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Jun 12 2013
Need To Know: Russian Reverts To Evil Empire, Snow-job, Movie Gays Reel Mortal + MORE Comments (7)


*widget boy cultureRita Ora is officially the new face of Material Girl.

*widget boy cultureRussia sinks back into the primordial swamp with sweeping anti-gay law. LUKE-CAMPBELL

*widget boy cultureTHEY CALL HIM THE STREAK: Cristiano Ronaldo's new 'do.

*widget boy cultureBoxer Luke Campbell puts 'em up for Bello.

*widget boy cultureDaphne Guinness's "Fatal Flaw."

*widget boy cultureEdward Snowden seems to have lied about his salary. 

*widget boy cultureMarriage equality polls only go in one direction: Ours.

*widget boy cultureGay people opposed to marriage equality are just evil.

*widget boy cultureA book on muscular men from around the world.

*widget boy cultureGay characters in films have the longevity of black friends in horror flicks.

*widget boy cultureYouth center killings in Tel Aviv may have been revenge

*widget boy cultureSen. Patrick Leahy (D-Vermont) attempts to gay up the immigration bill.

*widget boy cultureNew Yorkers slurred and violently arrested by the NYPD hold press conference.

*widget boy cultureWin tickets to the premiere of Madonna's MDNA Tour video.

*widget boy cultureUgandan gay activist Frank Mugisha updates us on the "kill the gays" bill:

May 16 2013
Madonna's Ora Comments (1)

Tumblr_md894jMyxL1qkzr9fo1_500Amen Madonna gets credit for this side-by-side

Rita Ora is apparently going to be the new face of Madonna and Lola's Material Girl line.

Apr 26 2013
Need To Know: Best Bette, Zac Makes Me Feel Funny Down There, The Beginning of ENDA + MORE Comments (1)

Daniel for west phillips (14)He shoots, he scores!

*widget boy cultureWest Phillips knows how to shoot a model. (Work Unfriendly)

*widget boy cultureTeens' sexualities relatively unaffected by porn?

*widget boy cultureDoes Zac Efron in a tight T-shirt affect adult sexuality?

*widget boy cultureBette Midler's I'll Eat You Last is a "delectable soufflé."

*widget boy cultureKey Delaware senator will be voting for marriage equality.

*widget boy cultureENDA introduced in Congress.

*widget boy cultureRyan Lochte fans turn out to support What Would Ryan Lochte Do?:

Image004 Image014 Image016I love him, jeah, jeah, jeah! What Would Ryan Lochte Do? airs Sundays @ 10PM on E!

*widget boy cultureSteven Soderbergh raised on The 5,000 Fingers of Dr. T.

*widget boy cultureJoin the Concrete Hero Urban Obstacle Challenge to fight AIDS.

*widget boy cultureHow marriage was won in Rhode Island.

*widget boy culture"Have Your (Cup)Cake & Read It, Too! -- The Great Gatsby edition.

*widget boy cultureChanning Tatum & Joseph Gordon-Levitt remaking Guys & Dolls?

*widget boy cultureMadonna was "impressive" recording "Like a Prayer."

*widget boy cultureMore of Madonna's so-called "secret project."

*widget boy cultureFrom here: Madonna's not-so-secret past wardrobe hits Macy's. All 8 looks.

MadonnaHaven't collected many items worn by Madonna, but I'd kill for a Keith Haring dress.

Jun 25 2012
Immaterial Comments (8)

I like Madonna as much as the next guy—okay, more—but if this is what Material Girl is selling..yuck. I can't picture Madonna wearing anything like this at any point in her life.

Jan 30 2012
"Sorry I'm Late"—How I FINALLY Met Madonna Comments (35)

PhotoaYes, this is me with Madonna's chair

I met Madonna.

When I type that, it has the cutesy bluntness of "we bought a zoo." But even wilder than purchasing a zoo, I did finally get to meet a woman who has inspired me for three decades.

By "meet," I don't mean in the magazine coverline sense, I mean I met-met her—like, shook her hand, was introduced, sat knee-to-knee with her and conversed.

And frighteningly, it almost never happened.

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Oct 27 2011
And I Am A Material Girl...That's Debateable Comments (9)

Madonna's search for the next "Material Girl" just got hilarious with this dryly funny clip featuring the Material Mom and her own li'l Material Girl, Lola. I love their interplay. Madonna almost bursts out laughing when claiming she cares about feelings, and Lola's sardonic replies ("That's debateable..." "In old person world...") are priceless. Also, Madonna found her best angle of the moment, no? Gorgeous, much? After the jump...

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Jul 28 2011
Immaterial, Girl Comments (2)

Yeah, so Star (August 8, 2011) is so superconcerned that Kelly Osbourne is a potentially bad influence on Madonna's Lola...but where were they when Taylor Momsen was the face of Material Girl???

Jun 30 2011
OK!, If You Say So... Comments (6)

GREAT picture of Madonna with Lola and Material Girl spokesperson Kelly Osbourne in OK! (July 11, 2011). I realize Kelly O. is a Madonna buff and LGBT rights supporter—kudos—but to read Madonna noting her "edgy, cool" and "unique sense of style" is nonetheless a bit of a horse pill for me. I can't get past the reality TV past and lack of any real there there.


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