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Jun 14 2016
6-PACK — 31 LGBT Icons + Religious Nuts Happy Over Orlando + Mateen's Dad Wishes He'd Killed Himself + L.A. Pride Weapons Hoarder Described + Hillary's Mission: Possible + Ban Assault Weapons! Comments (0)


(Image via Equality Forum)

*widget boy cultureEquality Forum presents 31 LGBT icons for each day in LGBT History Month, October.

*widget boy cultureMeet two of the most high-profile people thrilled to pieces by the Pulse massacre. Spoiler alert: They're fundamentalist ... Christians.

*widget boy cultureOmar Mateen's whacky dad now says he wishes his son had left the U.S. and killed himself: “I don't forgive him.”

*widget boy cultureJames Howell, the 2o-year-old Indiana guy who wanted to attend L.A. Pride with guns, ammo & explosives is “young and dumb and he had a mouth on him.”

*widget boy cultureIn an opponent like Trump, Hillary's mission has sharpened: “Hillary’s purpose is to stop him. And more than that ... to make sure his kind doesn’t rise again.”

*widget boy cultureAs Seth MacFarlane says, no citizen needs a damn assault rifle. If you think the 2nd Amendment gives you that right, do you also have a right to a bazooka? SIGN:

Jun 13 2016
Police: L.A. Pride Lurker Did Not Say Anything About HARM, Was Armed To The Hilt, Was Meeting An Online Buddy Comments (0)

James-howell-5Howell, the dirtbag who was heading to L.A. Pride armed to the hilt (Image via Facebook)

James Howell, apprehended with a boatload of weapons en route to L.A. Pride, was going to hang with a dude he, um, met online.

The 20-year-old Indiana resident traveled cross-country to meet this friend, who has been interviewed by authorities and absolved of any suspicion that he may have been a potential co-conspirator to do damage at the parade.

It's worth noting that the original report that Howell admitted he was hoping to cause “harm” to L.A. Pride. was false; he simply admitted he was heading there.

Via TMZ:

Law enforcement sources say they found the friend and he backs up Howell's story, but is adamant he was clueless Howell's trunk contained 3 assault rifles, high capacity magazines, and a 5 gallon bucket of chemicals cops suspect could have been used as a bomb.

We're told the friend told police he met the Indiana man online recently, and planned to meet in person to attend Pride together ... and that's all.

Cops believed the alibi ... and cleared him of any involvement.

Police still have no solid idea of what exactly Howell was planning, but he does have a record. I'd love to know the circumstances under which Howell met his online friend; did they meet on Grindr or in the comments section at at InfoWars?

6-PACK/orlando — McConnell's Tone-Deaf Call For Silence + Trump Accuses Obama Of Terrorist Sympathies + Shooter Facebook-Friended Gay Club Owner, Cased Disney + Remember The UpStairs Lounge + MORE Comments (0)

The #Senate will hold a moment of silence at 4:00 PM this afternoon to honor the victims of the #Orlando tragedy.

*widget boy cultureLaughably, pro-gun, anti-LGBT Mitch McConnell directs moment of silence in Congress—best reply: “y'all BEEN silent.”

*widget boy cultureTrump implies Obama is in cahoots with terrorists. White House: Obama's record “includes a lot of dead terrorists.”

*widget boy cultureOmar Mateen allegedly sent Facebook friend request to owner of another Orlando gay bar. 2nd wife claims he cased Walt Disney World. Mom once arrested!

*widget boy cultureDavid Mixner invokes terrible memory of UpStairs Lounge (32 burned alive in '73) in piece on tragedy at Pulse, knocks Republican gay-baiting.

*widget boy cultureTMZ grabs UFC superstar Daniel Cormie, who tells LGBT people: “The entire world is behind you and we'll get through this together.”

*widget boy cultureT-shirt being sold to raise money on behalf of the victims and survivors of Pulse.

One_pulse_paul_richmond_largeGive till it hurts, or until it stops hurting. (Image via Paul Richmond)

Orlando Mass Shooting Links Comments (0)

0612-omar-mateen-picture-4Omar Mateen, the man who took 59 lives at Pulse gay nightclub (Image via Facebook)

In case you missed any of my updates on the horrific mass shooting in Orlando at the gay club Pulse—officially the worst in U.S history—please check out these links, and feel free to share this post to spread info and keep this story alive. The fact that LGBT people were targeted needs to be underscored.


