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Jun 01 2014
Birth Of An Icon Comments (0)


Marilyn Monroe would have been 88 years old today. (I was going to post a video of Jimmy James singing “Happy Birthday” as MM, but couldn't find one!)

May 31 2014
Need To Know: You Have To Believe He Is MAGIC + 6-Year-Old In Transition + What's A Magazine? + This Is My Favorite Thong! + Bakery's Goose Is Cooked + Granny Grace + MORE! Comments (0)

Matt-mcgorryMakes me leaky

*widget boy cultureOrange is the New Black's Matt McGorry's Magic Mike 2 try-out. WOOF.

*widget boy culture“As soon as she could speak, Ryland would scream, 'I AM A BOY!'

*widget boy cultureLet's focus on homeless LGBT youth, please!

*widget boy cultureSource Interlink's magazine wholesale division abruptly ceases—6,000 jobless. The-Walk-In-Closet-book

*widget boy cultureThe very fun Maleficent is a guaranteed B.O. smash.

*widget boy cultureNew gay novel The Walk-In Closet.

*widget boy cultureHave any questions about thong undies?

*widget boy cultureIrish rugby hunk in his undies.

*widget boy culture60 rare, historical, mind-blowing photos.

*widget boy cultureFirst 10 minutes of Men of the Strip.

*widget boy cultureSC governor vows to try to halt Black Bike Week. Because concern.

*widget boy culture4th Wall Youth Solidarity Project art finalists:

Pablo-Munoz-YSP-1000Don't know if this will win, but it's a winner!

*widget boy cultureIs Donald Sterling mentally out of it?

*widget boy culturePatrick Boyd's “There Are No Words” from gay-themed Touch: A Love Story.

*widget boy cultureInfluential educator and philosopher Dr. Maxine Greene has died @ 96.

*widget boy cultureRepublican calls UCSB shooting “an unfortunate accident.” 6a00d8341c2ca253ef01a73dcee084970d-200wi

*widget boy cultureMadonna's age-hiding fingerless gloves have spread to Mimi!

*widget boy cultureJust Gender, a new film on transgender life.

*widget boy cultureBURNED: Colorado bakery did discriminate against gays.

*widget boy culturePornstar running for mayor in Toronto.

*widget boy cultureLate Princess Grace is now a grandma 3 times (1st one for keeps) over by Albert.

Princess-Grace“The idea of my life as a fairytale is itself a fairytale.”—Princess Grace

May 21 2014
New York Seen Comments (0)

Jimmy james dean Madonna Marilyn

Mar 20 2014
She's Not Me, I'm Not She Comments (0)


Luckily, this "Madonna" autograph comes with a certificate of authenticity. This case of mistaken identity reminds me of the time when a (famous) picture of Madonna from her 1992 Sex book was thought to be a long-lost Marilyn Monroe nude...and was authenticated by a Marilyn Monroe expert!

Feb 10 2014
The Marilyn Monroe Doctrine Comments (0)

Marilyn-Monroe-John-Kennedy-DiariesJackie OMFG

Charles Casillo has released an almost completely new (100-plus fresh pages) version of his '99 novel The Marilyn Diaries, in which he imagines how an MM journal might read.

A sample:

"[Elizabeth Taylor] stuck out her ass in my face and said, 'I'm just making sure my panties don't ride up, honey. I don't want to ruin the lines in my dress.'

"'Oh, don't worry about that, dear,' I replied, 'Your body already does that.'"

Get the book here.

Feb 07 2014
Mario Sisters: Miley Cyrus Conjures Madonna & More For German VOGUE Comments (0)


Miley Cyrus evokes Madonna '90-'91, Marilyn Monroe and (I think) model Eva Herzigova for her German Vogue cover and spread. Some Madonna fans are not happy with the homage.


Madonna-Demarchelier-Glamour-1990She's just bein' Madonna.

The shots are by Mario Testino, who's shot Madonna more than once, but they most strongly resemble Madonna's Patrick Demarchelier shoot for Glamour (December 1990).

Jan 09 2014
Maybe It Was Hidden In The Icebox With Her Panties? Comments (0)


A never-before-seen (or even heard of!) Marilyn Monroe scrapbook has surfaced. She chose the unseen images herself and handwrote cute captions before gifting it to Sam Shaw, who shot the iconic image of her over the subway grate. She apparently had an affair with Shaw, a fact her biographers didn't know.

It's amazing how items still keep emerging 50+ years after her death.

Dec 15 2013
The Fame Game Comments (0)

Jesus-christ-velvet-painting-2Turns out The Beatles were not more popular than Jesus.

This  new list purports to rank famous people in history by how popular they are (in the sense of being known and inspiring opinions). It's a joke, I'd say. Few could argue with Jesus at #1, but is Napoleon really the #2 most famous/known figure? Ahead of Muhammad?

Marilyn Monroe doesn't make the Top 100, George W. Bush is in the Top 40 and a slew of historical figures I'd bet fewer than 5% of all people alive today have even heard of (Linnaeus? Good luck with that.) rank highly.

According to this list, the most popular/known pop cultural figure ever is Elvis, followed by Madonna. But Madonna barely edges out Bob Dylan. Bob Dylan? 


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