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Jul 18 2013
One Gay At A Time: A Hollywood Show To Remember Comments (11)
  Kim-Richards Richard-Chamberlain Kristy-McNichol

Glenn-Scarpelli Pat-Harrington



The above gallery, in order: Kim Richards, Richard Chamberlain, Kristy McNichol, June Lockhart, Mackenzie Phillips, Glenn Scarpelli, Pat Harrington, Anne Jeffreys, Larry Wilcox, Susan Blacklinie, Tommy Kirk, Sharon Farrell, Don Murray, Drea de Matteo, Lawrence Monoson & Dick Gautier.

For the first time in years, I'd decided to skip The Hollywood Show in L.A., held at the painfully glamorous Westin LAX (a poignant backdrop for a room filled with celebs whose careers have had more take-offs and landings than Jet Blue)—I didn't want to spend the cash and didn't think I'd miss the guest list this time. At the last minute, I splurged and went, which meant I had only a couple of original photos for the stars to ooh and ahh over before signing.

When I first walked in, there was an immediate difference between this and previous shows...a huge crowd! A long line was queued up for the cast of Sons of Anarchy, including star attraction Katey Sagal. With that show, Married...With Children and Futurama, she had probably a third of the attendees drooling over her. I skipped her.

The room was hot as hell (flop sweat is a great look for picture day) and crowded, thanks in part to Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Kim Richards, who had a large crew documenting her every move.

But I survived, as all of the stars there had.

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Jul 05 2013
Your Nightly Briefing: Steve Grand aka Steve Chatham aka Steve Starchild aka Finn Diesel Comments (19)
Steve Chatham

Steve Grand is taking the Internet by electrical storm with his heartfelt video for the countrified song "All-American Boy." No sooner did he cross the 10,000 views threshold on YouTube did I begin receiving alerts from readers that he's really Steve Starchild or Steve Chatham or Finn Diesel.

What's odd is that it's being treated almost like a "gotcha," but I don't think Steve is hiding from his other work with the new name; it feels more like compartmentalization than "closet."

Someone who I think works with him sent me the country video and mentioned that I'd posted him in the past under the Starchild moniker. (Sadly, he has "privated" his "Marry the Night" cover.)

Still, we do love a beautiful body when it has a beautiful face, voice and vision attached.


P.S. Here are just two of many other famous folks who got their starts—before their STARTS—without many clothes on. They did just fine, and they did it 60+ and 30+ years ago, respectively. Steve should not act embarrassed that he posed for beautiful photos looking beautiful. His approach should mirror Madonna's: "I'M NOT ASHAMED."

As I pointed out in the comments, fitness modeling is less challenging than the out content of his music, and if he was ballsy enough to do that, he should be ballsy enough to embrace his modeling. I would hope that whomever is advising him has let him know it should be about his musical talent, and everything else, while a part of his story, will work itself out.

Room With A View: My '80s Walls Comments (4)

I didn't come out until the very end of high school, but I was slowly, inexorably working my way out via the décor of my room. I started slowly. The first poster I had up was Cyndi Lauper by Lynn Goldsmith. I'd bought it in Hawaii, but it had gotten a little crushed, so it was waved through the entire poster. I learned quickly that posters have souls.

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Jun 27 2013
Parting Shot: Bert Stern Dies Comments (3)

I was obsessed with  Marilyn Monroe before Madonna, and from the moment I laid eyes on Bert Stern's indelible images of the dying star, I've held his work in the highest esteem. His story of Marilyn scratching and defacing many of his original transparencies from what would be her last sitting mesmerized me, as did the unintentionally artistic results: Marilyn became a participant in some of the most beautiful, haunting photographs ever taken of the world's most photographed woman.

Stern, whose work has been paid homage by countless others over the years (Madonna with Steven Meisel behind the camera, for one), passed away yesterday here in NYC at 83. Truly the loss of a photographic icon, and of a link to the last days of the biggest star in history.

Jun 08 2013
Speaking Of Surveillance... Comments (1)


The release of "amoral" gumshoe Fred Otash's files—he bugged Rock Hudson denying to his wife Phyllis Gates that he'd ever "picked up boys from the streets" and listened in on JFK having sex with Marilyn—is fascinating. Who knew his old files still existed, or that they'd be so rich with hush-hush Hollywood morsels?

Otash also claimed he was surveilling Monroe the day she died, describing a violent three-way argument between the doomed star, Bobby Kenney and Peter Lawford, the latter of whom allegely muffled Monroe's hysteria with a pillow over the face.

