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Feb 19 2015
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Lee Daniels speaks about testing Empire's gay kiss, which did not go well...

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Jul 04 2014
Need To Know: What A Dick + '80s Video Artiste + Grindr Butchr + Come To Papa + Persian Picasso + MORE! Comments (0)

Marc-BartraThis should be his team's uniform.

*widget boy cultureMeet attractive footballer Marc Bartra.

*widget boy cultureHe had 10 inches...but needed more. Plus, HOT ASS ALERT.

*widget boy cultureKinder, gentler approach to the homeless.

*widget boy cultureThe AMAZING '80s videos of Nelson Sullivan, 25 years later.

*widget boy cultureFINALLY: Ian Ziering & Olivia Newton-John together!

*widget boy cultureSeattle killer finds two men on gay pickup apps, executes them in the street.

*widget boy cultureGay widowers fighting for their due.

*widget boy cultureKind-hearted pet owner dies under garbage truck while trying to save her dog.

*widget boy cultureGay dads hold their child for the first time:

Lindsay-FosterBelongs to daddy

*widget boy cultureMeet “Persian Picasso”/gay artist Bahman Mohassess in Fifi Howls from Happiness.

*widget boy cultureDemi Lovato vs. Vladimir Putin.

*widget boy cultureBastille's “Of the Night” (a Corona/Snap!) mash-up is unexpectedly haunting.

*widget boy cultureINTERNATIONAL INCIDENT: Frankie Zulferino tours China.

*widget boy cultureInterview with gay Boystown author Marshall Thornton.

*widget boy cultureLee Daniels on being gay & black, and dishing on Mariah Carey.

*widget boy cultureDear Abby addresses gay man whose anti-gay brother loves his alive gay daughter!

*widget boy cultureAnthony Friedkin's 1970s “Gay Essay” on display, captured gay life in SF.

Friedkin-gay-hustlers-photographyHustlers in San Francisco in the '70s

Nov 16 2013
In The OUT Door: OUT Celebrates Its OUT 100 Comments (0)
  9a Debbie Harry 10 Debbie Harry 11 Debbie Harry 12 Debbie Harry 13 Debbie Harry

Thursday night was the Out 100 party, celebrating Out Magazine's issue in which its editors honor 100 influential out figures from all walks, the most famous of which get the cover treatment. (This year, Edie Windsor, Jim Parsons, Lee Daniels and the very recently out Wentworth Miller made the cut.)

1 OUTThe in-crowd with Out.

I'd never been invited to this party before, and kept complaining and being told, "Next year!" Finally, I got the invite, so no way would I miss what Kenneth swears is the year's most fun party.

The venue is conducive to having a fun party with live acts (Debbie Harry was headlining, with Steve Grand, The Dolls and Charli XCX of Icona Pop fame supporting), but not so great for a red carpet. Still, Out did a nice job with a second-floor carpet, my only complaint being that the DJed party music drowned out the interviews somewhat.

I was surrounded by nice people, except for an inconsequential sourpuss who looked about 12 years old who was frowning his way through the night for ET, and being near sane individuals helps loads.

A Sharon-NeedlesSharon Needles: Gay as hay-ull.

The first person down the carpet was Sharon Needles, looking more glam (and alive) than ever. My question for everyone was to describe their best and worst coming-out experiences (see video above), but she said hers had all been good because she'd been "gay as hay-ull" since age 4 and had a supportive family who knew she liked dick. The most X-rated "awww!" ever.

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Nov 15 2013
Ladies And Gentlemen, The LATE Mariah Carey! Comments (0)


The biggest pair of surprises at last night's "OUT 100" party, honoring Out Magazine's 100 most inspirational LGBT figures, was the appearance of Mariah Carey, who came out (after about a 10-minute pause!) to accept an award on behalf of her buddy/director Lee Daniels.

Jonathan Groff and the cast of the can't-wait-to-see-it HBO series Looking announced her, then had to entertain the crowd by reading her Wikipedia page (!) for several minutes, including full birthdate and Tommy Mottola namecheck. Ouch!

