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Apr 22 2016
The Bald & The Beautiful Comments (0)
Above, will Rogaine's logo turn up on NBA uniforms?

Growing up, the bald guys in my family were my grandfather on my mom's side, and his son, my uncle. Nobody else.

Still, always hearing rumors that baldness strikes on your mom's side worried me, probably a bit too much. Screen Shot 2016-04-22 at 5.02.33 PMIt was, after all, the '80s, and hair was everything. My own hair was fine as corn silk, but nice 'n' thick, and I spent many years torturing it with a layer of gel, a blow-dry, more gel and a sheen of hairspray. It did not move.

In the '90s, I transitioned to a Leonardo DiCaprio look before reverting to the style I've had, more or less, for over 15 years—short, spiked.

For years, I noticed a spot on my crown (is that baldness? am I going bald?) that seemed to grow slowly. Probably 10 years ago, a pic I posted on a social site that obscured my ID but showed my head received a charming reply from one anonymous perv, who couldn't resist knocking my “vaguely balding pate.”


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Apr 02 2016
6-PACK — Father Accused Of Killing Gay Son + Smithers Comes Out + Madonna Was Always Big In Japan + DAMN YANKEES & Sherlock Holmes Actors Die + Das Butt! Comments (0)

Father2n-1-webAmir Issa, murdered with a shotgun, allegedly for being gay (Image via Facebook/New York Daily News)

*widget boy cultureExecuted by his own dad for being gay?

*widget boy cultureAfter 27 years, Smithers is finally coming out as gay.

*widget boy cultureJapanese Encyclopedia Madonnica.

*widget boy cultureShannon Bolin of the original Damn Yankees dies @ 99.

*widget boy cultureSherlock Holmes actor Douglas Wilmer dies @ 96.

*widget boy cultureCan't pronounce Elyas M'Barke? Just look at his butt. (Work Unfriendly)

Post-2477-0-77313500-1459528647Elyas M'Barke (Film still via Fack ju Göhte  2)

Mar 29 2016
Book Sale! Comments (0)

IMG_6385(Image from the collection of Matthew Rettenmund)

I'm selling off extra stock of the (surprisingly many) books I've written or to which I've contributed. All prices are inclusive of shipping (only with the U.S. for now to avoid customs forms).

Screen Shot 2016-03-29 at 5.42.31 PM(Images from the collection of Matthew Rettenmund)

Includes kids' books, Madonna, gay erotic, and the '80s.

Check them out here, then email me if you are interested in buying any. Thanks!

Mar 14 2016
Losing A New, Old Friend Comments (0)

Where else but at a Tab Hunter movie would I get picked up by a 94-year-old man?

Last year, I went to see the Tab Hunter documentary at Film Forum with two friends. I wanted to be far forward to film Tab's responses at the Q&A after, so I made a beeline solo for the front row. Two seats down, an elderly gentleman made eye contact with me. I said hello and asked if he was a fan of Hunter's, to which he replied that they were social acquaintances from long ago. Then, he instructed me, “Move next to me—I don't want a fatty sitting by me.”

In today's climate, with our awareness of body shaming, it might seem an unfortunate remark. But it made me laugh, because he clearly just didn't want to be squished, he was so fragile and so far beyond worrying about stepping on toes in pursuing basic comfort. Also, I liked that he didn't think I was fat, so I guess we were both in the wrong.

We had a lively conversation. He was a director. In fact, his career went back to radio, and he directed some remarkable shows on early TV, retiring decades later, around the time I was graduating high school. To put some perspective on the greatness of his age, he was older than Marilyn Monroe or Judy Garland would have been had they lived.

“I must take you out to dinner sometime,” he insisted within minutes. No one asks me out, and Grindr does not count. I accepted.

Taking me out to dinner turned into meeting him at his apartment for dinner in. He was such a flirt, such an operator, but only in the sweetest, more charming sense; nothing sleazy or desperate, just puppy-love pursuit. It's how he approached everything, from keeping up with the latest films (we watched Bridge of Spies on his bed) to reflecting on the shows and people he'd directed (James Dean, everyone else you can think of)—with kid-like enthusiasm.

