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Aug 26 2014
Mantiques: Tim Matheson Comments (0)


Bob Deutsch shot Tim Matheson (b. December 31, 1947) in full western gear when he was shooting The Quest (1976). I wanna file my claim. So did Bob:

“He co-starred with Kurt Russell, and I spent most of my time and energy on Tim, not Kurt...he was more my type.”

Aug 19 2014
Mantiques: Richard Dean Anderson & Richard Chamberlain Comments (0)


I think the above crotchtastic shot of Richard Dean Anderson (b. January 23, 1950) might be among my favorites that my buddy Bob Deutsch ever took. He remembers taking it on the roof of his West 82nd Street apartment, not long before Anderson, then known for General Hospital (1980), booked MacGyver (1985—1992) and became a star.

After the jump, still more Dick...

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Aug 15 2014
Mantiques: Cake Suckers Cary Grant & Randolph Scott Comments (0)

Cary-Grant-Randolph-Scott-gayFilm fame, or flim-flam?

Closer-than-close butt buddies Cary Grant (January 18, 1904—November 29, 1986) and Randolph Scott (January 23, 1898—March 2, 1987) celebrating their birthdays in the early '30s.

Wonder if they took turns blowing out the candles?

Name that beard!

Aug 12 2014
Mantiques: Teen Idols Comments (0)


Another visit to Bob Deutsch's vault turns up three vintage teen heartthrobs, preserved forever hot! Above is Andy Gibb (March 5, 1958—March 10, 1988), who died less than a week after his thirtieth birthday. Bob was one of only two photographers allowed on the carpet of the Saturday Night Fever (1977) premiere at Grauman's Chinese Theater, and were also allowed into the after-party. Bob says:

“EVERYBODY was there: Cher, the Bee Gees, 'Laverne' and 'Shirley,' Scott Baio, etc.”

Keep reading for Travolta and a '60s flashback...

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Aug 05 2014
Mantiques: Richard Hatch Comments (0)


My pal Bob Deutsch shot Richard Hatch (b. May 21, 1945)—one of the world's most stunning actors in history, no?—after he'd left his gig on All My Children (1971) and had taken over for Michael Douglas (b. September 25, 1944) on The Streets of San Francisco (1976—1977). He had gotten to know Hatch from the soap days, so he also shot him over the course of two hours in Central Park, sigh.

One more eye-popping portrait after the jump...

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Jul 29 2014
Mantiques: Tony Danza Comments (0)

Tony-DanzaPosing at Gleason's, a 14th Street gym

Via Bob Deutsch: Another in a series of hot guys of the '60s, '70s and '80s, taken by my pal Bob Deutsch. Bob shot some of the most famous pictures of Tony Danza (b. April 21, 1951) ever...yes, the ones of him with his legs spread in the gym!

Jul 22 2014
Mantiques: Parker Stevenson Comments (0)

Parker-Stevenson-2Young Blue Eyes

My pal Bob Deutsch has unparalleled stories of star-chasing back in the day, having asked Marilyn Monroe for her autograph as she entered MSG to sing “Happy Birthday” to Kennedy and having spent quality time with a pregnant Carol Burnett in her NYC apartment.

He went from shooting stars as a fan to shooting them professionally, and he's graciously sharing some of his hottest boys from the '60s—'80s in a series of posts starting now. Here are some pictures from his casual shoot with Parker Stevenson, of whom he says:

“He came to my apartment in the '70s—I really can't remember how I got him to do this, but he was really sweet and he did a photo shoot. A few weeks after this, I was in Hollywood and got on the set of The Hardy Boys and he introduced me to Shaun Cassidy...the rest is history!”

Two more shots of the man whom Kirstie Alley claims is in possesion of a big one after the jump...

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Jul 21 2014
Mantiques: Michael Blodgett Comments (0)

ShirtlessFit/to be tied

I wasn't familiar with the late actor/novelist/screenwriter Michael Blodgett (September 26, 1939—November 14, 2007) until some Facebook postings by my buddy Michael Michaud. Blodgett was the gigolo in Beyond the Valley of the Dolls (1970) and, as if that didn't earn him his camp card, he was the screenwriter behind Rent-a-Cop (1987) with Liza Minnelli and Burt Reynolds.


Also of note, Blodgett's last marriage was to Meredith Baxter (b. June 21, 1947), who is now openly gay.