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Apr 03 2014
Need To Know: Here Comes The Judd, Gravity Levity, Groupie Sex, Nun Nonsense + MORE! Comments (0)


*widget boy cultureMcFly's Harry Jud has the perfect body, isn't shy to go nude. SUPERMAN

*widget boy cultureAlternate ending to Sandra Bullock's earnest Gravity.

*widget boy cultureJames Franco was dying to bang a 17-year-old fan.

*widget boy cultureScott & Chris Evans are double the trouble.

*widget boy cultureAnother Fort Hood shooting claims multiple lives. HarveyMilkStamp

*widget boy cultureBreitbart writer calls for Americans to commit genocide.

*widget boy cultureHarvey Milk U.S. postage stamp unveiled.

*widget boy culturePremature (?) Lady Gaga obit.

*widget boy cultureHedy Lamarr & son on To Tell the Truth, complete with ads.

Michael B Nebraska croppedBest of the Best gets the best of the bigots.

*widget boy cultureNebraskan high schooler will get to read his pro-gay speech after all. Vtcn-radio

*widget boy cultureNew college prez is a Confederate. It's still 2014.

*widget boy cultureVTCAN RADIO's "Riddle Song" is a true enigma.

*widget boy cultureModel Louis Lemaire is stuh-RIKING.

*widget boy cultureA shirtless Brian Shimansky is, too.

*widget boy cultureShe was a star's personal assistant...and it sucked.

*widget boy cultureIf J.O. made you gay, I'd be having sex with even more straight men.

*widget boy cultureGwyneth & Scott had an open marriage.

*widget boy cultureReal Housewives Sonja & LuAnn are like Laurel & Hardy, with no fat one:

video platformvideo managementvideo solutionsvideo player

Apr 01 2014
Need To Know: Harry Back, Trans-gressions, Ex-NEWSWEEK Reader, #AttentionWhore + MORE! Comments (0)

Harry-Judd-naked-AttitudeThe front is even more eye-popping. (If you don't do it carefully.)

*widget boy cultureHarry is smooth and nude for Attitude. Harry-Judd-cock

*widget boy cultureRu & crew give sissy apologies for trans offenses.

*widget boy cultureFILLER THEATRE: Tom Cruise looks...different.

*widget boy cultureWear a #TruvadaWhore T-shirt and it won't be taken ironically.

*widget boy cultureNewsweek's 30something owners are cheerfully anti-gay, pro-ex-gay.

*widget boy cultureHe doesn't sing in the shower...he performs.

*widget boy cultureI've personally always found Disney horrifying. Jeb-and-Dubya-Bush-

*widget boy cultureThe “Luke & Laura” of homosexual theft.

*widget boy cultureTO YOUR HEALTH: Obamacare is winning people over.

*widget boy cultureRich dude rapes his kids, gets probation

*widget boy culturePresident (Jeb) Bush?

*widget boy cultureOKCupid: “Boycott Firefox.”

*widget boy cultureSuperhot subway cop Guilherme Leão.

Guilherme_leaoArresting officer

Aug 28 2013
The Right Attitude Comments (0)

Randomly, here are my favorite 11 shots from the Attitude (August 2013) "100 Sexiest Men 2013" insert. In on particular order, they include: Harry Judd, Amir Kahn, Ben Foden, Chris Mears, Danny Miller, Marvin Humes, Matt Bomer, Matt Jarvis, Simon Webbe, Tom Daley and Tomasz Schafernaker.

Oct 26 2012
Need To Know Comments (1)

Dieux du Stade 2013First mating season

Widget boy cultureDieux du Stade 2013 is here, more nekkid than ever.

Widget boy cultureSilvio Berlusconi gets four years in prison.

Widget boy cultureLena Dunham on voting for Obama...for the very first time. Lena Dunham Obama

Widget boy cultureAt least 15 Senate candidates oppose abortion even in rape cases.

Widget boy cultureAnother Republican business pushes workers to vote Romney.

Widget boy cultureJeepers Creepers: Romney bald-face lies to Ohioans.

Widget boy cultureIf Romney wins, we're fucked.

Widget boy cultureTax-deductible way to support a film about bullying.

Widget boy cultureThe (shirtless) bear state of the union.

Widget boy cultureVia Sticky (Work Unfriendly): One Direction's Louis plays with his balls.

Widget boy cultureAttitude names Harry Judd from McFly sexiest man; he accepts.

Harry Judd shirtlessMild-to-wild about Harry



Oct 22 2012
Need To Know Comments (0)

John Barrowman ArrowJohn be Arrow man

Widget boy cultureJohn Barrowman isn't straight, is in Arrow.

Widget boy cultureRussia's war on gays intensifies.

Widget boy cultureChris Brown's war on gays intensifies.

Harry McFly shirtlessWidget boy cultureMcFly's Harry Judd is fit/to be tied.

Widget boy culturePeople are interested in Paul Ryan's stats.

Widget boy cultureAdele gives birth to a boy.

Widget boy cultureMitt Romney continues plagiarizing Friday Night Lights.

Widget boy cultureOut singer Jonny unleashes a "Gay [sic] Canon".

Widget boy cultureBest blind, lesbian opera singer story  you'll read today!

Widget boy cultureAthletes are often hawt.

Widget boy cultureSuffolk thinks Ohio is tied, but previously ceded Florida, Virginia and North Carolina to Romney outright.

SUFFOLKPoll cats: Suffolk sounds like it's in the tank for Romney/Ryan

Sep 14 2012
McFly Takes Manhattan Comments (5)


McFly 2
New York MCFLY 3McFly rocks NYC

MCFLY 4Last night I got to be a VIP at McFly's first-ever NYC show, the first of two nights at The Gramercy.

The crowd could not have been more ecstatic for their long-overdue appearance—the band apologized for waiting nine years (has it been that long???)—and even sang an entire McFly song while waiting for the boys to do their encore.

DANNY JONESDanny reminded me of Springsteen

DOUGIEDougie points at Boy Culture's new logo (I'm getting used to watermarks)

HARRY JUDD 2Do you "heart" Harry underarms?

TOM FLETCHER 1Tom after Tom

They played a solid 90 minutes of old and brand-new material, impressing me with their musicianship and energy. They're not entirely my thing—so rockabilly and even country in spots, but very Linkin Park to my ear overall—but they definitely have chops. They can't be mistaken for a "boy band."

One odd thing for me was the banter with the audience because I was wholly unfamiliar with Danny and Dougie's speaking voices. Both were kind of putting on characters and it threw me. Danny sounds like Bobcast Goldthwait when doing this. But I loved their mocking American accents and stereotypes, such as, "Ah, New York, home of Carrie Bradshaw!" When they got everyone to count to four, they demanded we do a Brooklynesque "fo-wuh." Cards, all.

More video of the hard-working guys to come!

Dec 21 2011
Strictly Come Naked Comments (0)

To get fans to vote for Harry Judd on the dance show Strictly Come Dancing (he won), McFly promised that the other three members would post a nekkid photo of themselves. See more of them here.

Dec 13 2011
Pretty McFly For A White Guy Comments (3)

McFly's Harry Judd is named Attitude's sexiest man of the year and not only fits the bill, he also fits the underwear.


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