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Jan 21 2015
Madonna's Artistic Rapist Caught? Comments (0)


An Israeli man has been arrested for allegedly hacking into the personal computers of several international artists and stealing unreleased demos. This includes Madonna, whose Rebel Heart recently became the most high-profile project to leak (in demo form) in its entirety.

I'm sure a lot of people think it's not that big of a deal, but it should be considered a major felony—the invasion of privacy is unsettling, to say the least, and the monetary implications make it similar to bloodlessly robbing a bank of, potentially, millions.


Meanwhile, Miley Cyrus—via her latest MAC commercial—is artistically sexually assaulting Madonna, but Madonna was askin' for it. Video after the jump...

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Jan 20 2015
How Madonna Got Her MOJO Back Comments (0)


Madonna's latest magazine cover—for Mojo—drops January 27.


Jan 19 2015
REBEL HEART Tracklisting Revealed Comments (0)


Madonna's final Rebel Heart tracklisting is here, and it looks like very little Rebel and a lot of Heart made it. Fans will complain about certain leaked songs not making the cut, but of course they have no right since they weren't supposed to hear anything that didn't make it.

I'm not excited about Mike Tyson.

Not many guest stars at all, feels very Madonna.

Jan 18 2015
Wham, Bam, Thank You, Slam! Comments (0)


Salim Gauwloos, one of Madonna's most memorable Blond Ambition Tour dancers (then known as Slam), is now a serious choreographer, and he's teasing a new project via his Facebook. Seems he's going to appear as “Poseidon” in a video project.

After the jump, you'll get a glimpse of the amazing adventure this Poseidon has in store for you when he's buck-naked...

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Jan 15 2015
11 O'Clock Number: Madonna - AMERICAN LIFE Comments (0)


From Madonna's MTV special plugging her failed (but great) album American Life...

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Living Four Love Comments (0)


Madonna has dropped four new official “Living for Love” remixes on her YouTube account. Great stuff! This song deserves to be widely embraced by radio. Hopefully her Grammys gig will light a fire...

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Jan 14 2015
Need To Know: TransJenner + CHARLIE's Murderer Self-IDs + Hollow Romney Boast + Belli Dancer + Mommie Fearest + MORE! Comments (0)

In TouchThis is a real cover that Bauer Publishing authorized. It's in print. It exists!

*widget boy cultureIn Touch Photoshops Bruce Jenner into being female to fit their story.

*widget boy cultureMeet the new Osama bin Laden.

*widget boy cultureIF ONLY WE'D KNOWN: With President Romney, there'd be “no ISIS.”

*widget boy cultureRomney will run in '16 (as I said). Will anyone care?

*widget boy cultureNon-naked female musician allowed on Rolling Stone cover.

*widget boy cultureCharges against Eagle bartender's assailant DROPPED.

*widget boy cultureWillam's “Boy Is a Bottom” is now in Spanish!

Willam-Belli-Boy-Is-a-BottomBaby, if I'm the bottom, you're the top!

*widget boy cultureThe Bachelor's Tim Robards flashes major dick cleav. (Work Unfriendly)

*widget boy cultureMadonna confirmed for Grammys performance.

*widget boy cultureCarla Alcorn, the late Leelah's mom, continues to be a total asshole.

*widget boy cultureMiley goes full-frontal. Well, some soap suds are in the way.

*widget boy cultureNaya Rivera's hygiene tips really stink.

*widget boy cultureThe GOP is gunning for Social Security. Again. Fuck their old voters.

*widget boy cultureTowleroad has Chris Hemsworth's see-through shirt dance in animated form.

6a00d8341c730253ef01bb07d9f8e3970d-800wiDance, boy!

Jan 13 2015
Madonna Is Not Irrelevant...But You May Be Comments (0)


Here's a link to send all the haters.