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Oct 02 2015
Who's That Hometown Girl? Comments (0)

Screen Shot 2015-10-02 at 1.32.02 AMShot 9-16-15 by me

Madonna has done everything possible to make sure her Rebel Heart Tour is a crowd-pleaser, unlike her admirable but challenging MDNA Tour—fan-friendly set list, reasonable start time, mucho interaction, nostalgia and even changing up the songs.

In her hometown of Detroit, instead of giving them “Ghosttown” as the special add-on, she gave them her classic “Frozen”! Love this song. What a special present. Imagine if she only sings it for Detroit.

Video after the jump ...

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Sep 09 2015
Tours Truly: Madonna's Greatest Live Shows, Ranked Comments (0)

R U in my Gang..............❤️#rebelhearttour @stevenkleinstudio

A video posted by Madonna (@madonna) on Sep 8, 2015 at 11:40pm PDT

Madonna's tours ranked from most to least amazing by The Advocate. I think Re-Invention is greatly overrated here, but it's a good list.

I'd say Blond Ambition, Girlie Show and Confessions are my favorites.

Jul 04 2015
Justified Her Love Comments (0)

Screen Shot 2015-07-04 at 2.25.56 PM

Unseen Madonna footage alert ...

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Sep 10 2014
Forever Jung: MDNA Flashback Comments (0)


“Madonna” is so relevant it's scary...

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Sep 25 2013
You Say You Want A Revolution: Inside Madonna's secretprojectrevolution Party Comments (0)
Screen Shot 2013-09-25 at 1.40.21 AM

Gallery from the party above, plus tons more photos of Madonna & others below.

A few hours ago, I was lucky enough to attend the launch party for Madonna's secretprojectrevolution, a 17-minute short film made in conjunction with Steven Klein that's meant to address discrimination and injustice in the world.


I arrived around 9 for the event, then had to kill time until 10 before the doors opened. The e-mail containting the invite had stressed promptness, warning we may not get in if we arrived past 10:45. But too early was no good either. How would everyone get into the Gagosian Gallery between 10 and 10: 45? Turns out the guest list was just that small, maybe 250 people.

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Jun 19 2013
The Paris When It Sizzles: Madonna Channels Dietrich @ Her MDNA TOUR Premiere Comments (16)

Above, Madonna Dietrich!

Tonight was Madonna's Cinema Society-sponsored premiere for Madonna: The MDNA Tour on Epix, held at the Paris on W. 58th. Marlene Dietrich cut the ribbon on this theater in 1948...remember that, because it's on the test.

Madonna-MDNA-3Outside the theater, fans hoping to get in.

I dashed up in the rain around 7:15PM. There was a small but determined crowd of contest winners and hopefuls across the street, peopled by most of the same folks we would later see shouting at Madonna from within the Golden Triangle on the big screen. These are the people who go everywhere Madonna goes without fail. Do they have jobs? Where do they get their money? (The same questions must be asked of me.) It's always fun to see them...and it feels like home.

Madnona-Frankie-GrandeFrankie & Isaac

I bumped into Frankie Grande, a dazzling NYC talent who was one of the Born Yesterday producers, was a former Mr. Broadway and who tells me his next work will be on stage in Pageant. He was with his adorable pal Isaac, and both looked spiffy in the muggy mist. This is a hard thing to accomplish.

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Mar 17 2013
Madonna Is Scout & Proud @ GLAAD For Anderson Cooper Comments (14)

Madonna-photo copyOh, den mother, why aren't you here with me?

Downton-AbbeyThe 24th Annual GLAAD Media Awards—full list of winners here—were a mish-mash of political activism, back-slapping, genuinely emotional moments largely tied to the venerable org's new push for transgender rights and—oh, yeah!—a Madonna/Anderson Cooper one-two punch that was an instant-classic appearance for Madonna (even if the evening was to honor Coop).

Keep reading for a full report, pictures and videos...

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Nov 24 2012
Madonna MDNA Tour Gallery, MSG—Night 1 Comments (0)
Madonna DSC00078 copy
* Debi Mazar
A Madonna DSC09569
A Madonna DSC09574
A Madonna DSC09593
A Madonna DSC09598
A Madonna DSC09614
A Madonna DSC09616
A Madonna DSC09620
A Madonna DSC09627
A Madonna DSC09630
A Madonna DSC09641
A Madonna DSC09654
A Madonna DSC09658
A Madonna DSC09674
A Madonna DSC09685
A Madonna DSC09689
A Madonna DSC09698
A Madonna DSC09744
A Madonna DSC09758
A Madonna DSC09796
A Madonna DSC09812
A Madonna DSC09844 copy
A Madonna DSC09812
A Madonna DSC09858 copy
A Madonna DSC09859
A Madonna DSC09870 copy
A Madonna DSC09893
A Madonna DSC09912
A Madonna DSC09920
A Madonna DSC09931
A Madonna DSC09949
A Madonna DSC09959
*a Madonna DSC09960
Madonna DSC00009
Madonna DSC00009a
Madonna DSC00009b
Madonna DSC00016 copy
Madonna DSC00044
Madonna DSC00046
Madonna DSC00053 copy
Madonna DSC00060
Madonna DSC00069
Madonna DSC00069a
Madonna DSC00069c
Madonna DSC00069d
Madonna DSC00070
Madonna DSC00074
Madonna DSC00075
Madonna DSC0094a copy
Madonna DSC00108
Madonna DSC00117 copy
Madonna DSC00128 copy
Madonna DSC00143 copy
Madonna DSC00147
Madonna DSC00150
Madonna DSC00152 copy
Madonna DSC00181
Madonna DSC00194
Madonna DSC00215 copy
Madonna DSC00216
Madonna DSC00230
Madonna DSC00236
Madonna DSC00257
Madonna DSC00258
Madonna DSC00269
Madonna DSC00269a
Madonna DSC00278
Madonna DSC00282
Madonna DSC00285
Madonna DSC00287
Madonna DSC00295


I think the very best shots I took of Madonna's MDNA Tour were the ones I took the first and second nights of her MSG performances. Please enjoy this gallery of 70 or so images from the first night. Some you may recognize as they've made their way around the Internet (I think more than a few of them have been incorrectly IDed as having been taken in Miami, but these are all NYC).

Check out Night 2 here.

Thanks for having a look. I'm also uploading images to my YouTube account as time permits.