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Apr 08 2015
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Barry Manilow secretly married his longtime partner and manager last year, National Enquirer and People have confirmed. Manilow—who, as a reminder, is NOT openly gay professionally—has not commented on the story.

So my question is, as always: I wonder why certain figures are outed by the media while others are not? Speculation is withheld on figures who the media determines still have relatively new or current careers, it would seem.

But if you're against outing, aren't you doing just that if you post a congrats note on social media?

I find it so odd for him to never have just confirmed he's gay and moved on.

Apr 02 2015
Living For LOVE RULES Comments (0)

Let-love-ruleLambda Legal is launching a #loverules campaign in advance of the June U.S. Supreme Court decision on gay marriage. Check it out here for how you can support it on social media.


Mar 22 2015
Need To Know: Takes One Direction Well + SPACE Out + Blame Canada + Brown No's + Best REAR Ever + Kerry 2016 + MORE! Comments (0)


*widget boy cultureLouis Tomlinson is single.

*widget boy cultureGregory Walcott, star of Plan 9 from Outer Space (1959) dies @ 87.

*widget boy cultureCanada-born right-wing nut Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) running for president.

*widget boy cultureCalifornia Gov. Jerry Brown declares climate-change denier Cruz “unfit.”

*widget boy cultureFormer MD governor Martin O'Malley is more like it.


*widget boy cultureRear Window (1954) is back in the theaters.

*widget boy cultureKylie Minogue breaks up with Jay-Z.

*widget boy cultureBarney Frank lays into Aaron Schock.

*widget boy cultureSuddenly, D&G's biggest supporters are anti-gay Christians.

*widget boy cultureZoe Saldana is a D&G apologist. (Nothing was lost in translation, duh.)

*widget boy cultureDon't miss Kerry Washington's impassioned GLAAD speech...

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Mar 17 2015
Gay You, Gay Me + Right Makes Might + Try Me A River + So Funny They Forgot To Laugh + Prodigal Son + Fresh Kills + MORE! Comments (0)

James-FrancoLoud and queer

*widget boy cultureJames Franco is not exactly gay. Let's say he's post-straight.

*widget boy cultureIsrael seems to be voting against peace, ever.

*widget boy cultureNetanyahu plays the race card, straight outta the Republican playbook.

*widget boy cultureRiver Viiperi gets pumped.

*widget boy cultureJokin' about a guy's dad dying in 9/11 and about Paul Walker's death.

*widget boy cultureWill Ferrell/Kevin Hart comedy is queer for prison-rape jokes.

*widget boy cultureD&G exec quits over their gross comments. Piers Morgan plays bullying card!

*widget boy cultureThe Breakfast Club mini-reunion.


*widget boy culture(Almost) More Michael Hoffman than you can handle.

*widget boy cultureLET'S MAKE A DEAL WITH IT: Getting en-gay-ged on daytime TV.

*widget boy cultureAnti-gay Chief Justice Moore's son is a career criminal already.

*widget boy cultureMiley's Bangerz tour DVD trailer is up.

*widget boy cultureI'm remembering Jane Krakowski's Madonna jokes on 30 Rock.

*widget boy cultureNatalia Kills is NOT sorry for her vicious words to wannabe.

Screen Shot 2015-03-17 at 7.36.43 PM copyNatalia Kills, 2015, meet Madonna, 1988.

Mar 13 2015
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Billionaire ex-couple and current business partners Dolce & Gabbana have continued to spew their truly backwards opinions on gay issues. I've said before: Gay people are so demanding that straight female divas work on behalf of our cause, yet look at these buffoons, raking in money and having the temerity to dismiss gay parents and marriage equality. Of course the right to marry does not affect the rich. So disappointing. Reminiscent of when Elton John used to be against gay marriage (in favor of civil unions). The parenting stuff is just medieval church talk.

They're simply wrong.

Mar 10 2015
Need To Know: Madonnamania + Selfie-Absorbed + Queer For Marriage + Robin Marvin Gaye Blind + MORE! Comments (0)


*widget boy cultureKenneth & Michael Musto accidentally wrote some great stuff about Madonna!

*widget boy cultureWas MDNA Madonna's worst album?

*widget boy cultureMadonna, firebrand feminist.

*widget boy cultureMadonna pulls a Patricia Arquette comparing women's rights to LGBT rights.

*widget boy cultureSexiest selfie ever? (It's not Madonna, all you Madonna anti-fans.)

*widget boy culture59% of America is pro-marriage equality.

Tumblr_lk4dwhM1ey1qjsl7ao1_500Ugly Ugly Emptiness is nourishing.

*widget boy cultureThis blog (Work Unfriendly) is always a visual feast.

*widget boy cultureLi'l Kylie Jenner just blew up her lips.

*widget boy culturePharrell Williams & Robin Thicke will pay through the nose for “Blurred Lines”.

*widget boy cultureJennifer Lawrence works Chloe Sevigny's nerves. Bad.

*widget boy cultureTourists film porn at Pyramids, ISIS wants to destroy them.

*widget boy cultureIggy Azalea tour postponed.

*widget boy cultureThere is apparently a sane and Democratic person in Arkansas.

*widget boy cultureSane, Democratic, ex-Arkansan Hillary Clinton explains her e-mail kerfluffle. VIDEO:

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Mar 09 2015
A Gay Proposition: Popping The Question Comments (0)

IMG_2513 copyNo ring on this finger!

You’d think that Valentine’s Day would be the ultimate day for a proposal, when couples present each other with gifts, and singletons receive cards from mystery admirers. So it comes as a bit of a surprise that a recent study found that 57% of Brits hated the idea of being proposed to on Valentine’s Day, with many people saying that the idea was clichéd, cheesy and lacked originality. Over recent years, gay marriages have become more popular and accepted in modern day society, with the boundaries being pushed to put together a spectacular proposal.

Ladbrokes Casino commissioned the study during the development of their ‘What kind of romantic are you?’ quiz, which uncovered some surprising facts about how British people propose or want to be proposed to. You might think that a Facebook proposal would be a complete no-no, but actually only 56% of the people interviewed considered this to be the worst way to propose, yet one in seven men would consider popping the question to their partner online. Even more surprising is the fact that restaurants are just as unpopular as cemeteries when it comes to proposals—although hopefully graveyard proposals are relatively rare.

It would seem that the Brits are not adventurous when it comes to getting down on one knee—compared to some of the best gay proposals from the United States—although our tendency to veer towards social media to get the job done could make us seem a little strange. The best American proposals have seen men popping the question through flash mobs, on stage at a show and on the streets of New York City. Churches are a fairly common setting, showing that we aren’t as secular as we might think, and many people also get engaged while at sea (although if you’re trapped on a cruise it could get awkward if the other person were to say no).

There are some contradictions in the results, however—although more than half of the participants claimed to hate the idea of a restaurant proposal, it could be that it was just the idea of a proposal in a restaurant on Valentine’s Day which was so odious for people, as one of the most popular locations for an engagement on any other day of the week was at a romantic dinner. The second favourite was a place that had sentimental value, perhaps the scene of a first date or holiday, with the third most popular place simply being at home. 

Mar 03 2015
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The Alabama Supreme Court has blocked same-sex marriages, going against the current tide. When the Supreme Court decides this issue once and for all in June, those hicks will look like idiots.