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May 27 2014
Need To Know: Instastuds + Saw, Too + HEART Attacked & Praised + Swear-In Closets + Hot Jocks + MORE! Comments (0)

Edward-WildingHis expression says, “I know...right???”

*widget boy cultureMale models Instagramming in their undies.

*widget boy cultureMad Men's other brother.

*widget boy cultureJapanese pop group AKB48 attacked by saw-bearing fan.

*widget boy cultureFacebook director slams media in epic rant.

*widget boy cultureKanye's wedding speech was puke-inducingly narcissistic.

*widget boy culturePro Normal Heart review: “Sometimes yelling is required.”

*widget boy culturePro Normal Heart review: Bomer & Parsons rule, shoulda been a miniseries.

*widget boy culturePositive Normal Heart review: “...for mostly better, sometimes worse...”

The-normal-heart-matthew-bomer-mark-ruffalo_article_story_largeHeart monitored

*widget boy cultureMeh Normal Heart review: Characters die too fast. (Um, hello?)

*widget boy cultureMeh Normal Heart review: Good acting, bad directing.

*widget boy cultureB- Normal Heart review: “AIDS isn't the public health issue it once was.”

*widget boy cultureNormal Heart slam: Bad timing? Too much man-on-man sex?

*widget boy cultureElton John: “Today, as ever, silence equals death.”

*widget boy cultureIllinois has a long tradition of Republican closet cases.

*widget boy cultureIt's always a good moment to see Hugh Jackman's butt.

*widget boy cultureBieber gives $545,000 to AIDS research.

*widget boy cultureRugby players are rather attractive, don't you think?

Rugby-shirtlessRugger buggers

May 18 2012
So Many Mad Men, So Little Time Comments (4)

David leddick-by david vance
David Leddick's take on what it was like to be gay during the same time period as TV's Mad Men sounds a lot more interesting to me than TV's Mad Men (a show I have resisted sampling...I know! I know.)

Mar 12 2012
Mad About The Men Comments (0)

Mad Men Jon Hamm

With thanks to Andy: A clever pirating of Mad Men's story results in QueerMen: Don Loves Roger...

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Feb 15 2012
Hamming It Up Comments (0)

Jon Hamm Esquire

Devilishly handsome Jon Hamm, 40, is on the cover of Esquire (March 2012), in which the writer fawns over him the way I might were I to be assigned the gig. Some tidbits—he taught high school drama in '95 to students including The Office's Ellie Kemper, he's been pals with Paul Rudd since high school and he once auditioned for "Jack Donaghy" (Alec Baldwin's role) on 30 Rock.

More pix here.

Jul 14 2011
Nods & Nixes: Emmy Nomination Time Comments (0)


The Emmy noms are out, and it looks like Mildred PierceMad Men, Boardwalk Empire and Modern Family are the toast of the boob tube. (Remember when they had tubes?)

Noteworthy items:

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Jan 26 2011
Page Turner Comments (0)

Thirty-four-year-old Sam Page is a veteran of Mad Men, Gossip Girl and Greek. And as seen in Italian Vanity Fair (26.01.11), he'd be in demand as more than just an actor...

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Oct 13 2010
Nuts Over Hamm Comments (5)

Jon Hamm's preference for going commando is becoming legendary. Gawker has some irrefutable evidence, and National Enquirer (October 25, 2010) claims co-workers are unsettled by his out-there appearance down there.


Sep 19 2010
What A Hamm Comments (6)

I think Jon Hamm is quite lovely to look at and he was hysterical on 30 Rock, but I haven't gotten around to seeing Mad Men and I really didn't care for him in Howl or The Town. But he seems as nice as he looks good.

One especially interesting quote from his interview:

"I ask him if he feels lucky that his overnight success took as long as it did. 'Absolutely, I don't know how the Twilight kids or Miley Cyrus or whoever handle it. You fuck up, make one bad decision, and people in Thailand Twitter about it.' Hamm's mostly left alone, he says: 'I'm old, I'm boring. I usually just duck the paparazzi. It's literally someone waiting for you to pick your nose or scratch yourself. I'm sorry, I scratched my balls—who doesn't do that? You're really going to run that story? What the fuck?! Everyone has picked their nose at one point in their life too.'"

JohnHamm_BW_LookingDown_HEmbed It's funny, of course, but he misses the point—yes, they're going to run that story, not in spite of the fact that everyone has picked their nose, but because everyone has picked their nose. Seeing that one of the beautiful, famous people picks their nose is deeply satisfying. Almost as satisfying as the sexy Hamm photos after the jump...

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