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Jul 28 2017
Anthony Scaramucci Follows Gay-Porn Star On Twitter ... #MakeAmericaGayAgain Comments (0)

Blake Mitchell porn_newDonald Trump's Administration is packed with anti-LGBTQ zealots who were just thrown a bone with that military trans ban.

But Anthony Scaramucci, who has expressed support for LGBTQ issues in the past, seems to be going the extra mile — in the opposite direction, following a gay-porn star on Twitter ...

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Mario Cantone Is Even Better At Parodying Anthony Scaramucci Than Anthony Scaramucci Is Comments (0)

Screen Shot 2017-07-28 at 12.15.29 PMWhen observers speculated that out comic Mario Cantone would make a great Anthony Scaramucci, I was skeptical he had the chops.

I was wrong about John McCain for the moment (I love ethics!) and I was wrong about Mario (I love ethnics!), who absolutely kills as Scaramucci in a new Comedy Central short ...

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Nov 19 2015
The Boys (And Girl) In The Band: A Review Of STEVE Comments (0)

STEVE-prod-98Malcolm Gets, Jerry Dixon, Mario Cantone & Matt McGrath in Steve, by Monique Carboni

I went into the new Off-Broadway play Steve, directed by Cynthia Nixon, worrying it would be another Jeffrey. But what's in a name?

Steve is less Jeffrey than it is a genuinely insightful update of The Boys in the Band, complete with angst, sexual battle lines, healthy self-loathing and—above all—intelligent humor. There's no hooker, but there's plenty of whoring, all of which is implied rather than shown for cheap thrills, and some of which leads to hysterical and at times unexpectedly heartwarming reactions.

Best of all, in spite of various other plays to which it could be compared, Steve is a new work, and a successful one at that.

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