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Jun 04 2014
Coming Soon-ish: STARF*CKER Comments (0)


So here's my big announcement: I'm publishing another book....finally! I've done novels, ghost-written celebrity fiction and non-fiction and done pop culture-related non-fic, too, but now I'm taking on a new form: The memoir.

I think it's ridiculous to think people want your life story when nobody knows who you are, so calling it a memoir feels pretentious. But what this book will be is a humorous and true collection of stories about my relationship with celebrity, from birth until now.


Starf*cker (note: the asterisk is a part of the title) has been bought by Lethe and should be out in a year's time.

The book was sold based on a proposal; I've got about a third of it done already.

I'll keep you updated on my progress.

Jun 03 2014
But Enough About You... Comments (0)


I'm getting a good amount of attention all of a sudden—what did I do to warrant this positive scrutiny?

First, a full interview with me is up at the very groovy Deep Dish, where I am Groovy Guy of the Month.


Then, check out an in-depth look at my “Guydar” photography (which I post here on the blog and also on my Instagram), over at Adam Male Blog.

In the next few days, I'll have another big, personal announcement to make...stay tuned!

May 26 2014
Memorial Day Comments (0)

Owen-TooleOwen V. Toole

Remembering my grandfather, Owen Toole, who served in WWII. He had a very rough time, but emerged a skilled cook, which led him to become a lifelong restauranteur. I can not imagine doing what he did—including duty in a tank.

May 23 2014
Boy Culture Original: AT FIRST Comments (0)
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Herewith my second shoot from last year. As you'll see going forward, I find a lot of inspiration in hotels.


See the uncensored series here. See my previous shoot here.

May 20 2014
Believing Is Seeing Comments (0)

SpiralThis was from one of my optic tests prior to surgery.

Almost a week since my LASIK surgery. Still seeing fantastically well up close. Some fuzziness from arm's length onward. So far, so good—everything I was told is happening. The red marks on the whites of my eyes seem to be lessening. Also, now that I've stopped the drops, I was able to gently clean my eyelashes—they had been accumulating the drops and causing me this odd visor effect on my vision.

Hoping in a month I'll look back and be ecstatic about the whole process.

May 19 2014
Need To Know: Debbie Does Discretion + My Best Shot + Oprah Stalls Sam + 5 Seconds Of Summer Is Here + MORE! Comments (0)

Debbie-ReynoldsShe didn't get a piece of the Rock Hudson.

*widget boy cultureDebbie Reynolds, often said to be gay, wholeheartedly endorses the closet.

*widget boy cultureDebuted my 1st shoot as a photographer this weekend.

*widget boy cultureMichael Sam OWN series on hold.

*widget boy cultureLong Beach Pride beef.

*widget boy cultureStyles's ex almost calls 5 Seconds of Summer “One Direction” @ Billboards:

*widget boy cultureOh, and 5 Seconds of Summer = adorbs.

*widget boy culturePamela Anderson's harrowing rape ordeals. Plural.

*widget boy cultureDon't forget: His name was Mark Carson.

*widget boy culturePresident Obama “mad as hell” over veterans' healthcare fiasco.

*widget boy cultureLost Twin Peaks scenes.

*widget boy cultureSteve Grand says his album is delayed a bit.

Steve-GrandThe late Steve Grand

May 18 2014
Boy Culture Original: HOUSE CALLS Comments (0)
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In the gallery above: His assets are for hire, and they just won't quit.

So I'm not Quick Draw McGraw when it comes to my photography hobby; my first-ever shoot was in September of last year, and I'm just getting around to editing it properly now.

House-calls copy

Here's what I think:

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May 15 2014
For My Eyes Only: My LASIK Experience Comments (0)

Matthew-Rettenmund-3Pre-op, still clinging to those glasses

Until I was 35, I had 20/20 vision—my eyes were perfect in every way.

Then, I started to feel what I thought was severe eyestrain from long hours on the computer at my magazine-publishing job. I frequently had to squint to read anything, and it got to the point where my assistant editor later confessed she thought I was going blind and was worried about me.

I asked my doctor, then my eye doctor, and it turned out my eyes were weakening ahead of schedule. Reluctantly, I started buying glasses: +1, +1,5, eventually +2. Worse, I wore them not only for reading, but for walking around. I relied on them so much I would realize I had them on in the shower.

Recently, a co-worker, when asked how he would draw me so that people could guess it was I said he would draw a pair of glasses in front of a computer. It was just another reminder that—even though I didn't identify as such—I had become a person who wears glasses. Always.

That's when I pondered whether I might be a LASIK candidate.

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May 13 2014
Making Up Isn't So Hard To Do: Angela Cheng Continues To Bludgeon Lady Gaga Comments (0)

Angela-ChengCheng's Twitter pic

Illit crit “Angela Cheng” is back to his/her old tricks after having been expunged from Examiner.com (a joke of a Web site crafted to profit from deliberately phony info). His/her Pop Music Gadfly site—no vetting required—has today published a piece on how Lady Gaga planned to destroy Madonna's legacy.

Keep in mind this is coming from a writer who himself/herelf wrote that Madonna helped spread AIDS in the '80s, a claim he/she now writes about as if he/she were not at one point pushing it.

Cheng gives me a shout-out this time, name-checking my 20-year-old book Encyclopedia Madonnica (oh, joy, fans can rush to Amazon and buy it...starting at 20 cents used) in the context of alleging that Gaga and her former manager Troy Carter used to study my words in order to usurp Madonna's icon status:

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May 11 2014
The Mother Of All Sundays Comments (0)

Linda-RettenmundDon't hate her because she's beautiful.

Happy Mother's Day to all, but first and foremost to my own mom, Linda Rettenmund, who loves me unconditionally and will fight you if you don't.

And, on the same day, happy birthday to my little sister Melissa, who also loves me unconditionally and would probably fight you just for fun.

Melissa Hasan RettenmundSorry to use a fat picture, Melis'.