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Sep 17 2014
ENCYCLOPEDIA MADONNICA Hits HuffingtonPost! Comments (0)

MadonnaPhoto courtesy of Gregory Pace

My pal Greg took the photo above, which is the gayest picture available of me, not counting any unfortunate iPhone snaps taken during the heat of the moment of which I am unaware. So Encyclopedia-Madonnicatherefore, I love it.

I also love the fact that HuffingtonPost ran a piece on my quest to do Encyclopedia Madonnica: 20th Anniversary Edition. I'm shocked they'd plug a Kickstarter, but plug it they did—and I hope it will help.

I'm edging closer and closer to being 50% funded, which is awesome since I'm still less than a week into the month-long campaign.

But once I'm halfway there, I still have halfway to go.

Please consider backing my campaign. Thanks, and thanks for putting up with a couple of pitches a day.

Sep 16 2014
All The News That's Worthless To Print Comments (0)

Indianapolis News 4 12 95

An original press clipping from the Indianapolis News (April 12, 1995) promoting my original edition of Encyclopedia Madonnica. It was helpful exposure, though I think the phrase for trivia is useless bits of information, not worthless...thanks, bitch!

Meanwhile, check out the quote the paper ran on its front page below the masthead every edition:

“Where the Spirit of the Lord Is, There Is Liberty.”

I never had a shot! 

P.S. The Indianapolis News had a run that lasted just shy of 130 years, ending on October 1, 1999. Madonna has less than 100 to go to match it!

Please pledge to my Kickstarter so I can produce a fully updated Encyclopedia Madonnica: 20th Anniversary Edition. Thank you!

Sep 14 2014
Ready For My Vaseline-Lensed Closeup! Comments (0)

Debra-Messing-Matthew-Rettenmund-MadonnaThe moment I lost Debra Messing with my dead-Courtney-Love joke...

As part of my Kickstarter to publish a second, fully updated edition of my 1995 book Encyclopedia Madonnica (yay! Drowned Madonna just posted me!), I converted some old VHS footage and used it in my pitch video.

Encyclopedia-MadonnicaFourteen years ago, with my Madonna-signed copy of Encyclopedia Madonnica

The full clips are after the jump: You'll see me on Geraldo, Good Day New York, The Buzz with Amy Scott, Lifestyle with Pat Cheffer, Famous Homes & Hideaways and—one I've posted before because it's such a kick I shared the screen with a young Debra Messing—America After Hours. All are from 1995, except for Geraldo, which was from 1994...

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Sep 12 2014
Innocence Regained Comments (0)


As I was launching my Kickstarter to write a second, updated edition of my Encyclopedia Madonnica, I ran across the original press release for the book from 1995 and had to laugh at how prominently that atrosh FOX movie about Madonna—Innocence Lost—was featured in it.


I had this stunningly gorgeous publicist, Andrés du Bouchet, who was trying to be a stand-up comic back then. I recall seeing him at Don't Tell Mama and thinking I could never do that. Turns out today he is a professional comedian and staff writer for Conan O'Brien!


Take that, Terumi Matthews!

Terumi matthewsClassic trash!


Peed To Know: Osborne To Be Wild + Jail Bait + Briefs News + Bicurious JoBro + MORE! Comments (0)

*widget boy cultureABOVE: Dan Osborne is now stripping with a British troupe. Good job so far.

*widget boy cultureApollo Nida looks hot in prison.

*widget boy cultureThe voluptuous horror of Karen Finley.

*widget boy cultureFemale South African judge decides Oscar Pistorius did not commit murder.

*widget boy culture3 guys happy to show you what undies they're wearing.

*widget boy culturePalin family embroiled in massive brawl???

*widget boy cultureMadonna shows up at Fashion Week after-party.

*widget boy cultureNick Jonas will be naked and possibly gay on Kingdom.

*widget boy cultureWillam slays the runway for Betsey Johnson.

*widget boy culturePlease support me on Kickstarter...thank you!

*widget boy cultureThe true story of Troughman, the guy whose legend is soaked in urine.

TroughmanWhat a pisser pissee!

Sep 11 2014
Rescue Me: Pledge To My Kickstarter So I Can Publish ENCYCLOPEDIA MADONNICA: 20TH ANNIVERSARY EDITION Comments (0)

Today, I am launching a 30-day Kickstarter so I can write and publish a second edition of my 1995 book Encyclopedia Madonnica.

In order to produce Encyclopedia Madonnica: 20th Anniversary Edition, I need $22,500—that will cover photo rights, publishing and shipping. I expect to have it done in the spring.

If you're a fan of Madonna, I can assure you that you will like the book—please give now!

If you're no fan of Madonna but enjoy my work at Boy Culture, please consider a donation just to help a brother out.

Thank you so much in advance for pledging any amount, and for sharing the link far and wide.

Sep 10 2014
Nick Of Time: Moments With A Jonas Brother Comments (0)

Nick JonasNick tonight at BPM...he's 22 in a week.

This post is gonna be like the movie Boyhood, except without an Arquette.

I have lots of memories of working with the Jonas Brothers (you'll have to read my memoir in the spring—Starf*cker from Lethe Press), but alas—because we all love a good, catty story—they're all nice. I met them when they were kids and was the first teen-mag editor to feature and do a dedicated photo shoot with them, something they never forgot, unlike a lot of other kids with full agendas, arenas and dance cards.

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Sep 06 2014
My Safe Word Is HARDER: A Pop-Up Dungeon Party For CUBBY Comments (0)
  DSC06957 Christian Patrick DSC06930 Mark Blane DSC06959 Christian Patrick Mark Blane DSC06953 kinky DSC06937 Mark Blane
DSC06931 Mark Blane DSC06932 Mark Blane DSC06946 Nick Sterling

Last night, my pal Jason and I trekked out to Brooklyn (we didn't even have to deal with any border agents!), winding up at One Last Shag, the bar where my buddy Mark Blane was hosting a pop-up dungeon party to help light a fire under Kickstarter donors to his film Cubby.

DSC06960 Matthew Rettenmund Christian PatrickI'm not red because Christian sat on my face, I'm red knowing that he could have.

Co-starring legendary Dom Christian Patrick, Cubby is the story of a down-on-his-luck babysitter who befriends a little boy and a fetish pornstar. Hilarity and poignancy ensue. Check out the movie here.

DSC06942 Nick Sterling Mark BlaneMark with shy dick-magnet Nick Sterling

At the pop-up dungeon party, attendees bid on things like gay pornstar Nick Sterling's dirty underwear and a chance to be publicly tied up by Christian. We were also treated to a harrowing demo of domination, as a rather sexy, bald, solid dude mercilessly tormented, hog-tied and smacked around a redheaded girl who did have the wherewithal to ask that her glasses be set aside, and who when I asked permission to photograph her chirped that she had no problem with it. (Saying no does not seem to be her forte.)

DSC06962 kinkyChristian had to intervene, otherwise this girl was heading for a public butt-plugging.

It was quite funny seeing this disturbing display as a bunch of youthful hipsters sat around watching, unmoved—scratch that, too afraid to move.

Christian is charming and fun to talk to. We chatted about his appearance in Interior. Leather Bar. (2013), for which he says Franco never asked him not to be himself, and for which he says the script he was given wasn't even used.

Blane was the host with the most, and probably had sex with someone afterward, because his Kickstarter did tick up a bit and I know he's not above it. (This is a joke in case his mom has a fit of the Googles.)

DSC06971 Mark Blane DJMark with DJ Don Christian

All in all, quite an adventure. And trekking out to Brooklyn reminded me I should re-watch Do the Right Thing.