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Sep 10 2015
Celebrated Child Star Dickie Moore Dies @ 89 Comments (0)

584a4bfb181ea4f54aed365c26befe21September 12, 1925—September 10, 2015

Dickie Moore, one of Hollywood's most adorable child actors, one whose work began in the Silent Era, has died at 89, just two days shy of his 90th birthday.

Dickie-Moore-with-Spencer-Tracy-in-Disorderly-Conduct-1932With Spencer Tracy in 1932's Disorderly Conduct

Moore was noted for his cherubic appearance and heartfelt performances in some of the cinema's most important works, as well as opposite many of the greatest stars of all time, including John Barrymore, Spencer Tracy and—indelibly—Marlene Dietrich. He played Dietrich's son in Blonde Venus (1932), the Josef von Sternberg classic.

Tumblr_n8yu18FQ4i1qe4ru4o1_500Moore's work with Dietrich was outstanding.

After kissing Shirley Temple when both had graduated, unsuccessfully, to young-adult roles, Moore eventually retired from acting, settling into a 40-plus-year career as the president of his own PR company.

In 1988, Moore met and married enduring silver-screen leading lady Jane Powell, to whom he remained married at the time of his death.

Dickie-MooreMoore, Moore, Moore, Moore!

Moore's experience in films toward the end of the Silent Era lent him the distinction of being one of the world's last surviving veterans of pre-talkie movies. With the death of fellow Our Gang cast member Jean Darling and now Moore's passing, there are 11 human beings on earth confirmed to have appeared in a pre-talkies silent movie, all of them between the ages of 90 and 101.


I was thrilled to receive Moore's autograph within the past few years.

Apr 10 2015
Falling In Minogue Again Comments (0)

Qzki9iI'd like to see this image without any Photoshop. It's cool, but it has an unreal quality: Kylie as Dietrich.


Dec 22 2014
11 O'Clock Number: Marlene Dietrich - FALLING IN LOVE AGAIN Comments (0)


Dietrich's signature tune from Netherlands TV 51 years ago...

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Oct 28 2014
11 O'Clock Number: Marlene Dietrich - JONNY Comments (0)


Dietrich is an acquired taste, but I acquired it very young. Here, in 1963, she doles out her go-to “Jonny”...

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May 02 2014
What Word Do They Use For Apartment In The UK? Comments (0)


Dietrich was still alive when Joan Collins, for some reason, sort of sang “The Boys in the Back Room” on an episode of Dynasty, but I'm sure she still managed to roll over in her grave...

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Mar 12 2014
Need To Know: NYC Explosion, LOOKING Good, Jake's Got BROKEback, Chelsea/Piers, Lucky Streaker, Love Marlene + MORE! Comments (0)


Boy-CultureA hot new men's site with inventive Y-front sweats and shirts with the above logo. Martintag03

Boy-CultureMartin Tag—you're it!

Boy-CultureChelsea Handler vaporizes Piers Morgan.

Boy-CultureLooking's finale is all the rage.

Boy-CultureUse Digital Streaker to liven up your online life.

Boy-CulturePres. Obama falls into The Gap.

Boy-CultureMassive explosion/building collapse in NYC:

ExplosionScene of devastation in East Harlem, NYC

Boy-CultureJason Collins signed by the Nets for remainder of season.

Boy-CultureLove letters to Dietrich under the hammer.

Boy-CultureJake Gyllenhaal goes bare-assed on a movie set.

Boy-CultureMissing Malaysian airliner's pilot's last words: "All right, good night."

Boy-CultureAt $182K+, Steve Grand's album is a Top 10 all-time Kickstarter music project.

Steve-Grand-biceps182 Grand

Feb 01 2014
Maximilian Schell Dies At 83 Comments (0)

Maximilian_Schell_-_1970-1Sexy Schell was an actor, musician and director.

MarleneOscar-winning actor Maximilian Schell has died at 83. The actor was brilliant in Judgment at Nuremberg, was a musician and eventually became a director.

In spite of his many acting accomplishments, Schell, for me, will forever be the director of 1984's Marlene, an absolutely original and dazzlingly intimate documentary in which Dietrich speaks candidly but is never seen. It was nominated for an Oscar and won many awards. The reclusive Dietrich was, at the time, the same age as Schell at his death.

He was, of course, on my list of great stars past 80.

Snippet from Marlene after the jump...

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Dec 30 2013
Need To Know: Revenge Of The Ex-Boyfriend, Sprucing Up Sprouse, Targeting Toby Keith + MORE! Comments (0)

Aaron_rodgers-620x250Bad breakup

*widget boy cultureStudly Green Bay Packers player Aaron Rodgers convincingly outed.

*widget boy cultureJames Franco provides a bio for the selfie.

*widget boy culturePhil Robertson started dating his wife when he was an adult, she was 14.

*widget boy cultureMarlene Dietrich's daughter—age 89—knows how to tell a story!

*widget boy cultureGraphic Dylan Sprouse (PhotoShopped) pixxx.

*widget boy cultureAmazing mom/son model spread.

*widget boy cultureFood Network's Robert Irvine has the body of a 20-year-old meathead.

*widget boy cultureBig-time right-wing campaign donor dies.

*widget boy culturePeople tend to forget that Toby Keith is a Democrat.

Toby-keith-no-guns-permittedKeith takes aim at gun nuts.


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