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Feb 26 2015
Cape Fear Comments (0)

Gotta agree...no capes!

So glad Madonna's fine and that rational, empathetic human beings realize mistakes happen and that she did well under the circumstances. Nice shoot-outs from Cher, Elvira, Boy George, Adam Lambert, Liza Minnelli and others on social media.

Still so many nut jobs in the world talking about how it was staged, insisting she was lip-synching (I guess a lot of people with zero showbiz experience fail to realize that a light track with a hot mic is not lip-synching), saying she's an Illuminati witch or—more mundanely—insisting this had anything to do with her age. So may gay people joining in the bashing. Madonna may not be your cup of tea, but she isn't your enemy. Pathetic.

Feb 25 2015
She's Gonna Carry On Comments (0)

Sadly, Madonna's big Brits performance didn't go as planned. Some sort of mishap with her cape led to her being forcefully dragged from the stage by a dancer when it failed to disengage. Madonna, stunned momentarily, gathered herself and returned to the performance, singing live strongly over her track.

This is the true meaning of irony: Singing a song about stumbling and falling and carrying on right after being snatched off a stage.

MadonnaThis reminds me of the Hillary Clinton sunglasses meme—she is falling but looks very focused, like plotting how to right it.

My heart sank. I hope she will make light of it and persevere. She sure continued on like a pro after a fall that had to hurt.

MADONNAVia Joseph Mora!


Feb 24 2015
She'll Come, She'll See, She'll Conquer Comments (0)


Madonna is Rolling Stone's cover girl for the zillionth time; out tomorrow. Also tomorrow: Watch the Brits live here around (I think) 2PM ET.

Madonna will perform selections from Victor/Victoria. Take that, Gaga!

No, actually, she is supposedly getting a lifetime achievement honor and performing at least two tracks. Reviews of Rebel Heart are very positive; so far, it seems IN to say Madonna has put out her best since Ray of Light. Check Telegraph (gotta love a 4/5-stars review that raves it's her “least desperate” album in a while), The Sun and Attitude.

Also, The Advocate has published a piece arguing on Madonna's behalf.

Keep reading for a rather amazing homage to “Vogue”...

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Feb 20 2015
REBEL, REBEL Comments (0)


In the “Bizarre” column, Dan Wootton has the first real review of Madonna's Rebel Heart in tomorrow's The Sun...and he loves both the album and the artist.

No Bull: Madonna Nabs A #1 Comments (0)

MadonnaArt by Joseph Mora

With “Living for Love”, Madonna now has her 44th #1 hit on the Dance Club Songs Billboard chart. Only George Strait has had as many hits on a single chart (Hot Country Songs).

Feb 19 2015
Cole-Blooded Take Comments (0)

Madonna ft. natalie cole - living for love (dj matt bailer & taj vs hq2 mashup)

Gotta love a Madonna remix that seamlessly mixes in Natalie Cole. Get it by liking DJ Taj's Facebook page.

Feb 17 2015
Need To Know: Mr. Grant + Courting Obama + Warren Peace? + Andy Warhol Is (Still) Dead + MORE! Comments (0)

Grant-gustinPermission Grant-ed

*widget boy cultureGrant Gustin and Rick Cosnett on the set.

*widget boy cultureTemporary halt to Obama's executive action on immigration.

*widget boy cultureMadonna to be quizzed by Jonathan Ross for 1st time since 2003.

*widget boy cultureJamie Dornan dick cleavage on Vine.

*widget boy cultureAwesome “HeartBreakCity” remix.

*widget boy cultureNick Cannon definitely likes older women.

*widget boy cultureGet to know the Boys of Bridgend.

*widget boy cultureHillary Clinton courting Elizabeth Warren's support.

*widget boy cultureFlashback to half-naked summer, sigh.

*widget boy cultureAlleged Bieber dick pix.

*widget boy cultureNewspaper calls the president an “assclown”.

*widget boy cultureReally bad gay dates.

*widget boy cultureJim Cantore LOVES thundersnow.

*widget boy cultureLive cam of...Andy Warhol's tombstone.

Andy Warhol Postcard

Popped art

Feb 16 2015
What Is Living For Love? Comments (0)


Great mashup of Madonna and Haddaway (never thought I'd type that sentence)...

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