Explosive stuff.

Jun 01 2013
MM Meme Comments (0)
Happy 87th birthday, Marilyn Monroe. Almost no day goes by without my seeing or hearing something about her, even 50+ years after her death.
May 07 2013
Need To Know: James Peen, Art Attack, Minnesota Marriage + MORE Comments (2)

Gay-comicTalk about a graphic novel!

*widget boy cultureBlisteringly erotic gay comic released.

*widget boy cultureWalk Off the Earth cover Madonna's "Material Girl." Jesus-luz-brasil

*widget boy cultureMost at the Met Ball ignored the "punk" theme. Who looked best?*

*widget boy cultureJesus Luz goes shirtless for Junior.

*widget boy cultureHot 97 DJ Mister Cee: "I am not gay."

*widget boy cultureChris Pine would play gay.

*widget boy cultureIn Minnesota, marriage equality advances. Rs_293x404-130506111713-634.pine.ls.5613

*widget boy cultureGetting picked up by Ryan Gosling.

*widget boy cultureAir Force's Sexual Assault Prevention & Response Office head assaults woman.

*widget boy cultureNYC couple attacked in broad daylight near MSG.

*widget boy cultureGay vs. lesbian with AARP as the weapon.

*widget boy cultureUse these self-publishing moms for inspiration to make bank.

*widget boy culturePat Robertson: Gays like murderers,  rapists, thieves.

*widget boy cultureABBA museum. Suggested donation? "Money, Money, Money."

*widget boy cultureYou know I'll be attending this:


*widget boy cultureStr8 ally Chris Kluwe dropped by the Minnesota Vikings.

*widget boy cultureJimmy Wright's drawings of NYC's gay meat market. Phillippe

*widget boy cultureHelen Mirren vs. drummers.

*widget boy cultureFuck, yeah, Ryan Phillippe.

*widget boy culturePet Shop Boys compare new album to Madonna.

*widget boy cultureChristina Crawford on her mom's rumored affair with Marilyn.

*widget boy cultureA Portrait of James Dean: Joshua Tree, 1951 avail for digital download today.

A Portrait of James Dean carouselCome back to the five and dime, Jimmy Peen, Jimmy Peen (#bulge).

*Dakota Fanning, Anne Hathaway, Madonna, Rooney Mara, Gwyneth Paltrow, Sarah Jessica Parker, Aubrey Plaza, Amanda Seyfried & Kerry Washington can all get it.

Jan 19 2013
I Had Zits At 14, He Had An Encounter With Marilyn Monroe Comments (3)

Peter Mangone, at age 14, captured what is widely called the best amateur footage of Marilyn Monroe. At the peak of her fame and beauty, she playfully invited her mini-stalker to shoot her on a shopping trip in NYC, all the while posing for his brother's movie camera.

When he decided, years later, that he'd grown up, he threw it and his movie magazines away. Except he didn't. Check out the fan-tastic story and find out where to see his handiwork here.

Jan 14 2013
WouldaCouldaShoulda: 5 Incredible Movies That Never Happened Comments (1)

A-film-unfinishedUnmade's quarters

With all the crappy movies that get made, it's shocking when intriguing concepts—whether potential classics or potential hot messes—fall by the wayside, never to be revisited again.

Check out this list of five films that almost, but never ultimately, got made...

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Dec 29 2012
Need To Know Comments (1)

Widget boy cultureCaroler Tom Daley's treasure trail goes off the deep end. Hot-Tom-Daley-Marilyn-Monroe-pubes-Jean-Harris-obituary-Log-Cabin-Republican

Widget boy cultureMurderess Jean Harris dies at 89.

Widget boy cultureIdiot who bought firefighter killer's guns nabbed.

Widget boy cultureNicholas Hoult in zombie romcom Warm Bodies.

Widget boy cultureMENTAL BREAK: Puppies in the snow!

*widget boy cultureMarilyn's FBI file stripped of redactions.

Widget boy cultureMatthew McConaughey definitely not firing blanks.

Widget boy cultureThe skinny on Anne Hathaway's Les Miz diet.

Widget boy cultureGAY-BAIT:  Madonna's MDNA #1 in Russia.

Widget boy cultureLog Cabin Republicans vs. RINO Chuck Hagel.

Widget boy cultureNew LCR prez hearts Newt Gingrich.

Widget boy cultureLiberace's ex, Scott Thorson, tells National Enquirer he was snubbed by Michael Douglas.

Scott-ThorsonUnhealthy relationship