I found out he was 94 years old, and was there when he celebrated turning 95; it was at an intimate, collegial gathering of gay men of a certain age (and a few younger than his retirement), filled with witty remarks, political ruminations and more harmless passes all around.

My new, old friend was truly an open book. Aside from handing me his brief memoir that was published some years ago (devoid of all the scandalous gay tidbits he would offer verbally, especially surrounding his notorious Hollywood pool parties held a stone's throw from Rock Hudson's pad), he let me interview him a few times and also would tell me things that made me feel surprisingly close to him, considering the newness of our friendship.

I won't give away everything he said—he was fairly private even while being relentlessly social, hosting a separate birthday party for the boys and one for the rest of his friends—but one thing he told me I'll never forget involved his childhood dog. He expressed to me the love he had for this dog, and how crushed he was when he needed to have it put down. He was sick doing it, but the vet assured him it would be painless. Nonetheless, when the vet administered the shot, the dog looked at him in alarm. He described it as a look of betrayal. It hit him so hard he passed out for the first and only time in his life, hit him so hard that he remembered the dog's face vividly 80 years later.

I'll miss my new, old friend. He taught me a lot in a very short time, maybe because he knew odds were it would end up being a short time for us, in spite of his doctors routinely telling him there was no reason he couldn't live to be 100.

Mar 09 2016

Tumblr_mgkcfhfveo1r3uvlzo1_500(GIF via 20th Century Fox)

I can't believe it took me over 30 years to sit down and watch The King of Comedy, Martin Scorsese's 1982 comedy about fan 12794585_10153826616506001_722025858202760477_nculture and the changing state of fame. My friends John and Sheldon (me with Sheldon, pictured; image by John Stanton) invited me to see it at MoMA, and it was—as you may know—perfection.

Also, I have met people like just about everyone in the movie. Or been them.

Jerry Lewis was impossibly good, perfect even, and I finally got to sample Sandra Bernhard's career-making supporting performance, which felt a lot like she improvised most of it.

Maybe the scene in the film that most succinctly captured fan culture was when a woman at a pay phone sees Lewis's famous character and asks for an autograph, which he grants, then wants him to speak to her husband on the phone. When he politely states he's late and can't, she yells after him, “You should only get cancer!” (Scorsese has said the scene was suggested by Lewis, who directed the actress in it based on an incident that really happened to him.)

IMG_2814Patrick Wilson (Image by Matthew Rettenmund)

There was an actual star in the audience for the show, Patrick Wilson. I love him, and we were chatting about how hot he is or isn't (I vote is). I thought it would be perfect to ask him for a selfie after, then tell him he should only get cancer if he refused. However, we didn't get the chance because the woman he was seated with was on her cellphone more than a few times, texting. Not that discreetly. A man behind her, and one row in front of us, tapped her and asked her to stop, and this woman turned and seethed that he shouldn't touch her.

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Mar 02 2016
Happy 15th: Books For $1.50! Comments (0)

S245970311962353406_p379_i4_w320(Image via Lethe Press)

If you're a fan of gay books, you're in luck—Lethe Press is offering all of its e-books at just $1.50 each (with a purchase of three or more) for the month of March.

It's all a part of Lethe's 15th anniversary. Happy birthday to Lethe, and to you!.

Check out my book with Lethe right here.

Feb 24 2016
Caught Up In The Ru-pture: Meet The Starlets Of RuPAUL'S DRAG RACE: Season 8! Comments (0)

*DSC06780Laila in action (All images by Matthew Rettenmund unless noted; all drag selfies with me by Jason Viers)

One of the only events I attend that reliably leads to YouTube views for me is the annual
premiere party for the new season of RuPaul's Drag Race

The show's rabid fans seem to live for news about the fresh crop of queens who have been drafted to do engage in gladiatorial battle—backwards and in high heels. (Visit VossEvents for info on tickets to other events in your area.)


