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Mar 19 2015
Need To Know: Dean Of Models + Kathy Flying The Coop + Baby Got Running Back + Schock Report + MORE! Comments (0)


*widget boy cultureJames Dean is alive! (Kinda.)

*widget boy cultureEveryone is rooting for Liza!

*widget boy cultureAnderson Cooper is Team Kathy.

*widget boy cultureYale running back has got back.

*widget boy cultureFrank makes sure the door hits Schock on the way out.

*widget boy cultureSchock's dad has almost figured it out.

*widget boy cultureZayn quits 1D?

*widget boy culturePresident Obama regrets not closing Guantanamo.

*widget boy cultureSeries-high ratings for Empire.

*widget boy cultureDressing up like a dog for sex is a thing.

*widget boy cultureWhite people are sad about Black History Month.

*widget boy cultureMeet Lady Gaga's stylist.

*widget boy culture*NSYNC's No Strings Attached is 15 years old.


Feb 03 2015
Dat Bass! Comments (0)

Screen Shot 2015-02-03 at 9.26.44 PM

Lance Loves Michael: The Lance Bass Wedding is coming up, and Bass and Turchin are talking about their televised nuptials, as well as some other gay issues.

Bass on acting gay:

“There’s so much gray area in between everything. You know, a straight person is not completely straight, a gay person is not completely gay; there’s all this gray area. And I just wish people would understand that. Nothing is black and white. Nothing is black and white.”

Bass 'n' Turchin on gay sex:

“Everyone is so interested in gay sex! It’s like, ‘Well, guys, it’s not too far off from your regular hetero sex.’”

Turchin: “I’m not gonna ask you about your sex life and what you like to do. Why is it such a casual question?”

The special airs Thursday on E! Click here for more.

Dec 03 2014
Billy Reilich Makes A Big Splash @ NewNowNext Comments (0)
  Billy-Reilich-Joe-Jonas Billy-Reilich-back Billy-Lance-Bass Billy-Reilich-Speedo Billy-Reilich-Speedo-2 Billy-Reilich-Joe-Jonas-2 Billy-Reilich-Looking

Images courtesy of Lydia Brock

Darren Criss is the straight host of LOGO's gay NewNowNext Awards, airing December 7. Taped at Kimpton's Surfcomber in South Beath, the show will feature a performance by Kristin Chenoweth, Cyndi Lauper and Joe Jonas as DJ.


In the above gallery, check out some exclusive, behind-the-scenes photos of the show's sexy trophy presenter, Ellen's Nick the Gardener, aka Magic Mike XXL star Billy Reilich.

Lance-Bass-Michael-Turchin-Billy-ReilichJust 'cuz he was handing stuff out, boys, that don't mean he's giving away everything.

By the looks of the above snap, Lance and his fiancé Michael Turchin seemed on the verge of asking Billy into their relationship!

Billy-Reilich-Bianca-2Bumping into Bianca at rehearsals

After the jump, check out Billy in his red Speedo from the forthcoming show...

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Oct 21 2014
Need To Know: Wicked Popular + Eat, Drink & Be Married + It's Only A Play + Stinko DeMaio + Going Downey + Bader To The Bone + MORE! Comments (0)

Wicked Gay BlogI got somethin' to say...

*widget boy cultureWicked Gay Blog's most commented posts EVER.

*widget boy culturePresident Obama: Gay marriage is a constitutional right.

*widget boy cultureThe Death of Klinghoffer is the new Corpus Christi.

*widget boy cultureFashion icon Oscar de la Renta dies @ 82.

*widget boy cultureGay, anti-gay, maybe grab-assy GOPer Carl DeMaio is also a misogynistic fat-shamer.

*widget boy cultureShonda Rhimes exiles anti-gay tweeter from Shondaland.

*widget boy cultureMariah proves she only looks like shit, but sounds great!

*widget boy cultureWHAT THE SHELL?: Could turtle-like Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-KY) lose???

*widget boy cultureBuffy star Nicholas Brendon arrested in bizarre Boise incident. Is sorry.

*widget boy cultureWould you f*ck this Chili's cook?

Opsexycookofchilis1Me love you long time, short-order cook!

