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Dec 10 2017
D.C. LGBTQ Activist Lakeisha Washington Goes Missing Comments (0)

DQUeDPSWkAI6GH4.jpg-largeIf you know anything — come forward. If you don't, pass this on.

Dec 09 2017
13th Annual WOWies Are Here! Comments (0)

Fenton Bailey  Randy Barbato 2On Thursday, World of Wonder presented its 13th Annual WOWie Awards, covering the best in pop culture. (WOW's Fenton Bailey and Randy Barbato pictured, inset.)

I was thrilled that Boy Culture was nominated, and honored to have lost to the esteemed Teen Vogue in the category of Best Blog or Website aka The Dear Electronic Diary Award. (I mean, I was up against Condé Nast!)

Keep reading for a full list of winners, and some WOW-inducing pics by Brett Saari ...

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Oklahoma Homophobe Busted With Teen Hustler Could Face Life In Prison Comments (0)

Ralph-Shortey-on-body-cam(Video still via Oklahoma Police Dept.)

The body-cam footage from the arrest of Ralph Shortey, at the time an Oklahoma state senator and Trump campaign mouth, is pretty as a picture. The right-wing, anti-gay nutjob was caught redhanded in a motel room with a 17-year-old hustler.

Best of all, he wore a T-shirt quoting a passage in the Bible that commands women to obey their husbands alongside the phrase, “Now go make me a sandwich” ...

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Dec 08 2017
Hot Topics: Ugly Americans & Cyberbullying Controversy Comments (0)

13100669_10154037498791147_7070265641473704848_n(Image via Facebook)

SAN DIEGO GAY & LESBIAN NEWS: Those dumb-ass Dasilvas, the married gay men who traveled to Thailand and exposed their asses in front of a temple, which got them arrested, are getting off after all. Thanks to intense efforts on their behalf by family and friends, it looks like they'll soon be released. I'm glad they won't be imprisoned for something dumb like that, but I hope they apologize rather than acting like the Thai police overreacted. They didn't need to be ugly Americans with pretty rear ends.

Also ...

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Dec 07 2017
Kim Davis's Opponent: SHE'S A PERSON Comments (0)

Screen Shot 2017-12-07 at 6.10.02 PM(Video still via TMZ)

The man running to unseat Kim Davis in Kentucky, David Ermold, granted TMZ an interview, in which he comes off as a way bigger person that you or I ...

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Netflix Nudity + Trump's Cool With NO GAYS ALLOWED + Trump's Slur + Holy Vouchers + Steinle Analysis + Moore's Spokeswoman vs. Anderson Cooper — 6-PACK! Comments (0)

His account is definitely worth a peek.

Keep reading for an anatomically gifted Netflix actor, Trump's endorsement of NO GAY ALLOWED signs, our preshidentsh's new speech impediment, Betsy DeVos's voucher shame, more on that Steinle verdict and Anderson Cooper's catfight with Roy Moore's spox ...

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The Best Gay Polish Xmas Song Ever! Comments (0)

Screen Shot 2017-12-07 at 12.33.11 AM(Video still via Jakub & Dawid)

Check out this holiday song/video — gay-themed — by Jakub & Dawid. You don't need to speak Polish to get the gist ...

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Dec 05 2017
Kiss & Make Up Comments (0)

Friendship-kiss-between-Russian-and-US-soldier-during-WW2(Image via here)

This is described as a friendship kiss between a Russian and a U.S. soldier in WWII.

With friends like this, you need enemas.

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