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Jan 06 2017
Madonnathon Is Coming Comments (0)

UnnamedImage via DJ JENE

RSVP here!

Jan 02 2017
She Did What She Hadda Do: Epic Diva Disasters Onstage — Who Persevered, Who Melted Down? Comments (0)
The above Céline perf wasn't a disaster, but its conceptual badness is this post's theme.

In light of Mariah Carey's NYE nightmare, check out these OMG-disastrous performances from some of the world's top divas.

Hey, it happens ...

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Dec 28 2016
6-PACK — Chris Pratt Would Eat No Fat + George Michael's Legacy + Trump 2nd Most Admired Man In The U.S. + Carrie Fisher's Shooting Star + Coffee Break + RIP Heat Miser! Comments (0)

Shirtless-Chris-Pratt-Pictures(Image via Columbia Pictures)

WIDGETChris Pratt offers his bare buns (Work Unfriendly) in Passengers, which — if you read the reviews — might be the film's sole saving grace.

WIDGETShould George Michael be honored as “a filthy gay fucker?” His boyfriend at the time of his death has a big mouth.

WIDGETSomehow, Trump came in second when Americans were asked who their most admired man is. You can guess #1. Hillary was top female.

WIDGETRe-experience Carrie Fisher's epic Madonna Q&A. Fans honor Carrie with belated star on Hollywood Walk of Fame:

Screen Shot 2016-12-28 at 11.01.46 AMLet's toast Paul Lynde! (Image via Maxwell House/General Foods)

WIDGETRemembering that time Paul Lynde was straight for pay.

WIDGETGeorge S. Irving, comic actor who won the Tony for the Debbie Reynolds production of Irene, dies @ 94. You'll recall his voice from 1974's The Year Without a Santa Claus, in which he played Heat Miser:

Dec 23 2016
Madonna's Happy 90th Birthday Message To Tony Bennett Comments (0)

Screen Shot 2016-12-22 at 7.08.59 PM(Video still via NBC)

Madonna taped her well wishes for Tony Bennett forever ago, but I love how she says his name — it brings out the Michigan Italian girl in her ...

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Dec 20 2016
Rock & Roll Hall Of Famers 2017 Comments (0)

Tupac-shakur-biopic-shooting-june-lead(Movie still via Columbia Pictures)

The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame will induct the following acts on April 7, 2017, at Barclays Center in Brooklyn:

Joan Baez — Jesus! About time.

Watch this guy embarrassingly call her Joanne:


ELO — Uh, I love their Xanadu contributions, but ... pretty schlocky.

Journey — Also pretty middle of the road, but very de rigeur and it'll be interesting seeing Steve Perry interact with the band.

Pearl Jam — Not my thing, but I get it.

Tupac Shakur — Not my thing, but of course, and how embarrassing that he's only the sixth hip-hop artist ever inducted!

Glancing at the full list of nominees (AFTER THE JUMP), I think if you're gonna let in ELO and Journey, come the fuck on and let in Chic and Depeche Mode first. The Cars seem on par with ELO and Journey. As far as groups never even considered, The Go-Go's spring to mind.

One highlight will be Nile Rodgers receiving a special award. Betcha Madonna does the honors.

Keep reading for the full list of nominees ...

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Dec 19 2016
6-PACK — Doritos Meets 84-Year-Old Walter Mercado + Mariah Carey Knows Very Few People + RIP China Machado + Madonna Movies + Seasonal Beats! Comments (0)

2d1e652f0126582184b935b7f38d30b8Vintage Steve Reeves. Will you sign my ... oh, uh. Now that I have your attention:

WIDGETBest. Doritos. Ad. Ever! Starring Walter Mercado: 

WIDGETMariah Carey does not know Demi Lovato either: 

WIDGETChina Machado, first non-white cover of Harper's Bazaar (1959), dies @ 87: 

WIDGET5 details of that unproduced Madonna script. Plus, another Madonna documentary may be in the works. Follow here.

WIDGETTrump-loving Susan Olsen is sorry she hurt “the real” gay community with her words, but finds it hilarious people call her anti-LGBTQ.

WIDGETSome seasonal beats:

Dec 16 2016
Devilish Madonna Mix & Video Tribute Comments (0)

Screen Shot 2016-12-15 at 7.20.33 PM(Video still bai Abba Aban)

Um, he spent more time on his Madonna tribute video than you did ...

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Dec 15 2016
Madonna Teases Fans, Shows Sneak Peek Of Her Archives Comments (0)

IMG_7268(Images via Instagram @madonna)

Madonna, apparently enjoying a day in her legendary — but mysterious — archives, rolled around in some Blond Ambition wigs and teased her fans with glimpses of what appear to be boxes containing the long-lost dozens of hours of unseen Truth or Dare raw footage.

She also favored us with a peek at her original Blond Ambition World Tour duds and some Evita memorabilia, the latter of which caused her to burst into “Don't Cry for Me Argentina.”

Keep reading, and start drooling ...

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