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May 30 2014
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Joe Manganiello's is one of summer's most-talked-about bodies, as selected by People (June 2, 2014). For some of the others, keep reading...

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May 23 2014
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Those sexy Chmerkovskiys strip nude and play with some hats for People. Yes, People, not Blueboy.

Nov 22 2013
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Val-Chmerkovskiy-shirtless"You can call me Val."

Had fun meeting and playing "Would You Ever?" backstage at "bethenny" (my day job) with brothers Val (above) and Maks (below) Chmerkovskiy. You can compare their answers to the same questions.

Who'd you rather?

Maksimshilarious-would-you-ever-1200x630To the Maks!

Oct 17 2012
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Thom EvansDrawing attention to Thom-Thom's club

Boy culture WIDGETThom Evans spreads the love.

Boy culture WIDGETTerrorist attack on NYC's Federal Reserve thwarted by FBI.

Boy culture WIDGETWhat's so great about reproduction?

Boy culture WIDGETSip some of his tea.

Mika_tallBoy culture WIDGETMika co-wrote five songs in an afternoon, including Madonna's "Gang Bang".

Boy culture WIDGETBeyoncé to tear up the Super Bowl.

Boy culture WIDGETTowel boy.

Boy culture WIDGETMaksim Chmerkovskiy shirtless and wet.

Boy culture WIDGETSame-sex nuptials don't sit well with black frat traditionalists.

Boy culture WIDGETLance Armstrong unceremoniously dumped.

Boy culture WIDGETFlip-flopping flim-flammer Linda McMahon dreams up "emergency rape."

Beach boys shirtless showersBoy culture WIDGETDid these three have "Sex on the Beach"?

Boy culture WIDGETAssociate Provost of Diversity and Inclusion at Gallaudet is a poster-girl for discrimination.

Boy culture WIDGETDebate questioner Katherine Fenton is still undecided, has been smeared by the right as a "feminazi."

Boy culture WIDGETMitt Romney's "binders" lie didn't work out too well for him:

Oct 07 2011
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In Touch (October 17, 2011) polls readers as to which Dancing with the Stars hottie looks best shirtless. Derek Hough is, as always, sizzling, but Maksim Chmerkovskiy wins with a resounding 45%. Damn if Mark Ballas didn't win my own informal pole.

Dec 10 2009
Stripping With The Stars Comments (4)

The Dancing With the Stars guys are stripping down in the 'bloids this week. Above, Maksim Chmerkovskiy, Derek Hough and Mark Ballas go sans shirt, prompting Maks to sniff, "I don't think it would be fair to compare me with Mark and Derek because you would be comparing a man's body with boys' bodies."

Below, check out a smokin' picture of Hough from Star (December 21, 2009). Hough says he's single, writing, "Single life is ok, not great. I like being with people, that's probably why I haven't been single in 5 years."


Jul 16 2009
Walking Down The Street With The Stars Comments (2)

Look who I saw...Maksim Chmerkovskiy and Karina Smirnoff. They might have wondered why I was on the phone, but I guarantee you it wasn't as, "Dude, don't take my picture!" as it looks. They were having a fairly heated discussion (not against one another) about something so were a bit too scowly for me to feel I could ask for a posed picture, hence the shots that appear to show them scowling at me:






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