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May 09 2014
Thief Of Hearts Comments (0)


I guess Reichen Lehmkuhl's description of how he lost his wallet is somewhat less embarrassing than posting that a trick robbed him.

Lance Bass: Bye Bye Bye, Cheater! Comments (0)

Lance-BassLance will catch you, dog!

On today's episode of the daytime talk show bethenny (full disclosure: I'm the Web guy there), Lance Bass recalls how one of his relationships ended when he found incriminating Facebook mesages from two other men who were dating his then live-in partner:

“If you're gonna leave your Facebook page open for me to read, I'm gonna read it. And it broke up a relationship because I read some of those e-mails, too. I read an email...he was dating two other people as we were living together, and if it wasn't for me reading that Facebook page that was open, I would've never've known...Sometimes they want to be caught.”

Wondering which of Lance's high-profile boyfriends was the three-timer...? (But I have a guess.)

Later on the same episode, Lance says opening a relationship is a mistake.

May 06 2014
Raise Your Voice: GMCLA's 3rd Annual Voice Awards Comments (0)
  Bass_Perrette_Stage Perrette_Bass Brendon_Ayanbadejo Greg_Louganis Melissa_Etheridge Guy_Wilson Macy_Huffman Shane_Bitney_Crone

Images courtesy of Daniel Lam/GMCLA

The Gay Men's Chorus of Los Angeles threw its 3rd Annual Voice Awards, presented by First Investors. The awards are for individuals and orgs who have used their voices to affect social change.

Some of the stars who turned up—as seen, in order, in the gallery above—included: Lance Bass & Pauley Perrette, Super Bowl champ Brendon Ayanbadejo, Olympic diving legend Greg Louganis, singing star Melissa Etheridge, Days of Our Lives star Guy Wilson, Felicity Huffman & William H. Macy and Bridegroom's Shane Bitney Crone.

Mar 27 2014
Need To Know: Out For BLOOD, Is Sex Attempted Murder?, Ho-Down Low-Down, Unholy Mess + MORE! Comments (0)

True-bloodHe's packin'.

*widget boy cultureNew villain coming to final season of True Blood. Nipple-selfie

*widget boy cultureDouchebag Gov. Snyder won't recognize 300+ marriages.

*widget boy cultureGLAAD urges "decriminalizing" HIV.

*widget boy cultureEx gay-porn actor "Snow Bunni" speaks from hospital bed.

*widget boy cultureA-list gay hookers tell all most.

*widget boy cultureEver gotten a text from a str8 dude like this???

*widget boy cultureVintage '40s college-boy selfie.

*widget boy cultureDuck Dynasty cavemen just as anti-gay as ever.

*widget boy cultureObamacare sign-up deadline looms.

*widget boy cultureFor Tom Daley, wardrobe malfunctions aren't.

*widget boy culture98 Degrees stud's reality-show strippers.

*widget boy cultureNorth Korean men's hairlines apply for political asylum.

*widget boy cultureJoan Rivers apparently thinks Lena Dunham is diabetes-fat.

*widget boy cultureVia Sticky: Guess whose nip that is?

*widget boy cultureDON'T CLICK if allergic to hot menz. (Work Unfriendlier.)

*widget boy cultureCute singer Jason Dottley does Lance Bass.

*widget boy cultureGraham supports Putin, says gays "recruit" children:

Jan 09 2014
Need To Know: Mean Boyz Town, Out In His League, Biggs Dick, Subway Seat Flesh + MORE! Comments (0)

*widget boy cultureAbove: "Mean Boyz," a Mean Girls parody for the ages.

*widget boy culturePremiere league soccer star Thomas Hitzlberger comes out.

*widget boy cultureTrue Blood cast member goes naked.

*widget boy cultureJason Biggs is the anti-Juan Pablo.

*widget boy cultureNYC is now officially dead.

*widget boy cultureLance Bass & his hot fiancé saved a dog last week.

*widget boy cultureNo Pants Subway Ride '14 is upon us.

*widget boy cultureLooking's Russell Tovey messaged Tom Daley support when he came out.

*widget boy cultureEvery successfully funded Kickstarter project ever.

*widget boy cultureReal-life "Ken" and "Barbie" kinda hate each other.

*widget boy cultureMichelangelo Signorile is right: It's not "outing," it's "reporting."

Malcolm-ForbesNewspaper cartoon I saved depicting Elizabeth Taylor & Malcolm Forbes from April 1, 1990

Nov 19 2013
Nope. There's Still Not A Black One. Comments (0)


Funny or Die's take on what the first gay Bachelor would be like is painfully funny...

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Oct 19 2013
'Show Lance Bass Here How It's Done' Comments (0)

Lance bass

Universal Studios Hollywood has a shockingly anti-gay segment in its Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure attraction, wherein "Superman" minces like a '30s pansy, leading to another character referring to him as "Lance Bass."

It doesn't get more blatantly homophobic than that, but I'm sure plenty of gay people will defend it and say it's just a joke. Yes, jokes can be homophobic, too.

Sep 20 2013
Lance Bass Knows Lots Of Bi, Bi, Bi Stars Comments (0)

My "Would You Ever?" game with Lance Bass backstage at "bethenny" came out great! He talks about potental fatherhood, eloping and—most juicily—how he knows tons of closeted gay celebs and has lied for them...

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