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Sep 10 2013
MDNAthon Comments (0)


Madonna's MDNA live album is here, so of course NYC has another Madonnathon to look forward to.

Sep 06 2013
WIN IT: Madonna's MDNA WORLD TOUR! Comments (0)

Paris-Olympia-R2_0007Win Madonna's MDNA World Tour on DVD!

Enter to win the highly anticipated and groundbreaking Madonna MDNA World Tour concert film!

I've got 2 copies for BoyCulture.com readers

To enter, simply comment this blog with your favorite song performed on the MDNA Tour. I'll pick 2 of you at random 1 week from today at 5PM ET to win.

The two-hour, nonstop performance includes songs from Madonna's MDNA album, such as "Girl Gone Wild" and "Gang Bang," as well as fan favorites, including exhilarating versions of "Hung Up," "Express Yourself," "Vogue," "Open Your Heart," "Like a Prayer" and "Celebration."


Presented by Live Nation Global Touring, the MDNA World Tour included 88 sold-out shows  in 29 countries.

Available September 10 on DVD, Blu-ray and as a digital album, from Live Nation and Interscope Records.




Aug 27 2013
Madonna Is The Gold Standard Among Touring Acts Comments (0)

MadgeMadonna can well afford to keep her grills, even in the face of widespread, bipartisan condemnation.

Madonna made more moolah than any other celebrity last year, according to her nemesis, Forbes. (The magazine, which has shunned her in an uncomfortably personal way in the past, takes pains to begin its positive article about her this time with some negatives.)

The reason Madonna's on top? Because when she goes on tour, people react as follows...

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Aug 08 2013
Take Your MDNA On September 9 Comments (6)

Madonna-MDNAVia MadonnaTribe.

Madonna's MDNA Tour will find its way onto multiple formats September 9:

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Jul 10 2013
Need To Know: Water Pole, Palin's Plans, The (Gay) Wedding March + MORE Comments (0)

Rugby-speedoFrankly, if my name were Benjamin...

*widget boy cultureRugby dudes + Speedos is like p.b. and chocolate. Mmm-mmm.

*widget boy cultureHasselbeck's last day on The View is today! (Off to Fox & Friends.)

*widget boy cultureHow does "Sen. Palin (R-Alaska)" sound?

*widget boy cultureThe new anti-marriage law in Indiana that wasn't.

*widget boy cultureNext marriage targets: HI, OR, NJ & IL.

*widget boy culture2 mos. in, gay divorces already happening in CO.

*widget boy culturePA marriage ban challenged.

*widget boy culture!@#$!: VA guv's son arrested for booze and...swearing?

*widget boy cultureMichelle Duggar refers to abortion as "baby Holocaust."

*widget boy culture"Is Madonna still selling sex? I sort of think she is."—Neil Tennant

*widget boy cultureWorking out with Madonna:

Jul 03 2013
Le Pen Is Le Screwed Comments (4)
Marie Le Pen, the far-right French politician who was pissed when Madonna depicted her with a swastika on her forehead in the MDNA Tour, has had her parlimentary immunity stripped; she could be charged with inciting racial hatred against Muslims for comparing  Islamic street prayer to Germany occupying France.
Jun 26 2013
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Jun 21 2013
Madonna Shoots Her Mouth Off Comments (14)
Madonna looked stunning on GMA (GMDNA!) and I agree with her that the superviolence in her show is not literal and shouldnt be curtailed in light of gun tragedies. However, I'm not gonna lie—a little piece of me shriveled up and died when she blithely uttered the very ignorant NRA motto: "Guns don't kill people, people kill people." I'm quite certain she is a fan of gun control, but hearing her say that while defending her work didn't help to make this a good morning, America...

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