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Mar 31 2015
Need To Know: What A Joke + DC For JC + Ban-diana + TIDAL Wave + Hardy Boy + MORE! Comments (0)

Screen Shot 2015-03-30 at 7.25.09 PM

*widget boy cultureWhy is ridiculing a group excused when it's humor, even malicious humor?

*widget boy cultureDestiny's Child reunion, praise Jesus.

*widget boy cultureYes, Indiana is a big deal.

*widget boy cultureIt's legal: NO GAYS ALLOWED.

*widget boy cultureMadonna & many others join Jay Z for TIDAL launch in NYC.

*widget boy cultureYour daily hunk fix.

*widget boy cultureEdilson Nascimento: Tits 'n' pits.

*widget boy cultureBill O'Reilly's cameraman calls him a liar.

*widget boy culturePetition to save Looking.

*widget boy cultureLiam Hemsworth's mushroom.

*widget boy cultureTom Hardy for Esquire.


*widget boy cultureTrevor Noah is the new Jon Stewart.

*widget boy cultureBritney's got a new song (May 5) with Iggy Azalea.

*widget boy cultureBeckham & James Corden in undies.

*widget boy cultureRuPaul's DragCon lineup.

*widget boy cultureNew Raymond & Lane!

*widget boy cultureKit Harington feels demeaned by the word “hunk.”

Kit-harington-abs-5“Stop finding me sexy!”

Jun 07 2013
Need To Know: Silvestre As Untidy Bowl Man, PRISMers In Our Own Phones, Christie Acts Like A Republican, Man Of TOMORROW + MORE Comments (5)

Miguel-Angel-Silvestre--644x362He must be an Angel.

*widget boy cultureMiguel Angel Silvestre receives offer to become human toilet bowl.

*widget boy cultureEveryone's acting like this NSA mess hasn't been around for years.

*widget boy cultureSenators circle the wagons around the NSA program.

*widget boy cultureSpecial legislative session called in Illinois...for gay marriage? Dj+pierre+fitch+PierreFitch

*widget boy cultureBareback pornstar hanging with Bryan Singer.

*widget boy cultureChris Christie taps crony as Senate placeholder.

*widget boy cultureBlogger Kenneth Walsh sells his first book, a memoir.

*widget boy cultureAfrican elephants on track to be extinct by 2020.

*widget boy cultureBogdanovich unleashes definitive At Long Last Love.

*widget boy cultureLiam Hemsworth forgets his shirt in Paranoia trailer.

*widget boy cultureJoan Rivers loses her beloved sister.

*widget boy cultureLa Pfeiffer is back!

*widget boy cultureOver 70% of Americans: "Gay marriage is inevitable."

*widget boy cultureGerman court grants tax equality to gay couples.

*widget boy cultureDid Kyle Richards's hubby Mauricio bone a transsexual hooker in cop drag?

Mauricio-UmasnkyAn arresting presence. 

May 30 2013
Need To Know: Bachmann Fail, Kelly vs. Gaga (Again), Behind BEHIND THE CANDELABRA + MORE Comments (2)

*widget boy cultureAbove: Everything Michele Bachmann accomplished in Congress.

*widget boy cultureKelly Osbourne: Lady Gaga "a big hypocrite." Ht_michael_douglas_as_liberace_kb_130524_wmain

*widget boy cultureChurches abandoning Boy Scouts.

*widget boy cultureMiley Cyrus dumped by Liam Hemsworth.

*widget boy cultureAdrian Peterson's anti-gay remarks "corrosive."

*widget boy cultureFirst same-sex wedding in France is le B.F.D.

*widget boy cultureAre straight actors playing gay still a problem?

*widget boy culture1st out player in men's college b-ball:  6'7" of humility.

*widget boy cultureProof that Abe Lincoln was gay—honest!

*widget boy cultureMadonna sells her iconic (to me!) NYC condo.

*widget boy cultureA queer(er) version of Madonna's Truth or Dare hits Toronto.

Madonna-drag-Truth-DareTruth/Dare: A Satire (With Dance) is created by Salvatore Antonio & Degrassi's Adamo Ruggiero.

Aug 10 2012
An Inside Job Comments (0)

Men's Health Liam Hemsworth 2
"If I have one addiction in life, it's probably food," says Expendables 2 star Liam Hemsworth in his Men's Health (September 2012) double cover. Comforting that someone with a perfect body shares my vice. He goes on to say, of his exercise routine:

"I love going to the gym, sweating, running around, feeling like I'm having a heart attack. I like the physical side of boxing—it's fun to punch a bag for 20 minutes—but I also feel mentally strong when I box. I feel good in my own body."

I suspect I'd feel good in his body, too. And you?

Hot Liam Hemsworth Men's Health 1

More of Mr. Miley after the jump...

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Jul 04 2012
More Than Just OK! Comments (5)

Alex o loughlinAlex O'Loughlin

OK!'s "Hollywood's 50 Hottest Bodies!" issue (on sale now through August 27, 2012) makes some good choices, but I prefer my own much tighter edit...

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Feb 16 2012
Hungry Eyes Comments (1)

Liam Hemsworth Details 2

The Hunger Games stud Liam Hemsworth (Miley Cyrus's BF) covers Details (March 2012). More after the jump...

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Nov 18 2011
11 Sexiest People Comments (10)

1Dylan McDermott

Not counting coverboy Bradley Cooper, my favorite 11 sexy men from People's November 28, 2011, "Sexiest Man Alive" issue...

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Jun 15 2010
A Minor Quibble Comments (45)

If you despise Perez Hilton so much you're not open to reason on the subject, skip to another post.

FirefoxScreenSnapz001 Ball-sack instinct

This Perez Hilton/Miley Vagyrus "scandal" is suuuch bullshit, and the people piling on Perez are embarrassing themselves as they hope against hope that something bad will finally happen to him.

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