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Nov 02 2015
STARF*CKERs Anonymous Comments (0)

IMG_0005 starfuckerI love the Evan Gaffney-designed cover. The inside, I will leave up to you.

I know I'm doing a lot of self-promoting lately, but after 10 years (as of this coming Friday, gulp!) of blogging, giving it away for free, I need to hawk my wears a bit.

As high as I am on the success of Encyclopedia Madonnica 20, I do have another book out—Starf*cker is a (hopefully) funny memoir that attempts to chronicle my, and our, obsession with celebrity. I use my life experiences as a teen-mag editor, in porn, hounding Madonna and haunting autograph shows to make the point.

It's the most personal thing I've ever written, so I would appreciate your support. If you read and like it, please say so on Amazon!

You can buy Starf*cker here or here.

It May Read: A COCKTAILS & CLASSICS Screening Of MOMMIE DEAREST Comments (0)

DSC06469“You see, Carol Ann, you have to stay on top of things every single minute”: Rutanya Alda & Michael Musto

I had a blast at an intimate cocktail party earlier for Cocktails & Classics (#CocktailsAndClassics), the Logo TV series that's a (good and bad) movie lover's wet dream. So glad Michael Musto asked me!


The show, hosted by one of my celebrity crushes, Michael Urie (whose performance in Buyer & Cellar is one of the best things I've ever seen of any kind), brings together gay gab, cinema and the sometimes befuddled stars of neo-classics in a chatfest of which you'd die to be a part.

The party was to celebrate the show's second season, and was held at The Eventi - A Kimpton Hotel (#EventiHotel) in Chelsea in a charming screening room, where we all watched Mommie Dearest (1981) ... again!

DSC06470Fuck with me, fellas!: Tayte Hanson, Shangela & Michael Urie

At the screening, I had a great chat with Urie about Madonna (he raved about her Rebel Heart Tour, his first-ever Madonna concert!) and Manilow (he is a Manilover); kibitzed with Musto about his ready-to-wear statement necklace made of wire hangers; listened in shock as Mommie Dearest actress Rutanya Alda told me Faye Dunaway recently asked her to help her write Dunaway's proposed memoir about the movie for free; said hi to CockyBoys pornstar Tayte Hanson; did an interview with Tym Moss; and was reunited with Jason Russo of HeyMrJason Photography, who shot my book(s) party. I sat with fellow blogger Kenneth Walsh of Kenneth in the (212) and our pal Greg Endries, the latter of whom won the night by exclaiming, “I'll have what she's having!” when Christina Crawford/Diana Scarwid was moaning during her ovarian-tumor episode.


After the jump, check out 99% of the fun panel talk that preceded the movie, featuring Musto, Urie, Shangela and the ageless Alda (presented in black-and-white for that extra cinematic flair) ...

Oct 31 2015
Dressed Me Up Comments (0)

Img605Wearing my mom's wig and '60s cocktail dress in 1978

I was never a huge fan of Halloween; even as a kid, I didn't often push the holiday forward via creative outfits so much as I settle on something—anything—in order to obtain the candy.

Seen above, one exception was the year I went as a woman. I think this was pretty fantastically ballsy of me, considering it was the fourth grade and my first year in a a new school!

I remember being Superman one year and Scooby-Doo, but those were just the classic boxed outfits all kids wore. I was a hobo, and spent most of the year masquerading as anything but a homo.

The last time I ever trick-or-treated, I went as Groucho Marx, a person none of my peers had even heard of.

Img601There was no such thing as vers in the '90s.

In college, I got my straight-but-provocative roomie to join so we could go as two Castro clones. I don't know where I got the jockstrap, but—convinced I was a bottom then—I did own the black T-shirt with the word BOTTOM on the chest. I wore this to two parties, one at a college professor's (I was trying to flush him out as gay, but all he did was take me to his room and show me his original Polyester Odorama card—as good as an admission) and one at my director Matt Denckla's place. Matt had directed me in Torch Song Trilogy, my only acting gig ever.

The last time I ever dressed up for Halloween was 1991, when I went as Theda Bara, who almost no one under the age of 70 had heard of:


If I can't top that, I don't see the point of dressing up again.

ENCYCLOPEDIA MADONNICA Flashback! Comments (0)

Img604Yes, I was a guest on Geraldo Rivera's show. This was pre-publication by a whole year.

As Encyclopedia Madonnica 20 continues to roll out (check out these pieces by The Seattle Lesbian and Edge Media Network), I ran across these images from the first roll-out 20 years ago.

