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Jun 15 2014
Lights Out: Warhol Superstar Ultra Violet Dies @ 78 Comments (0)

UltraVioletDuchampMeadMarcel Duchamp, Dufresne & Taylor Mead in the '60s

Original Andy Warhol superstar and Salvador Dali protégée Isabelle Collin Dufresne, aka Ultra Violet, has lost her battle with cancer at age 78.

Dufresne appeared in a number of Warhol's films, including The Life of Juanita Castro (1965); I, a Man (1967);  and **** (1967); plus several other films teeming with Warhol's clique. She had a small part in the Oscar winner Midnight Cowboy (1969).

Ultra-Violet-Jim-HerringtonA 2009 portrait of Dufresne by Jim Herrington

Ultra Violet-flagI had the pleasure of meeting Ms. Dufresne during the book tour for her memoir Famous for 15 Minutes: My Years with Andy Warhol in Chicago in 1988. I can't be sure, but I believe she was one of the first celebrities I went to see at an appearance, in search of an autograph. I had read up on her, so I arrived with a lightbulb for her to sign (so it would be an Ultra Violet light) as well as an American flag (in homage to her famous flag bed sheets, a picture of which adorns her book's back cover). She was charming, if surprised at my interest. I will never forget her asking, Did you know Andy? I was like 19 years old.

Ultra-violetDufresne had a Hedy Lamarr-like movie-star beauty.

Not many of the major Andy Warhol superstars are left alive...Billy Name (74), Brigid Berlin (74), Gerard Malanga (71), Baby Jane Holzer (73), Jayne County (66 or so), Joe Dallesandro (65), Holly Woodlawn (67), Mary Woronov (70—just met her!) and Viva (75) come to mind, though fans could argue forever which are the most important.

Jun 13 2014
Timely A-Peel Comments (0)


When I was a kid, my dad was a popular and winning coach of baseball and football at Flint Southwestern, a high school at which he also taught. My fondest memories of that period include sorting the zillions of coins he'd bring home from selling doughnuts before school (would this even be allowed now?) in order to fill up our rare-coin collection, going to football camp with his players (where my cousin and I would raid their rooms while they practiced, going through their stacks of Oui and Penthouse and worse) and, of course, seeing what was painted on The Rock each time we drove by.

The RockThe Rock is a slab of concrete down the road from the school, on which anyone and everyone has, forever and ever, painted a daily decoration—“Go, Colts!,” birthday wishes, what have you. Even back in the late '70s, the paint was incredibly thick.

Just read that a huge chunk of all that old paint mysteriously peeled away this week. Surprising it didn't happen sooner. It would be cool if it could be taken and maybe carved into little rocks of paint; seems a shame to trash it. But I guess the pleasure of The Rock is temporal—live for the day.

Jun 11 2014
Boy Culture Original: ROOM SERVICE Comments (0)
  1 IMG_0957 2 IMG_0964 copy 3 IMG_0968 copy 4 IMG_0992 copy 5 IMG_1016 6 IMG_1030 copy 8 IMG_1058 copy  11 IMG_1098 copy 12 IMG_0956 copy

Short...and suite!

There is plenty of submission in a model exposing himself, but I liked that this model also exposed a very real spark of knowing sexual confidence.

Room-service copy

Check out the full, uncensored shoot here. My other original shoots are here, here and here.

Jun 07 2014
I Will Follow Him Comments (0)


Come follow me on Boy Culture's Facebook, my personal Facebook, on Twitter, on YouTube and of course on my sexy-dudes Instagram.

Jun 06 2014
Boy Culture Original: SECOND TRY Comments (0)
  *1 IMG_0616 *2 IMG_0681 *3 IMG_0702 copy *4 IMG_0706 *5 IMG_0710 *6 IMG_0692editcrop *7 IMG_0734 copy *9 IMG_0635 *10 IMG_0656 copy *11 IMG_0653 copy *12 IMG_0785

Another part of my shoot with this pensive 19-year-old. I was really into how the camera was capturing the water.

Second-try-title copy

I think the model's relationship with the camera speaks for itself, but the water definitely attempts to get a word in edge-wise.

You can see the full, uncensored shoot here. My other shoots are here and here.

Jun 04 2014
Coming Soon-ish: STARF*CKER Comments (0)


So here's my big announcement: I'm publishing another book....finally! I've done novels, ghost-written celebrity fiction and non-fiction and done pop culture-related non-fic, too, but now I'm taking on a new form: The memoir.

I think it's ridiculous to think people want your life story when nobody knows who you are, so calling it a memoir feels pretentious. But what this book will be is a humorous and true collection of stories about my relationship with celebrity, from birth until now.


Starf*cker (note: the asterisk is a part of the title) has been bought by Lethe and should be out in a year's time.

The book was sold based on a proposal; I've got about a third of it done already.

I'll keep you updated on my progress.

Jun 03 2014
But Enough About You... Comments (0)


I'm getting a good amount of attention all of a sudden—what did I do to warrant this positive scrutiny?

First, a full interview with me is up at the very groovy Deep Dish, where I am Groovy Guy of the Month.


Then, check out an in-depth look at my “Guydar” photography (which I post here on the blog and also on my Instagram), over at Adam Male Blog.

In the next few days, I'll have another big, personal announcement to make...stay tuned!

May 26 2014
Memorial Day Comments (0)

Owen-TooleOwen V. Toole

Remembering my grandfather, Owen Toole, who served in WWII. He had a very rough time, but emerged a skilled cook, which led him to become a lifelong restauranteur. I can not imagine doing what he did—including duty in a tank.