*widget boy cultureSeth Rogen still fighting mad over Freaks & Geeks cancelation.

*widget boy cultureRobert Downey Jr.'s dick should have a Learning Annex class.

*widget boy cultureJessica Lange & some other heifers cover Elle's Women in Hollywood ish.

*widget boy cultureRuth Bader Ginsburg vs. the GOP's voter-ID scam.

*widget boy cultureTbe rebirth of the word “Maverick” as it relates to Madonna (and more).

*widget boy cultureWyoming gay-marriage ban = unconstitutional.

*widget boy cultureDr. Nancy Snyderman's quaratine-pooh-poohing might end her NBC career.

*widget boy cultureLance Bass & Michael Turchin have set a wedding date.

*widget boy cultureThe Comeback's comeback continues, unabated.

ComebackGreen-screen queen

Oct 17 2014
Need To Know: Washboard Stiff + Worried Sick + Bass Ass + LOVE BOAT Sails Again + MORE! Comments (0)

AbsTattoo oooooh!

*widget boy cultureAb-tastic Celebrity Big Brother's Gladiator flashes almost everything.

*widget boy cultureSexxxy military men. WOOF.

*widget boy cultureAmerica panics over 3 cases of Ebola. 2nd infected nurse goes to MD.

*widget boy cultureLance Bass wants you to see his boyfriend's A+ ass.

*widget boy cultureScott Walker might lose his governship to Mary Burke.

*widget boy cultureEntire Love Boat cast is alive, is reuniting!

*widget boy cultureStraight alley Ashley Parker Angel grabs a handful vs. cancer:

Ashley-Parker-AngelThis former O-Town member is attempting to tease out your O face...

*widget boy cultureGlenn Close: Former cultist.

*widget boy cultureHillary is pro-Net neutrality.

*widget boy cultureMagic Mike XXL. Needs. Women.

*widget boy cultureFloridians are split on Crist vs. Scott, but most think Scott will prevail.

*widget boy cultureCharming PA teens chant about Ebola to West African rival.

*widget boy cultureAnti-IRS, anti-millennial & pro-fetus Ernst leads in Iowa Senate race.

*widget boy cultureMadonna goes Inside the Actors Studio with Perez Hilton.

Madonna-Perez-HiltonMadonna ain't no florist.

May 09 2014
Thief Of Hearts Comments (0)


I guess Reichen Lehmkuhl's description of how he lost his wallet is somewhat less embarrassing than posting that a trick robbed him.

Lance Bass: Bye Bye Bye, Cheater! Comments (0)

Lance-BassLance will catch you, dog!

On today's episode of the daytime talk show bethenny (full disclosure: I'm the Web guy there), Lance Bass recalls how one of his relationships ended when he found incriminating Facebook mesages from two other men who were dating his then live-in partner:

“If you're gonna leave your Facebook page open for me to read, I'm gonna read it. And it broke up a relationship because I read some of those e-mails, too. I read an email...he was dating two other people as we were living together, and if it wasn't for me reading that Facebook page that was open, I would've never've known...Sometimes they want to be caught.”

Wondering which of Lance's high-profile boyfriends was the three-timer...? (But I have a guess.)

Later on the same episode, Lance says opening a relationship is a mistake.

May 06 2014
Raise Your Voice: GMCLA's 3rd Annual Voice Awards Comments (0)
  Bass_Perrette_Stage Perrette_Bass Brendon_Ayanbadejo Greg_Louganis Melissa_Etheridge Guy_Wilson Macy_Huffman Shane_Bitney_Crone

Images courtesy of Daniel Lam/GMCLA

The Gay Men's Chorus of Los Angeles threw its 3rd Annual Voice Awards, presented by First Investors. The awards are for individuals and orgs who have used their voices to affect social change.

Some of the stars who turned up—as seen, in order, in the gallery above—included: Lance Bass & Pauley Perrette, Super Bowl champ Brendon Ayanbadejo, Olympic diving legend Greg Louganis, singing star Melissa Etheridge, Days of Our Lives star Guy Wilson, Felicity Huffman & William H. Macy and Bridegroom's Shane Bitney Crone.