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Aug 06 2017
Laverne Cox's Pitch For DESPERATELY SEEKING SUSAN Comments (0)

Dssat30_28One of my very favorite movies is Desperately Seeking Susan (1985). As perfectly cast as Madonna is, I would love this movie all the same had one of the other actresses vying for her role — Kelly McGillis, Jennifer Lason Leigh, etc. — won the part instead.

It is a terrific film and was wonderfully well-reviewed. Keep reading to listen to Laverne Cox rave about this '80s classic ...

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Aug 03 2017
Madonna's CAUSING A COMMOTION: They've Got It Covered! Comments (0)

A.-Front19It's how you play the game ... (Image via Sire)

Keep reading for a wonderful cover of Madonna's “Causing a Commotion” by Bright Light Bright Light ...

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Aug 02 2017
Patrick Leonard's Collaborations With Madonna Comments (0)

DG0UgtQU0AAvRuNPatrick Leonard on Madonna: “I have the demos where she sang a song, having written it 15 minutes before, and it was a #1 record and remains valid 30 years later, who’s gonna tell me that’s not a real artist?” (Image by Bill Lanphier)

If you've read Part 1 and Part 2 of my long chat with Patrick Leonard, you'll want to check out this handy guide to all the times he's worked with her:

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Aug 01 2017
6-PACK — Patti LaBelle On Divettes & Gay Love + What's New, Gay Buenos Aires? + Jock Poetry + Madonna's Fake Corset & Real Polaroids + Huff Post On BOY CULTURE! Comments (0)

Patti-LaBelle-Last-Unbroken-Heart“I just want all of my gay fans to know that I will always be here for them the way I am: honest, to the point, and loving my gay fans even more and more each day,” Patti LaBelle says. “I mean, when I think about it, the gay fans are some of the reason — one big reason — I'm still standing, 'cause they loved me when other people tried not to. Everybody always says, 'What makes gay men like you?'... I know that love has lifted me up for many, many years.” More from Ms. LaBelle, including her rumored Aretha beef, plus other hot links of the day after the jump ...

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Jul 31 2017
When Madonna Met Moreau Comments (0)

Screen Shot 2017-07-31 at 2.54.24 PMIn 1998, Madonna made an incredible appearance on the French TV series Sacrées Femmes, on which she was surprising by numerous celebrity fans — Gaultier, Patricia Kaas and, most memorably, Jeanne Moreau, who passed away today at 89.

Even a star's star like Madonna can be cowed by greatness. Watch her overjoyed reactions to meeting Moreau after the jump ...

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Jeanne Moreau, French Film Icon, Dies @ 89 Comments (0)

Jeanne_moreauVia The Guardian: Jeanne Moreau, the actress who became an icon of French cinema and in particular the French New Wave, has died at her home in Paris.

She was 89.

Keep reading for a full obit on this screen legend ...

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Jul 30 2017
Madonna's WHERE'S THE PARTY Demo! Comments (0)

Madonna-Wheres-PartyI remember first discovering the promo 12" singles from You Can Dance in a used record store! (Image via Sire)

Patrick Leonard is playing a highly anticipated show in NYC in September (get tickets here), and continues to tease fans with discoveries from his work with Madonna. The latest? A generous snippet from their “Where's the Party” demo ...

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Madonna Mia! Inside The EMMY AND THE BREAKFAST CLUB Wrap Party Comments (0)

Jamie AuldOver the past year, quite a few articles have offered sensationalized glimpses of the forthcoming film Emmy and the Breakfast Club, written and directed by Guy Guido about Madonna's pre-fame years in NYC.

Now, shooting is completed, an eight-minute teaser was played for the cast and crew, and I've got the scoop on the intimate wrap party ...

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