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Sep 07 2015
Mykonos So Horny: Hot Luke Evans Vacay Pics Comments (0)


Gay, Welsh Hollywood film star Luke Evans was out, then went back in ... and now seems to be coming back out with a splash, spending a holiday with rumored current boyfriend Mića Stevanović in Mykonos (which is Greek for, “Yes, I do anal”).

Looking hot in a Speedo (gotta love the comments that his body isn't all that great and his dick isn't all that big, no doubt from anonymous eyesores), Evans flaunted his hot front and hot back.

Oct 11 2014
National Re-Coming Out Day Comments (0)


Luke Evans, the star of Dracula Untold and a Hobbit veteran, was openly gay as a young actor in the UK and during his earliest years in America, then slid back into the closet when Hollywood roles and ensuing stardom came his way.

Now, after avoiding comment on his sexual orientation—and just in time for National Coming Out Day—Evans has answered a question on the topic from Women's Wear Daily, effectively re-coming out. Evans was asked if he was setting a precedent as an openly gay action star, to which he replied:

“It’s good for people to look at me and think this guy is doing his thing and enjoying what he’s doing and successful at it and living his life. And that’s what I’m doing and I’m very happy.”

The WWD piece notes that Evans's publicists (wonder how many on his team are gay?) tried to make it a condition of the interview that his sexuality not be brought up. The interviewer ignored the command and Evans didn't avoid the question. Good for the interviewer (Erik Maza) and good for Evans.

Nov 13 2013
He Likes To Watch Comments (0)
Luke-Evans-Mens-Health Luke-Evans-Mens-Health-2 Luke-Evans

For his cover appearance on Men's Health (December 2013), Luke Evans—who was openly gay, and then wasn't—says, of his working out and of his acting:

"I am an observer. I am an only child, so I spent a lot of time just watching people. And now as an adult I watch and observe. When you get to work with people like Ian McKellen or directors like Peter Jackson, you sit and watch. That's how I learned to be a film actor."

Sep 09 2011
Closet Case Comments (6)

In Vman (Fall 2011), luscious Luke Evans makes a case for stocking one's closet with the sort of suits and pieces that would look right at home on a "Tycoon" (as photographer David Armstrong's piece is called).

More of him after the jump...

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Aug 11 2011
What She's Done For Luke Lately Comments (2)

Can't find the clip up anywhere yet, but Chelsea Handler and her panel "outed Luke Evans and then destroyed his management team" over this week's inartful migration back into the closet for the Musketeer. It really is hard to unring a be-e-ell [sung to the tune of the Anita Ward classic].

Aug 08 2011
BeforeLuke vs. AfterElton Comments (41)

AfterElton decided to write about the same Luke Evans in/out story that I blogged about this weekend. Good for them! I'm sure we have the same sources egging us on.

600full-luke-evansAlso, this suit is not pink. It's blue.

In my opinion, by noting they discussed whether to even write about the Luke Evans in/out story as if it were some sort of grave journalistic decision, AfterElton feeds into the perception that calling someone gay is a very big deal, possibly libelous and certainly an invasion of privacy. I'm sure the eds' trepidation is organic (and I'm aware most gay people are against outing), though I doubt they'd have jobs if they felt otherwise as they'd likely get fired by their corporate bosses if they outed people willy-nilly.

Says Michael Jensen at AfterElton:

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So In He Can't Be Out? Comments (10)

LUKE EVANSSwitching teams? But we're always short on players!

Boy Culture reader Joseph sent me an e-mail with a provocative question: Why has Luke-drewe rising-star Brit actor Luke Evans gone back into the closet? Or was he bisexual all along?

Evans, who will be seen in the sure-to-be blockbusters The Three Musketeers and both parts of The Hobbit among many other film roles, was once openly gay. Unabashedly so.

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