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Oct 30 2013
Need To Know: You Better Work Out, Public Dancer/Dancer For Money, JoBros NoMo + MORE Comments (0)

Terry-RIchardson-EquinoxMuscle milk.

Boy-CultureTerry Richardson's deal with Equinox just didn't work out.

Boy-CultureFormer U.S. Supreme Court Justice O'Connor presides over gay marriage. You go, girl! Blake-McIver-Ewing-shirtless

Boy-CultureFormer kid star Blake McIver Ewing stripped to fund his album. You go-go, boy!

Boy-CultureYOU CAN RUN, BUT YOU CAN'T HIDES: "I werk out!"

Boy-CulturePlastiscenes cover "Burning Up."

Boy-CultureCan you tell me how to get, how to get to Homeland?

Boy-CultureMONEY TRANS-FER: Crowdfunding gender-reassignment surgery.

Boy-CultureABOVE: Can I have some chips with that snake?

Boy-CultureJonas Brothers break up, vaguely explain why.

Boy-CultureMadonna has sold more singles than any other woman. Even her.

Boy-CultureSome people worship cock, others worship in cock.

Boy-CulturePakistani actor Assad Khan is "out," knows lawmakers there who are "in."

Boy-CultureLog Cabin Republicans want to be best friends with the Tea Party.

Boy-CultureCeline Dion's Loved Me Back to Life:

Jun 27 2013
On The Outs: A Review Of Timothy Greenfield-Sanders's THE OUT LIST Comments (1)

TimothyGreenfield-Sanders with Dustin Lance Black

Timothy Greenfield-Sanders's The Out List follows his The Black List and The Latin List as an HBO documentary that serves as sort of a moving portraits of a number of LGBT luminaries, and by its diversity of subject, of the LGBT community at large.

WANDAAiring June 27 on HBO, The Out List is in some respects a simple, to-camera Q&A with famous LGBTs. Stylistically, nothing new. But the sum is greater than its parts. Greenfield-Sanders engenders (in some cases, the editing is a bit too aggressive) plain-spoken, highly personal responses from the people in front of his lens. In the same way that he showed a new side of porn stars via photography, many of these familiar faces are presented in slightly different ways in this film.

Most interestingly, the edge behind Lady Bunny's humor is revealed, not purposely, to be her anger over being marginalized by not only the world at large but by her own community, especially the young'uns.

What follows are memorable quotes from each of the film's subjects. Check them out, and don't miss this queer filmic time capsule when it airs later this month on the 44th anniversary of Stonewall...

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Dec 29 2012
Need To Know Comments (1)

Widget boy cultureCaroler Tom Daley's treasure trail goes off the deep end. Hot-Tom-Daley-Marilyn-Monroe-pubes-Jean-Harris-obituary-Log-Cabin-Republican

Widget boy cultureMurderess Jean Harris dies at 89.

Widget boy cultureIdiot who bought firefighter killer's guns nabbed.

Widget boy cultureNicholas Hoult in zombie romcom Warm Bodies.

Widget boy cultureMENTAL BREAK: Puppies in the snow!

*widget boy cultureMarilyn's FBI file stripped of redactions.

Widget boy cultureMatthew McConaughey definitely not firing blanks.

Widget boy cultureThe skinny on Anne Hathaway's Les Miz diet.

Widget boy cultureGAY-BAIT:  Madonna's MDNA #1 in Russia.

Widget boy cultureLog Cabin Republicans vs. RINO Chuck Hagel.

Widget boy cultureNew LCR prez hearts Newt Gingrich.

Widget boy cultureLiberace's ex, Scott Thorson, tells National Enquirer he was snubbed by Michael Douglas.

Scott-ThorsonUnhealthy relationship

Oct 26 2012
Mitt Romney Really Hates Gay Breeders Comments (0)

Mitt_romney-360x240Quote of the anti-gay:

"Some gays are actually having children. It's not right on paper. It's not right in fact."—Mitt Romney

There's your candidate, Log Cabin Republicans. He also held up birth certificates when gay parents were involved when governor of Massachusetts. A total, subhuman slimeball posing as a moderate.

Oct 24 2012
ENDA Game Comments (0)

R_Clarke_Cooper_insert_cMichael_KeyR. Clarke Cooper, LCR's head & a total hypocrite on marriage equality

This is a bonehead move to Romney—he apparently met with the Log Cabin Republicans in secret and promised to support ENDA (which President Obama already supports on top of marriage equality, hate-crimes legislation, the end of DOMA, etc., etc.) in order to get their endorsement, which they gave.

Why? They're not that important and it will only piss off his base.

