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Jul 25 2017
Margo Chase, Acclaimed Designer For Pop Icons & Household-Name Series, Dies @ 59 Comments (0)

Margo-Chase(Image via Design Group)

Margo Chase, the founder and CCO of Chase Design Group — and the designer of memorable logos for such projects as Madonna's The Girlie Show World Tour and Drowned World Tour; ventures by Paula Abdul and Cher; and such TV series as Buffy the Vampire Slayer (1997-2003), has died.

Margo-Chase-design(Screen grab via Chase Design Group)

Chase was IDed as the woman killed in a July 22, 2017, aviation mishap in Apple Valley, California. No cause for the crash has been determined. Chase was piloting a small plane and was alone on the craft at the time in crashed. She died on impact, and her death was witnessed by her husband and a friend.

Jul 23 2017
Madonna Is Randomly Rehearsing OPEN YOUR HEART ... For Something! Comments (0)

Madonna(Video still via Instagram @madonna)

Madonna casually posted on Instagram about breaking in some new shoes, neglecting to comment on why she is rehearsing “Open Your Heart.”

Any guesses? I can't tell if this is old, but she looks like this now.

UPDATE: She will apparently perform for Leo DiCaprio's gala. Lenny Kravitz is already an announced performer — would be interesting if they performed together again!


Watch ...

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Jul 18 2017
Madonna Sues To Stop Auction Featuring Tupac & Whitney/Sharon Stone Letters, More! Comments (0)

SusanPopcornShort_zps42b4ff8d(GIF via Orion)

UPDATE: A judge has sided with Madonna, temporarily halting the auction. A hearing is set for September. Would love to know Darlene Lutz's testimony as to how she would believably come into possession of intimate letters of Madonna's and demo cassettes.

Madonna finally got wind of that Gotta Have Rock and Roll auction of some of her personal effects — and she wasn't thrilled.

Via Drowned Madonna: Madonna is desperately seeking a court order to stop the auction, arguing in documents:

I became aware through media reports that there was a planned auction of extremely personal, private correspondence I received from a former boyfriend, the late recording artist and actor Tupac Shakur. I was shocked to learn of the planned auctioning of the Shakur Letter, as I had no idea that the Shakur Letter was no longer in my possession. I have never sold, gifted, transferred or otherwise disposed of the Shakur Letter.It seems obvious that Defendant Lutz betrayed my trust in an outrageous effort to obtain my possessions without my knowledge or consent and now attempts to profit by auctioning off my personal belongings and private communications to the general public in complete disregard of my rights, especially my right to privacy.

I guess we will soon find out what Lutz's response is, and if Christopher Ciccone's name is involved. Christopher is affiliated with a number of the items in fairly obvious ways and was a very close friend of Lutz's, at least in the past. This week, he posted an image from the auction — of himself and his brothers — on his Facebook page, stoking rumors.


Wow, this got nasty fast-y.

John Enos Denies Madonna's 1990s Letter Was To Him, Threatens To Sue THE TALK Comments (0)

13606853_10154352296949036_8512062694934152053_nJohn Enos — still looking good. (Image via Facebook @ John Enos)

John Enos, the man to whom that instantly notorious 1990s letter from Madonna was allegedly written — the one in which she referred to Whitney Houston and Sharon Stone as mediocre — is denying the letter was to him and threatening to sue The Talk, apparently over the implication that he leaked it/is selling it.

20187256_10155515368427498_2002774704_o(Image via Facebook)

This is now all officially ridiculous.

First ...

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Jul 17 2017
Desperately Seeking Do-Overs Comments (0)

Screen Shot 2017-07-17 at 10.03.50 AM(Image via Jacober Creative)

Jacober Creative's Instagram is featuring a weekly series of new designs meant to capture old films, everything from The Birds (1963) to Jaws (1975) to Gattaca (1997).

This week? Desperately Seeking Susan (1985) — see above.

Check out the others as they materialize here.

Jul 16 2017
Crochet, You Stay! Comments (0)

Screen Shot 2017-07-16 at 11.44.26 AM(Images via Jon Evan Hewitt)

Gotta love an Amigurumi Madonna doll! You can get similar dolls from the Gay Hooker Crotchet on Etsy ... if you believe in love!

Jul 15 2017
6-PACK — Tate Modern + I Ru! + Museum Of Ex + Free Ryan Lochte + ALADDIN Casted + Drip, Drip, Bish! Comments (0)

Lg_d401f7-SharonTate-valley-of-the-dollsThe late Sharon Tate (Image via 20th Century Fox)

WIDGETDListed: Sharon Tate's sister says Jennifer Lawrence isn't pretty enough to play the late actress.

WIDGETNewNowNext: This gay couple's wedding will be officiated by Michelle Visage. Gagging!

WIDGETBravoTV: You can personally view that infamous Madonna letter that references Whitney Houston and Sharon Stone in NYC.

WIDGETExtraTV: Ryan Lochte, like, um, got off on those potential criminal charges in Brazil. Cool, dude!

Massoud-Mena-headshot-22hr-933x1024Aladdin's Mena Massoud (Image via headshot)

WIDGETJust Jared: For some reason, Guy Ritchie is being allowed to direct a live-action Aladdin. Meet his cast.

WIDGETTwitter @kylegriffin1: Former Watergate prosecutor Jill Wine-Banks points out all the parallels between that scandal and Trump/Russia.

Jul 14 2017
6-PACK — SWITCH, SWITCH, B*tch + Christian Author Flip-Flops On Gay Vows + Local GOPer Is As Vile As The National Ones + BEAR CITY 3 Done Hibernating + Coming Out As A Football Star + Eau de Beyoncé! Comments (0)

UnnamedIt's funny, so Su me! (Image via Canada's own The Switch — the planet's first half-hour trans sitcom — will be available in the U.S. via VOD and digital platforms August 15.

WIDGETWaPo: Christian author Eugene Peterson, facing a boycott after saying he'd perform a gay marriage if asked, now says jk jk.

WIDGETUSA Today: Local Ohio GOPers have endorsed an out gay Republican for Cincinnati City Council. Sadly, he's a jerk who decries “identity politics.”

636355678974688153-071317seth-maney-headshotIn 2015, Seth Maney donated to a gay Democrat he's now trashing as undeserving of sitting on the City Council. (Image via Seth Maney)

WIDGETSVA Theatre: Bear City 3 is debuting in NYC at a NewFest-hosted event. Grrr.

Screen Shot 2017-07-14 at 7.58.56 PMThis handsome jock spent his childhood hating himself for being gay. Will that ever end? (Video still via ESPN)

WIDGETESPN: Scott Frantz speaks emotionally about coming out as a gay man to his Kansas State football teammates.

WIDGETiBooks: Addicted to Madonna, Mariah and all of their inferiors? Try Josh Murray's Beyoncé Smells Like Unicorns and Other Tales of the World's Pop Divas.

Bslu-cover-05If you buy two copies, you'll have one for each of her twins! (Image via Josh Murray)


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