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May 25 2016
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Parr of Arizona(Image via Parr of Arizona)

A total fleshback. Wonder how he looks now?

Jan 10 2016
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Love me some Mike Henry, now 79, most famous as one of the Tarzans. He made my list of History's Hottest Movie Actors back in the day, and now he has an entire Tumblr devoted to his hairy hotness.


Nov 22 2015
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Bbeyers110309March 17, 1955—May 29, 1992

Bill-BeyersThe face of Bill Beyers was one I was familiar with in the '80s and forgot until a recent Quincy M.E. rerun. As soon as I saw him in the episode, I remembered how cute I'd found him, and I thought he must be retired or dead because I never saw him past the '90s.

Sadly, it was the latter—he died of AIDS in 1992.

Bill-Beyers-Body-LanguageStumped on Body Language (1985)

Interestingly, Beyers had a female co-star on the soap Capitol (1982—1987; which I loved for Carolyn Jones and Julie Adams), Leslie Graves, who died of AIDS, too, presumably as the result of her status as a heroin addict.

Bill-beyersBeyers was on Santa Barbara (1990—1991) and appeared in the Kim Richards flick Tuff Turf (1985)

Keep reading to see an episode of Body Language from 1985 with Bill Beyers, in which he talks about studying acting with Stella Adler ...

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Nov 02 2015
Mantiques: Ken Clark's Not-So-Small But Pivotal Part Comments (0)
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I got completely caught up in the Alfred Hitchcock Presents (1955—1962) marathon on Halloween. As big a fan of Hitchcock as I always have been, I'd actually seen very few of these episodes; this was not a widely re-run series in my youth.

Ken_clarkLike Hilary & Haylie Duff, if you hired Ken Clark, you got his dick, too.

Every one that I saw was top-notch. While The Twilight Zone (1959—1964) has its own inimitable style and humorous creepiness, the AHP episodes were more consistently good, well-acted and impactful. But they were probably cherry-picking the best of the best for this 'thon.

I spent a lot of time looking up the interesting actors I saw with whom I was not instantly familiar, like Phyllis Thaxter (1919—2012), who had been mesmerizingly good in “Murder Me Twice,” about a woman who commits murder under hypnosis (somewhat remade in the '80s reboot of the series with Barbara Hershey in that role). Also fun seeing actors like a blowzy Jean Hagen (1923—1977) and a viscerally slatternly Audrey Totter (1917—2013) excelling in clever episodes.

Screen Shot 2015-11-01 at 3.10.11 PMHitch presents cock: Dude knew how to make an entrance ... and looks like he widened them, too.

One actor who definitely caught my eye was a dude of whom I'd never heard, Ken Clark (1927—2009). He had a small but pivotal part in one episode, but clearly was in possession of a not-so-small but pivotal part. Michael Fassbender would even do a double-take. What a hunk! Big, blond, beefy and—judging from other photos I found—a hairy beast with a third leg, Clark seems to have been best known for the looking sexy as hell in South Pacific (1958) and ditto in the cheesy Attack of the Giant Leeches (1959).

KC04bDeep South Pacific.

He died in 2009. I'm willing to bet he had a lot of fun in Hollywood.

Sep 08 2015
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Via Flashback: Dallas

Aug 24 2015
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Via Discow19.

May 25 2015
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Screen Shot 2015-05-24 at 11.00.02 PM

A great shot of the actor best known as the human b'day gift from the movie version of The Boys in the Band (1970), in which he recreated his stage performance. He died of AIDS in 1986. Thanks to Michael Michaud for the shot.

May 11 2015
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Via Tempted in Toronto (Work Unfriendly).


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