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Dec 13 2012
She's Not Bad, She's Just Withdrawn That Way Comments (0)
Susan Rice has withdrawn her name from consideration to replace Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State, citing the unfortunate politicization of the process and the expense and distraction her nomination would cause. John McCain, Lindsey Graham and Kelly Ayotte can suck it—I'll bet anything that whomever President Obama chooses is the exact person he wanted all along and that this Rice gambit was to draw the Republicans out and make them look bad...which it has.
Nov 19 2012
Need To Know Comments (0)

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GAY-try-itSeventies ad: I'd like to buy the world a cock...

Nov 28 2010
Free Lindsey! Comments (3)

Miz Lindsey Graham (R-South Carolina) has proclaimed that Don't Ask, Don't Tell is "not going anywhere" in the lame-duck session because all the Republicans will oppose its repeal in lockstep and besides all that he wants to see a study asking the rank-and-file if the policy should be repealed, not how to deal with its repeal.

You know, I don't recall DADT applying to the Senate, so can't any of you understandably shame-faced queens who've had sex with this monstrosity break your silence and put Lindsey out of the closet since he won't come out of it willingly? (And don't tell me he's on a personal journey and isn't ready yet.)

Oct 16 2009
Lindsey, Is That You? Comments (1)