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Sep 21 2012
Thinsult Comic Comments (1)

Lisa Lampanelli beefcake
Lisa Lampanelli is flaunting her new post-gastric bypass figure on the pages of In Touch (October 1, 2012), and she's doing it by visually quoting Marilyn Monroe's "Diamonds Are a Girl's Best Friend" number from Gentlemen Prefer Blondes.

Responding to the inevitable question about what losing weight has done for her sex life, Lampanelli says:

"Oh, Jimmy hates when I talk about sex! I'd say we can at least get closer. We can find the places are are supposed to be touching."

Good for her—she looks great!

Sep 23 2011
Are You There, Goddess? It's Me, Matthew: Attending Lizz Winstead's Planned Parenthood Shindig Comments (3)

IMG_2248 Participating in a recent forum on how to effectively market at-home HIV testing, I got a $200 gift card. Not wanting to spend it on a hustler, I instead gave $150 of that to The Daily Show co-creator Lizz Winstead's Planned Parenthood, I Am Here for You fundraiser that happened here in NYC last night—and it was not only a good investment but also a good investment.

IMG_2236Joan Walsh & Lizz Winstead

I showed up at 6:30PM at the Gramercy for the VIP reception to find a handful of non-famous women spiked with the evening's famous females—Winstead, Salon editor Joan Walsh, Sandra Bernhard and Lisa Lampanelli. I was the only dude for the longest time in a room filled with women and several womyn.

IMG_2238Adding Sandra Bernhard to the mix

IMG_2239Lisa Lampanelli (L) and Judy Blume (R) join a mom and her baby, Rosie

IMG_2240My new friends with the A-list

IMG_2241All together now!

Talking to a few attendees about the art of the photo op, I figured out we were supposed to meet and greet the stars on our own—there was no formal line happening. This makes it a bit awkward because you don't really want to shoehorn yourself between Winstead and Bernhard when they're engrossed in a conversation about their bodies/their selves. Especially when you're announcing that you blog at something called Boy Culture.

IMG_2244Oh, Fudge! Fawning over Judy Blume

IMG_2249Ms. messaging

But it was totally fine and the women were absolutely gracious and eager to pose for photos and chat. Winstead is the ultimate feminist to me—unswerving on principle, unbothered by political correctness, utterly hilarious. She was in boots and a dress that looked macramaed from a distance. She reminds me of Laurie Metcalf and Barrie Longfellow.

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Planned Parenthood/Surprise Adulthood! Comments (6)

IMG_2241Lisa was, as always, (1) a doll and (2) hysterically funny

I had a lot of fun at the Planned Parenthood, I Am Here for You event at the Gramercy here in NYC, and I intend to give it a full write-up tomorrow. But for right now, I just had to drop everything and upload Lisa Lampanelli's hysterical bit with a 12-year-old audience member, who got QUITE an earful about gay sexuality and racial stereotypes. But as shy as he was, he also got in a zinger that busted up Lampanelli herself...

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Aug 05 2011
On My Marry Way: GLAAD's Party For The Summer Of Love That Dare Not Speak Its Name Comments (4)

1This was my birth weight. More hot boys after the jump...

I almost didn't go to GLAAD's big bash in honor of New York's marriage-equality victory on Tuesday sponsored by ROKK Vodka, Delta and FV Events, but was drawn in at the last second and wound up having so much fun I almost put a ring on it.

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Jun 13 2011
So Anti-Gay It's Not Even Funny Comments (1)


CNN's Roland Martin got supersmug in a Twit-fit vs. Six-Pack's Dave Rubin, ending things pissily—see above. (Here is his column, which I'm sure he feels is the final word on the matter.)

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Apr 12 2011
Seacrest Out Comments (7)

In the latest SixPack podcast, insult comic Lisa Lampanelli says of "closet case" Ryan Seacrest, "We all know he's a big, dirty faggot...of course, if I called him one, it would get cut out on air because he's so nervous about it." (She also discusses TMZ's Harvey Levin, who I had thought was openly gay, including professionally...?)


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