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Mar 28 2011
Other Wise: A Review Of The Other Place Comments (0)

SHARR-1-popupThis, that, the Other: Metcalf with frequent co-star Boutsikaris

I've been on a theater-going tear lately, but one of the experiences that stood out for me was The Other Place, a new play by Sharr White starring Laurie Metcalf, Dennis Boutsikaris, Aya Cash and John Schiappa and directed by Joe Mantello.

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Feb 17 2011
Everybody I Know Is Desperate, Except For You Comments (5)

Randomly, after having just seen her on the street the other day, I found out the gifted Laurie Metcalf was participating in a reading of some of The Other Place, a new play by Sharr White in which she'll star at the Lucille Lortel here in Manhattan starting March 11.

XLeslie Glass in the house!

I showed up at the Drama Bookshop on W. 40th to find a group of theater nerds milling none-too-casually near the door to the basement, where the reading would happen. Finally, they let us down, and while I was the third person to find a seat, I was also "that guy" who insisted on holding a seat for my arriving-late partner. No one was freaking out about it, so they must've take "a Valium...like a normal person!"

The set-up was Metcalf and her handsome playwright reading a brief but extremely intriguing scene from The Other Place, following by Metcalf and handsome actor Chris Stack reading two scenes from White's Six Years.

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