(1) Hillary's vs. Trump's statements on shooting — STARK CONTRAST

(2) Shooter pledged loyalty to Islamic State, IS claims responsibility —TERROR MINDGAMES

(3) Send $$$—not just prayers—to Orlando victims' families — DONATE

(4) WeHo & Manhattan mourn for Orlando — SOLIDARITY

(5) Orlando shooter's ex-wife Sitora Yusifiy speaks — HE WAS MENTALLY ILL

(6) TV commentators refuse to categorize Pulse shooting as specifically anti-gay — MADDENING

(7) Shocked by same-sex kisses? — MADONNA IN-YER-FACE

(8) Trump calls on Obama to resign — DELETE YOUR ACCOUNT

(9) National groups, figures react to shooting — OUTRAGE

(10) Orlando gay actor recalls Pulse — HEARTBREAKING


Outpouring Of Support For Orlando From Other Cities Comments (0)

The scene in WeHo on Sunday:

In Manhattan, hundreds spontaneously gathered outside the Stonewall Inn to remember the victims of Omar Mateen who died at Pulse in Orlando Sunday morning.

Via Joe.My.God.:

Along the edges of crowd about two dozen heavily armed members of NYPD stood stoically but on alert as television crews conducted interviews with passersby, many of whom spoke furiously through tears. At one point, led by an group unseen to me in the middle of the crowd, attendees erupted in a singalong of Over The Rainbow. As the song ended a small child’s voice wafted over the square: “STOP THE HATE!” And then, for the first time, you saw smiles.

Please feel free to send me any images or notes about things happening in your area.

Jun 12 2016
Police: James Howell, 20, Of Indiana Sought To HARM L.A. Pride Comments (0)

CkyL6FgUkAAIIFC.jpg-large(Image via Santa Monica Police Department)

Police have confirmed the man arrested overnight in Santa Monica with a cache of weapons admitted he wanted to “harm” L.A. Pride, one of the nation's largest Gay Pride Parades.

Twenty-year-old James Howell, an Indiana resident, was picked up after reports of a prowler in the area. He readily admitted to police he was in town for Pride. Police found guns, ammo and possible explosive material.

Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti said in a news conference that was no link between this thwarted plot and the terror-linked mass murder of patrons at Pulse nightclub in Orlando, Florida.

All-Out Assault On Gay Pride?: Man Arrested In L.A. With Weapons Was IN TOWN FOR GAY PRIDE Comments (0)

“No one is equal unless everyone is equal.”—WeHo City Councilwoman Lindsey Horvath

The Los Angeles Times is reporting that a man stopped after reports of a prowler, and who said he was in town for the Gay Pride Parade, has been arrested for possessing assault weapons, ammunition and possible explosives:

Early Sunday, there was a call to Santa Monica police of a suspected prowler near Olympic Boulevard and 11th Street. Patrol officers responded and encountered an individual who told officers he was waiting for a friend. That led officers to inspect the car and find several weapons and a lot of ammunition as well as tannerite, an ingredient that could be used to create a pipe bomb.

The car had Indiana plates. The man made comments that he was in town for the Pride event in West Hollywood this weekend. Sources said they did not know of any connection between the gay nightclub shooting in Orlando, Fla., early Sunday morning and the Santa Monica incident, and the investigation has been taken over by the FBI.

A city official in West Hollywood also confirmed the arrest and stressed that officials were beefing up security at the gay pride event.

“They found him with weapons that were very disconcerting," said the source, adding officials are "taking the appropriate safety precautions.”

Stay safe this year. I'll see all you LGBT people and LGBT supporters at NYC Pride.

May 25 2016
6-PACK —Oscar Isaac Urged To Show Leg + The Abbey Is Aging Out Of Twinkdom + Long Actor Strips In Short + Padres DJ Wasn't Anti-Gay + P-Town Attractions + Rita Moreno Raps! Comments (0)

*widget boy cultureShould the next Star Wars poster make use of Oscar Isaac's scrumptiousness?

*widget boy cultureLegendary WeHo gay bar The Abbey is 25, the perfect age to be preyed upon by the likes of me. Owner David Cooley thanks supporters.

*widget boy cultureActor Benoît Michel gets very, very nude in a short film. (Work Unfriendly)

223104944_1280x960M. Michel (Video still via Simon Eléphant)

*widget boy cultureFired Padres DJ apparently meant no anti-gay harm toward San Diego Gay Men's Chorus, who want him re-hired. UPDATE: Re-hired.

*widget boy cultureSteve Grand, Bianca Del Rio, Kristin Chenoweth, Rita Moreno (!) and more are invading P-Town this summer.

*widget boy cultureSpeaking of Rita, I missed her highly entertaining Berklee School of Music commencement speech and rap earlier this month:


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