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Mar 18 2015
She's Not Going Down... Comments (0)

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Madonna has responded to D&G's IVF comments, using an appropriate image of herself from a past campaign she did with them.


Nice first-ever live performance of “Joan of Arc”, one of the best tracks on Rebel Heart...

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Madonna & Justin Bieber: Two Of A Kind Comments (0)

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Not surprisingly, Madonna's done it all. More interestingly, Justin Bieber denies doing some of it. Most surprising of all is all the shit Ellen has done...

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Mar 17 2015
Madonna, EMPIRE & Ellen! Comments (0)


You've heard of If you can't beat 'em, join 'em? Welp, Madonna's “Ghosttown” video will co-star Terrence Howard, star of Empire...the franchise whose soundtrack is all but certain to be #1 on the Billboard 200 tomorrow, one notch above her Rebel Heart. Will be great to see Madonna have an actual co-star in a video, not just some hot body to fill space. Seems to imply it will be a real video, not a photo shoot that somebody filmed. Can't wait.


Madonna's first daytime performance in 17 years, plus snippets of her chat with Ellen DeGeneres.

Here are all the links...

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Mar 16 2015
Watch Me Stern Comments (0)


Madonna looked lovely (as seen in newly released video) at Stern. I think this is the best she's looked at an interview appearance this cycle...

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Mar 15 2015
Out Of Their LEAGUE Comments (0)


Jason Robert Brown at work on an A League of Their Own musical?! I don't love movies-to-Broadway-shows, but I'd see this one.

Mar 14 2015
Everything's Coming Up Rosses Comments (0)

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Via Madonna-TV: Great interview with Jonathan Ross, plus a beautiful “Ghosttown” performance. One of my favorite songs from Rebel Heart.

Mar 10 2015
Madonna Update Comments (0)

I'm a big fan of Rebel Heart, but won't post a review; I'll include it in my book, Encyclopedia Madonnica. I'm close to having a first draft of the manuscript, then will proof it, key in photos, have it designed and then finally printed. I had projected April, but it's looking more like summer—sorry, this was draining and I'm also co-writing a Web series (!!!) and will in August or September publish a humorous memoir.

Mar 09 2015
Feminem Comments (0)

Screen Shot 2015-03-09 at 3.21.58 PMIf anyone can tell me who made this image, I'm all ears!

With all due respect to basically every person I've ever met who's just interviewed Madonna (wow, she is capital A accessible this go-round), I think Refinery29 gets top honors of having done the best Q&A with the Queen of Pop.

Keep reading for a lighter side of Madonna...

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