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Nov 25 2015
Dick Move: Dr. Madonna Reminds The World About DICK TRACY Comments (0)

Screen Shot 2015-11-25 at 11.57.45 AM

Dr. Madonna tackles the history of the much-maligned, ill-remembered Dick Tracy (1990), a film that made money and gave Madonna a (somewhat truncated) opportunity to sing, dance and act—all of which she did ably.

Check out the video after the jump ...

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Nov 23 2015
Need To Know: Joe Jonas Plays Grab-Ass + They Don't + Carson & Trump Compete In TOTALITARIAN IDOL + MORE! Comments (0)

Baby got back

A video posted by J O E J O N A S (@joejonas) on

*widget boy cultureJoe Jonas grabs a dude's ass. Images

*widget boy cultureGay marriage derailed in N. Ireland.

*widget boy cultureCratering in polls, Carson thinks being anti-torture is PC.

*widget boy cultureTrump thinks #BlackLivesMatter “should have been roughed up.”

*widget boy cultureI didn't have these abs at 35! (Or 25.)

*widget boy cultureHot firefighters blowing off steam.

*widget boy cultureGOALS: Rita Ora wants to sex Madonna.

*widget boy cultureStraight dude's Justin Bieber tramp stamp.

*widget boy cultureJust because animals are cute. Images

Nov 21 2015
With A Bullet: EM20 Featured By BILLBOARD! Comments (0)

Screen Shot 2015-11-21 at 2.24.06 PM

Anyone who's read my blog for a long while, or who has read my humorous memoir Starf*cker, will know how special it is to me to be the subject of a Billboard feature.

Keith Caulfield—who appears in Encyclopedia Madonnica 20—graciously interviewed me on the topic of the book's release. He says, helpfully:

Stumped on what to get the Madonna fan in your life for the holidays? How about the 581-page, 4-pound Madonna bible Encyclopedia Madonnica? The massive tome was written by Madonna expert Matthew Rettenmund and covers everything in Madonna’s world from A (the first entry is Abdul, Paula) through Z (zits -- yes, really).

Get your copy today through me, at Amazon (it's not really out of stock; you can still order and it comes quickly), at BN.com, at Marc Jacobs' Bookmarc (400 Bleecker St., NYC, NY) or anywhere else you usually buy books.

Read Keith's profile of me and my book at Billboard here. I'm over the moon about this one.

Nov 20 2015
Say Cheese! Comments (0)

Screen Shot 2015-11-20 at 1.44.44 PM

See a gallery of the shots that defined Ron Galella's career, and in many ways typify the paparazzi movement in photojournalism.

Nov 18 2015
What A Gift! Comments (0)

David Atlanta Gift Guide

David Atlanta has chosen Encyclopedia Madonnica 20 as one of the season's top six gift choices!

Celebrate! Comments (0)


Another great review of Encyclopedia Madonnica 20, this time from paper[less] tiger. I'm so excited for all the nice buzz. The holidays should provide a good sales bump; after all, what better gift to give your Madonna-loving pals?


Nov 17 2015
WIN IT: Free Copy Of My ENCYCLOPEDIA MADONNICA 20! Comments (0)

HeSaidMagazine1Image by Gregory Pace

He Said Magazine has generously and positively reviewed my Encyclopedia Madonnica 20 (and thrown in a funny UPS joke—my goal is for the entire fleet of brown-shortsed carriers to be incapacitated this holiday season).

Even better (for you!), they're giving away a copy free-for-nothing. TO ENTER, CLICK HERE.

Amazing ENCYCLOPEDIA MADONNICA 20 Review! Comments (0)

Edge Media Network Review

So excited by this review for Edge Media Network.

You can buy the book here for quick delivery if you're in the U.S. If you're not, try Amazon (it's not really out of stock; you can still order) or BN.com.


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