Last night, the 12 ladies of Season 8 showed their mettle, their talent and various body parts (receipts available) at a Hell's-Kitchen-fabulous party for the March 7 premiere of the season, which will also be the 100th episode in the series.

*IMG_5342There's always time for a “Guydar” pic.

At Stage 48 on W. 48th St. and 11th Ave., I shot the girls on the carpet and met and interviewed each and every one—finally, after all these years, Logo realized the press needs a full two hours to get time with all of these talkative broads!

*IMG_5493Naomi & a popular drag blogger express their selfies

Your Season 8 queens are (click to connect with them):

Acid Betty

Bob the Drag Queen

Chi Chi DeVayne

Cynthia Lee Fontaine

Dax Exclamationpoint

Derrick Barry

Kim Chi

Laila McQueen

Naomi Smalls

Naysha Lopez

Robbie Turner

Thorgy Thor

*img_5332Naomi, Robbie & Cynthia Lee

The carpet portion of the evening went so smoothly and the ... let's go with “women” ... were so dazzling in comportment and wardrobe I'd have to call it a luster-fuck, even if a sweet kid from Logo was filming everything on his phone over my head, narrating each entry with, “Yasss!” ... and even if some of the queens weren't yet able to find their light.

First impressions are everything, and I have to admit Thorgy Thor—in a fat suit that was one step up from the one “Monica” wore in those Friends flashbacks—fooled me into believing she was an actual large lady. It was like Pat Ast had returned, give or take, from the grave.

*IMG_5334Laila, Thorgy & Bob

Otherwise, Kim Chi was probably the most out-there yet still striking, flaunting a glitzy (gangnam) style, Naysha Lopez and professional Britney Spears impersonator Derrick Barry were the most in need of an aquarium and Bob the Drag Queen (space suit) and Laila McQueen (unitard emblazoned with slurs) were the edgiest.

*IMG_5169Kim Chi

*IMG_5267Naysha & Derrick

As a bonus, Younger co-stars Molly Bernard (who I'd just interviewed via email) and the delicious Nico Tortorelli—whose name sounds like something that they should've been passing around on a tray—showed up and did some photos with their crew, allowing me to get selfies. I loved Nico's Cry-Baby styling and inexplicably punk/drag-black ears.

**IMG_5565The Younger crew

*DMy favorite Nico since the one who fell off the bike

Screen Shot 2016-02-23 at 4.02.45 PMOlder & Younger

Finally, it was time to interview each queen. Here are my impressions, and be sure you watch all the videos:


Dax Exclamationpoint

Gorgeous in gray, Dax was the prettiest queen who was not consistently name-checked by her rivals as being among the prettiest queens of the season. Jealousy? Or is her persona just more understated than that of some of the vixens she did battle with this season?

I'm not sure, but she came off as sweet to me and pulled off an unforced coquettish performance when in character. Not a try-hard.


Cynthia Lee Fontaine

A Puerto Rican queen who's based in Austin, Texas, she for some reason gave herself a name she can't really pronounce. Sinteeali. It's gold.

Miss Fontaine is a true nut, in the best possible way. She was babbling gaily about how she calls her ass her “cucu” (for culo, one presumes) because it was a word she used when she had to go poop as a child. She's a real character, but not a character in the sense of some of the others; she seems to be the person she is, in or out of a dress. I also couldn't detect an unkind bone in her body, and she was serving a Susan Lucci/Jackie Zeman soap diva beauty.

Wait until you hear her in all my videos—bitch has the gift of gab.

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Feb 18 2016
WIN IT: Audible Audio Book Of My Memoir STARF*CKER! Comments (0)

Screen Shot 2016-02-18 at 12.15.13 PM

As I wrote earlier this month, my book Starf*cker is now available as an audio book.

To enter to win a code to get a free download, just comment this blog post with your favorite thing about my blog, Boy Culture—can be anything!

I'll pick 1 of you a random to win 1 week from today at 5 p.m. ET. Thank you all for participating!


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