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Oct 28 2011
Sexiest Manganiello Alive Comments (0)

Joe Manganiello continues to campaign for "Sexiest Man Alive", as seen here in People (November 7, 2011) and—after the jump—Life & Style (November 7, 2011)...

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Sep 08 2011
Making A Trade Comments (2)

Sexy mo'fo Trevor Donovan gushes to Life & Style (September 19, 2011) that playing gay on 90210 actually gets him girls! Hey, whatever it takes to keep him in the roll.

You know, Trev, the best way to really convince them is to put out a gay sex tape. Then the ladies will really be trying to get you to switch teams!

Aug 04 2011
No Shirt? No Problem! Comments (1)

Life & Style (August 15, 2011) captures shirtless guys Mario Lopez (above) and, in order, Aaron Perilo, Jake Gyllenhaal and Hugh Jackman:

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Aug 03 2011
Wrestling With His Sexuality Comments (1)

I think it's amusing that part of the Life & Style (August 15, 2011) cover, in discussing George Clooney's latest romance, feels the need to stress that his affair with a wrestler is with a female wrestler.

Jul 29 2011
Milking It Comments (4)

As seen in Life & Style (August 8, 2011): You can tell me that reality-star trainer Chris Powell's new baby ISN'T about ready to nurse on that gigantic pec, but I won't believe you. And that kid needs to stand in line.

Jul 01 2011
Hungry? Lick The Wolf Comments (2)

For Life & Style (July 11, 2011), sex on legs Joe Manganiello offers tidbits on his personal style under an image that proves once again he's the best-looking man ever, anywhere.

He says George Clooney is a "stylish star I love," which I'm sure led to Clooney creaming his tux when he read it.

He admits friends tease him about "shirtless pictures on the Internet," and that the funniest work experience he's had was:

"Having to disrobe in broad daylight in the middle of a field—10 feet away from a live wolf."

Jun 23 2011
Less Than Just Our Marilyn Monroe Comments (1)

As seen in Life & Style (July 4, 2011): The fact that Lindsay Lohan has this painting in her home should be accepted as an advance suicide note.

May 06 2011
I, Kid Comments (3)

From Life & Style (May 16, 2011): It's going to be awfully hard to unsee this grotesque image of preggers Real Housewife Kim Zolciak with her baby daddy.

Mar 31 2011
Uninspired Comments (3)

In Touch (April 11, 2011), above, and Life & Style (April 11, 2011), below, both miss the mark by proclaiming the late Elizabeth Taylor a fashion icon. She knew how to rock a turban, but was otherwise never considered a stylish dresser. Worse, both magazines pair images of Taylor with various women who've come after her in a lame attempt to make it seem as if the janey-come-latelies were in any way inspired by Taylor.

For example—Liz wore a green swimsuit at one point, so did Kristen Bell! Liz had red hair, so does Rihanna now! Liz wore a turban, Kourtney Kardashian wore one recently, too!


Dec 29 2010
Bad Grammer Comments (2)

Yes. Asked and answered.