Mariah has taken Madonna's cue, wearing gloves (though hers look like Rubbermaid in my screengrab, I am gonna guess they were satin). She had a great line:

"I'm a straight girl, so I don't really know why they asked me to be here...but my boobs have been out for years!"

It was a brief speech, punctuated by a nobody-listened-to-it heartfelt video speech by Daniels. After she was done, she asked for help getting off the little platform because her arm still had some damage.

The crowd at her up, and Groff referred to her as "the best-selling female artist of all time," which is of course what she demands to be called wherever she goes and which is the nugget around which every one of her press releases is built.

As much of a non-fan as I am, it was exciting to see her in person for the first time, and I give her and Out a lot of credit for such a wonderful surprise.

Full video after the jump...

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Nov 13 2013
Work It On OUT Comments (0)


Love the Out "Out 100" covers—great photos of deserving and diverse honorees Lee Daniels, Jim Parsons, Wentworth Miller and Edie Windsor.

Sep 10 2013
Need To Know: Undressing On The Side, Lei Marriage, Russian Judgment + MORE Comments (0)

Anigif_original-grid-image-17163-1378754870-31The need for Speedo.

*widget boy cultureThe tragedy of Tom Daley's alleged heterosexuality.

*widget boy cultureElection Day NYC is tomorrow: Vote Corey Johnson.

*widget boy cultureSyrian solution on the horizon?

Zesty-guy-bethenny-570x408-250x180-1Je vinagrette rien!

*widget boy culture"Would You Ever...?" with shirtless Zesty Guy Anderson Davis.

*widget boy cultureHawai'i cruising to marriage equality within two months? Giovanni-Bonamy

*widget boy cultureObama's LGBT meeting in Russia a success.

*widget boy cultureThey're just being anti-Molly.

*widget boy cultureThe "New Look" seems familiar: Young, thin & hot.

*widget boy cultureGiovanni Bonamy is hotter than hell.

*widget boy cultureOuting Russia's anti-gay gay politicos.

*widget boy cultureGeorge Zimmerman threatens to shoot up family.

*widget boy cultureFOX fires (shouldn't that read "hires?") anti-gay reporter.

*widget boy cultureThe Butler is set to top Precious with $100M+ at the B.O.

*widget boy cultureAlexander Skarsgard is (not) naked.

*widget boy cultureGaga channels Judy Garland for her GMA rendition of "Applause":

Oct 02 2012
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GaybyHavin' my gayby...

Boy culture WIDGET

New arrivals: Gay film Gayby coming to DVD, gay film Judas Kiss to Blu-ray.


Khloe Kardashian (an "It" girl or an It, girl) and Mario Lopez will be hosting X Factor.

WIDGETOut country artist Drake Jensen's new video for "Pancho and Lefty."

Boy culture WIDGETBarbra Streisand thinks it's going to rain today.

Zac Efron underwearBaby got Zac

Boy culture WIDGET

The Paperboy gives us Zac Efron in his underpants and a sassy gay director.

Boy culture WIDGET

First National Judy Garland Talent Search is on, Mama. Sky-Ferreira-e1349176300203

Boy culture WIDGET

Are you a "MadonnaWannaBe"?

Boy culture WIDGET

Somehow, Socialite Life found "45 Great Songs from 2000—2005."


To shamelessly somnambulant sexpot Sky Ferreira, "Everything Is Embarrassing".


Thirty years on, shouldn't it be raining old men by now? (Martha Wash remains ageless.)

Aug 01 2012
Mad About The Paperboy Comments (4)

Zac Efron underwear
I can't tell if I'll like The Paperboy by Precious director Lee Daniels (Precious was my favorite movie the year it came out, though)—it looks really pulpy and overblown. But maybe that will be its charm. I wish Nicole Kidman weren't so plastic...it throws off period pieces.

Zac Efron underwear ass

But the story is intriguing. And if all else fails, it has Zac Efron in soaking wet tightie whities.

Zac Efron underwear ass butt

Trailer here.


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