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Aug 24 2015
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Via Discow19.

May 25 2015
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Screen Shot 2015-05-24 at 11.00.02 PM

A great shot of the actor best known as the human b'day gift from the movie version of The Boys in the Band (1970), in which he recreated his stage performance. He died of AIDS in 1986. Thanks to Michael Michaud for the shot.

May 11 2015
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Via Tempted in Toronto (Work Unfriendly).

Apr 03 2015
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First, check out the sexy-as-hell pre-Code footage of Buster Crabbe in the locker room. Then, the priceless '70s commercial for air travel that shows you planes like you've likely never experienced (a buffet? a pub? free video games? old-time serials?), with latter-day Crabbe making a cameo...

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Feb 11 2015
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Ty Hardin_head shot_PT 109_1963 Ty Hardin-02 PT 109 8696157107_82fe8c06ed Red 1

 Five shots of Ty, including a recent shot at the end

A 1963 shot of handsome star Ty Hardin (b. January 1, 1930), who was in Bronco (1958—1962) and who fans of camp may remember from Joan Crawford's Berserk (1967).

Jan 09 2015
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LamasWith wife Esther Williams, who just passed away semi-recently.

If Fernando Lamas were still alive today, he would be 100 years old...and would look mahvelous!

Dec 21 2014
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Via Arroyo Chamisa: This legendary choreographer/dancer died at 96 on November 1.

Dec 09 2014
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Via Poseidon's Underworld.


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