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Jan 13 2012
Shit Homophobic People Say Comments (2)

Via Joe.My.God.: Their own words. Wonder which party they'll vote for in '12?

Sep 15 2011
Don't Make A Federal Case Out Of It Comments (3)

Next Issue 19.12 - Sep 16
Dustin Lance Black tells Next that he doesn't believe his J. Edgar Hoover biopic J. Edgar was degayed by Clint Eastwood:

"Clint and the studio never cut or changed a word, they never had a note about it. Clint said some things that were so incredibly moving that he understood the struggle young gays go through today. If anything, Clint made it even more human and universal."

Even more interesting is his response when asked who he'd like to attend the upcoming staged reading of his Proposition 8 play 8:

"Who would I love to have in the audience?" he muses. "If anyone could be there and really listen, I would give my left arm to have President Obama sitting front and center. To see what it is we’re fighting for, and why it’s important something be done about itnow. And Marcus Bachmann. It’s time he see that it’s okay to be gay. I mean that for the kids he’s supposedly helping and for himself. President Obama and Bachmann in the front row. What more do I need?"

One more shot of the increasingly muscly Black after the jump...

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Aug 18 2011
Did They Run Into Each Other In The Rambles? Comments (0)

First I talked to a gay socialite, now Dave Rubin talks to one—albeit a gay socialite who's running for president as a Republican: Fred Karger. The sound quality is worse than my head-to-head at Blue Fin, but it's totally hearable and Karger, while still being a Republican and therefore not anyone I would seriously look at, comes off pretty well.

Karger also talks about Marcus Bachmann and uses the dreaded phrase "Paul Lynde" in conjunction with Ladybird!

Aug 15 2011
The Eyes Of Michele Bachmann Comments (4)

With thanks to Daniel: A new blog spends time Bachmann"eyes"ing just about anyone you can think of. The results? See for yourself.


Aug 13 2011
Dog Days Of Summer Comments (6)

Via Joe.My.God.: In Michele Bachmann's case, food for thought is never a fair exchange.


Jul 12 2011
Going Down That Road Comments (4)

Marcus Bachmann is a liar for saying his clinic doesn't do ex-gay therapy. Lying isn't very Christian, is it? Great exposé on Nightline based on Truth Wins Out's invaluable digging is after the jump...

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Jul 11 2011
Paper Gangstas Comments (0)

David Gilmore's Marcus & Michele Bachmann paper dolls are a riot. He says:

"Outfits for Michele include: a burka, a 1920's swimsuit, and something to attend gay pride in. Outfits for Marcus include: a snappy ladies swimsuit, a Frank-N-Furter from The Rocky Horror Picture Show costume, and a chic sheik ensemble. Snap, snap, snap."

She's now leading in the polls in Iowa, so laugh while you can, suckas!

Jul 07 2011
Funny "Ha-Ha," Or Funny "Queer?" Comments (20)

Is-Michele-Bachmanns-Husband-an-Ex-Gay-Reparative-Therapist"I know, riiight?"

I disagree with Stonewall DFL Chair David Joseph DeGrio, who on the 4th of July sent out a memo asking everyone to leave Marcus Bachmann aloooone.

More to the point, he says:

"I don't view saying that someone's gay is a negative thing, but I believe that perceived sexuality was being used as an attack on Marcus Bachmann, and I find it unacceptable to use perceived sexuality as an attack on anybody...The message I see it sending is a bit hypocritical because we're advocating for policies in schools to stop this exact thing, saying someone's effeminate or someone speaks with a high-pitched voice or even [saying] someone is gay because this is a gay characteristic."

Aside from the tortured prose...he's wrong. He's dead wrong. Why? Because it is not the same "exact thing" to tease someone for being nelly as it is to tease and call out someone who is virulently anti-gay yet who seems pretty obviously gay himself. Or excuse me, he seems ex-gay.

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