Img595With the original edition

I really can't believe it's been 20 whole years. Book publishing and promotion has changed even more than my hair has—back then, doing signings and appearances was a very big part of every legit book's launch, and there were brick-and-mortar bookstores in which to do them!

Img597 copy 2MASSIVE homemade poster for my MI appearance

My appearance in my hometown (well, in nearby Flint, Michigan) at a bookstore was the most surreal, because I sat there in a suit as a line of people I was related to/grew up with filed past my table and got my autograph. Awkward! I was proud, but also felt like this was a little formal considering the book I was publishing was not The Thorn Birds.

Img598TOP to BOTTOM: With my mom, my beloved aunt Gloria (who thought I hung the moon) and my Grandma Rettenmund, who looks very serious here but was quite vivacious.

Img597With my grandparents, Owen and Mary. Grandma is still going strong at 98.

My NYC book-signing was at a Barnes & Noble and attracted quite a few of my co-workers from St. Martin's Press, yet also some total strangers who were Madonna fans. It blew my mind that strangers would find out about my book-signing, come out and also pay to own my book.

Img597 copyI don't even remember which B&N this was!

Finally, I also went back to Chicago for some promo. I think I did a themed night at a club (nobody was there for me—it was a club!) and I also did a signing at some kind of swanky restaurant, another odd venue. The latter was noteworthy for attracting most of my old U of C chums.

Img596With my pal and former roomie Jung Soo Kim

This time around, I had my book(s) party and will appear at Rockbar ... and social media is taking care of the rest!


You can buy Encyclopedia Madonnica for $60 flat here, or visit me at Rockbar on November 6 and get yours in person for $50! Starf*cker is available here.

Oct 30 2015
I Really Had The Write Stuff: The Roots Of EM20 Comments (0)


People often ask about how I put together Encyclopedia Madonnica 20. While it was no small feat, the availability of a speedy, existing Internet made this updated version a snap compared to the past.

The first one, written over 20 years ago, required that I read through all my tear sheets and create index cards with quotes, notes and possible entries. I can not believe it, but I threw them away. I have saved everything over the years, yet I threw away that little slice of my own history?

Still, looks like I missed a few! I found the above cards in my old EM PR file. Look how quaint! Handwriting.

You can buy Encyclopedia Madonnica for $60 flat here, or visit me at Rockbar on November 6 and get yours in person for $50!

Need To Know: Altar Boy Lovers + Taking Swift Action + Hillary On Houston + Bernie Evolved, Too + HOT & Short + Balls Of The Ball + MORE! Comments (0)

Screen Shot 2015-10-29 at 4.38.13 PMForgive me, father, for I have sinned.

*widget boy cultureNew doc exposes (literally) gay priests who are anti-gay in public. Images

*widget boy cultureFormer H.S. football jock wants to help other LGBT people with depression. Unnamed

*widget boy cultureKygo's U.S. TV debut. Images

*widget boy cultureTaylor Swift counter-sues radio dude for groping her ass.

*widget boy cultureMore sex charges for Jerry Sandusky?

*widget boy cultureHillary Clinton tweets for gay rights in Houston.

*widget boy cultureChina won't make you have just 1 kid anymore! (Try 2.)

*widget boy cultureCheck out this hot, evocative short—In a Minor Lustrum. Images

Minor Lustrum still 2015Don't watch the short film if you're squeamish about watching this boy play with himself.

*widget boy cultureSexxxy new Nathan Sykes music video.

*widget boy cultureCruz, Huckabee, Jindal A-okay with U.S. kill-the-gays loony.

*widget boy cultureBernie Sanders was not always pro-marriage equality. Mw yum1

*widget boy cultureEM20 on Gaydar & Divine.

*widget boy cultureNewFest LGBT film fest winners announced!

*widget boy culture100s of sexy dudes, many bearded, all horny-making. Images

*widget boy cultureEU ♥ Edward Snowden.

*widget boy cultureInside a big Belgian fetish ball. Images

MG_2611-1-446x670Balls to the wall at the ball

Oct 29 2015
Party Like At Rockbar!: EM20 Book Event Comments (0)


If you're in the NYC area, come on out November 6 to Rockbar for one of DJ JENE's amazing Madonna-themed events and say hi to me—I'll have some copies of Encyclopedia Madonnica 20 available for $50 cash-and-carry and will sign literally anything you put in front of me. (Please, God, at least a few body parts.)

That Time When Liza Minnelli Plugged My Book! Comments (0)

When author Matthew Rettenmund asked Official Liza Minnelli for a one-word description of Madonna she said, "...

Posted by Official Liza Minnelli on Wednesday, October 28, 2015

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