And he's a liar anyway, so it's unlikely he'd support it if he won. Why would he stick his neck out for ENDA while simultaneously fighting to enshrine marriage inequality in the U.S. Constitution?

Mar 05 2011
(Gay) Republicans Comments (3)

R. Clark Cooper, president of the Log Cabin Republicans, defends Speaker of the House Boehner's plan for the House to defend the constitutionality of DOMA in light of President Obama's decision not to do so, and criticizes Obama's historic decision as "political gamesmanship."

Because nothing great any president has ever done has also been politically savvy or sneaky or beneficial. And of course Boehner and the Republican Party never engages in political gamesmanship by ginning up anti-gay fervor, right? What a joke. (Here's a better reason to laugh about DOMA.)

Video after the jump...

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Dec 16 2010
Strength In Numbers Comments (6)

Rep. Barney Frank (D-Massachusetts) is saying there are now at least 62 votes in the Patrick-murphy Senate to pass the stand-alone repeal of Don't Ask, Don't Tell, and gives credit to Sen. Joe Lieberman (I-Connecticut) for rounding up the support. It's odd to be happy with Lieberman...it's been a long time!

Here's Rep. Patrick Murphy (D-Pennsylvania, pictured) speaking out on behalf of the repeal on the House floor. Great guy, and it's so sad he'll be gone in January:

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Dec 09 2010
Republicans Deny Cloture On Defense Bill—DADT Repeal Fails Comments (0)

PreviewScreenSnapz001"Ha, ha! We really screwed those gays!"

The legislative repeal of Don't Ask, Don't Tell is apparently dead—its cloture vote failed today on party lines, with asswipe Democrat Joe Manchin of West Virginia the only Democrat voting against it and cloture-teaser Susan Collins (R-Maine) the only Republican voting for it. Collins voted for it only symbolically—she waited until the very end to switch to a yes.

Images"I never miss a chance to screw a gay!"

President Obama's "strategy" (or lack thereof) and HRC's endorsement of it was a complete and utter failure; all he can do now is own up to that and offer something proactive—which he's been dead-set against doing so far—like an executive order or dropping the government's appeal of the Log Cabin Republican case against it.

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Oct 21 2010
Mr. Precedent Comments (1)

So as those of you who care/are paying attention know, the federal appeals court in San Francisco (nice irony) agreed to stay Judge Virginia Phillips's order that Don't Ask, Don't Tell not be enforced during the appeals process in that Log Cabin Republicans case vs. the law. The DOJ has until Monday to explain why DADT should remain in effect pending appeal. If they lose, DADT will be unenforceable until that appeal is decided, which I believe (correct me if I'm wrong) won't happen until after lame-duck session in November/December, giving the Senate one last chance to legislatively kill DADT for good.

HuffPo—which usually seems to enjoy turning up the heat on Obama—has an interesting, to-the-point summary of why Obama is defending in court a law he has vowed to see killed legislatively.

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Oct 19 2010
McCain (Not That One) & Obama & Me & Us Comments (5)

I can't believe I'm going to say this but...an interesting interview with Meghan McCain by Rachel Maddow last night. McCain's getting scorched for coming out and saying what many in the Republican establishment are saying behind-the-scenes, namely that Christine O'Donnell is a "nutjob."

But what interests me is that she went on to talk a bit about President Obama and Don't Ask, Don't Tell. I give McCain credit for openly—and, clearly, sincerely—disagreeing with and being hurt by her father's homophobic stance on DADT (and all other gay issues). In the past, I've been unimpressed with her for focusing on what Obama hasn't done when her father—and her party—is actively, aggressively working against gay issues. But she doesn't harp on that here, instead saying politicians should be held responsible for their failings but admitting she really has no answers as to how. (She doesn't advocate not voting for them again, protesting or other measures suggested by Maddow.)

Also interesting is that Ms. McCain seems to think that Obama has been given a free pass for his gay-rights disappointments. I'm glad Maddow pointed out to her that many in the gay community have given him no such free pass (choice comment at Joe.My.God. yesterday: "Obama can't tell his black ass from his white elbow," and it goes downhill from there on a daily basis in the comments section), but I think the central question remains: What do we do about it?


I don't think there are easy answers. I know AmericaBlog and others have advocated not to give the Democrats money. Some have argued that they'd never vote for Obama again or that they wouldn't vote for any Democrats, or that they wouldn't vote at all. Dan Choi's sincerely, passionately applied tactic is to embarrass the president by turning up the heat via civil disobedience and high-profile demonstrations; these things have worked in the past in other areas.

I'm not attracted to any of these remedies, but like Meghan McCain—and unlike those who use the word "Obamabots" in every other sentence—I don't have all the answers and don't pretend to.

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