJeb Bush is running for president.

*widget boy cultureGood hed regarding Hillary Clinton.

*widget boy cultureMake-believe Clinton Dynasty better than Real Bush Dynasty.

*widget boy cultureRomney shamelessly flip-flops on Iraq.

*widget boy cultureDuran Duran's new album is Paper Gods (September 2015).

*widget boy cultureTowleroad gets a makeover.

*widget boy cultureHot men in the shower.

Jan 16 2015
Lost World: A Review Of STILL ALICE Comments (0)

Still-AliceEarly frost

BOY CULTURE RATING: *** out of ****

In Still Alice, an articulate, accomplished linguistics professor (Julianne Moore) begins to forget things. She gets lost. She repeats herself. She suspects she could have a brain tumor, but the real answer is even more devastating—at the age of 50, she has early-onset Alzheimer's disease.

Her workaholic husband (Alec Baldwin), handsome son (Hunter Parrish) and warring daughters—one archly perfect (Kate Bosworth), one studiously rebellious (Kristen Stewart)—have to cope with this out-of-the-blue development, and must make choices about their own lives and about the woman who is at the core of their family.

Richard Glatzer and Wash Westmoreland were hired to adapt the film from Lisa Genova's highly regarded novel of the same name, and wound up directing it. The partners in creativity and in love have crafted a no-frills, achingly intimate document of what often is a breathtakingly swift decline, one which allows Moore precious little space in which to do anything more than be. The result is a moving, unaffected, ephemeral performance of the type for which she is renowned, and a performance which could become the one that finally brings her the Oscar she's richly deserved for many years.

Still-Alice--Kristen-Stewart-and-Julianne-Moore_article_story_largeBaldwin, always so good, may have burned himself with his long stint on 30 Rock and as a frequent SNL host; he has snarky resting face, which distracts from his character and from the film. Stewart, on the other hand, gives a mature performance that perfectly complements Moore's. The others aren't really fleshed out enough to judge.

Ultimately, the film is so hands-off it sometimes feels a little underdeveloped. That hurts it as an overall artistic statement, making it feel like an unadorned TV movie at times, but that approach does nothing to damage Moore and Stewart's effortless shared depth.

Richard-Glatzer-Wash-Westmoreland-quinceneraGlatzer (L) & Westmoreland (R)

As a postscript: It may surprise some to know that Westmoreland's directing career was launched in gay porn in the '90s, and that his work with Glatzer includes the broadly comic The Fluffer (2001), set in that milieu. Less of a surprise is that the men co-directed the affecting drama Quinceañera in 2006.

Mar 14 2013
Kristen Stewart Plays PERSONAL BEST With Personal Assistant? Comments (0)
National Enquirer (March 25, 2013) claims that Kristen Stewart is having a "gay time" without Rob Pattinson, hooking up with Katy Perry's assistant. A fetus ate its way out of her uterus, and this is supposed to be shocking?
Dec 21 2012
All The Road Rage: Reviews Of The Guilt Trip & On The Road Comments (1)

Kristen-Dunst-On-the-Road"Fasten your seatbelts!"

The Guilt Trip

BOY CULTURE REVIEW: *** out of ****

I went into this Barbra Streisand/Seth Rogen mom/son buddy movie expecting it to be as Barbra-Streisand-The-Guilt-Tripmeandering and pointless as its unfunny trailer, but I was pleasantly surprised. Eventually. In the beginning, it was hard to take the unlikable characters—Streisand's Jewish mother a smothering nag, Rogen's inventor son cold and seemingly filled to the brim with resentment. It could've been Psycho: The Prequel. Then, once a huge fight cleared the air, watching the characters embark on a long road trip as the son attempts to sell an all-natural cleaner he's invented became a pleasure. In particular, it was fun watching Streisand let her hair down, avoid vanity shots (except toward the end, where her hair suddenly looks like buttah) and crack wise, not to mention scarf down a steak that would have choked a prize fighter. The film holds a couple of bittersweet surprises, but the biggest shocker is that it's not a broad, Fockers-like comedy, but something if not deep then certainly more to be felt than simply enjoyed.

On the Road

BOY CULTURE REVIEW: ** out of ****

Less fun was sitting through Walter Salles's take on Jack Kerouac's classic On the Road. A thinly disguised memoir chronicling Kerouac's (Sam Riley as "Sal Paradise") relationships with Neal On-The-Road_02Cassady (Garrett Hedlund as "Dean Moriarty"), Allen Ginsberg (Tom Sturridge as "Carlo Marx"), the book does not fare well on the big screen, with most of the characters coming off as ridiculously pretentious, selfish and vapid. Or maybe that's how I'd react to reading the book at age 44. One thing's for sure—Riley does not conjure up whatever it is people find appealing about Kerouac, and that is a fatal flaw. The story still stings, even in a not-great adaptation, because it's about the devastation that charm can visit upon the romantic. I was also enamored of Garrett Hedlund's I-shouldn't-love-him intensity as well as his oft-glimpsed power-fucking. I never though I'd say this, either, but Kristen Stewart (as a not-that-innocent child bride) and Kirsten Dunst (as a woman who thinks she's tamed "Dean" but soon finds out she was sorely mistaken) are the absolute highlights, managing to fill their characters with more emotion and complexity with less camera time than all of the guys combined. Overall, it had me murmuring, "Are we there yet?"

Aug 17 2012
Tell & Kiss Comments (0)

Clark Gregg Joss Whedon affair kissing
Avengers actor Clark Gregg may have been killed off in the movie, but he's through living a lie—he's confessed (jokingly) on Twitter to having an affair with Joss Whedon, an obvious spoof of the Kristen Stewart/Rupert Sanders scandal.

Aug 16 2012
Jockumentaries: Funny Olympics-Themed Parodies Of Famous Flicks Comments (2)

Brokeback Mountain
Via I Believe in Advertising: These Australian ads for movies, themed to the Olympics, are pretty ingenious. Gotta love that they spoofed Brokeback Mountain without being offensive. Keep reading for all the best ones...

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Aug 09 2012
She Can't Act—But Takes Direction Well Comments (0)

Kristen Stewart cheating scandal
KStew has several good reasons for why she "did sex" with Rupert Sanders, thereby cheating on Rob Pattinson.

ThumbnailsIf I'm not moving, click me

In fact, Rob himself asked her to do it at least one time...

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Jun 29 2010
A Review With Teeth Comments (7)

A.O. Scott's review of The Twilight Saga: Eclipse is pretty funny. Choice bit: 

"What there isn't, as usual, is much in the way of good acting, with the decisive and impressive exception of Ms. Stewart, who can carry a close-up about as well as anyone in movies today. Mr. Lautner still seems to have recently escaped from a high school cheerleading squad somewhere, and Mr. Pattinson's pout conveys not the existential angst of a lovelorn immortal, but rather the peevishness of a guy who just lost a Greta Garbo lookalike contest—for the third time in a row!—to his own girlfriend."


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