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May 26 2015
Front-Loaded (If I Do Say So Myself) Comments (0)


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May 19 2015
Art Attack: Maripol @ The Pier Comments (0)
  DSC03051 DSC03050 DSC03053 DSC03071 DSC03063

Visited Maripol at Art Miami New York at Pier 94 this weekend. She was signing her sexy and edgy Polaroid book Maripola X, and was greeting fans who showed up to ogle a few of her original Polaroids, including one of Madonna from a fitting before her legendary 1984 Paradise Garage performance.



DSC03047Downtown doyenne Maripol

Check out the gallery for some random snaps of art from the show. I was in love with some giant pills, but they cost $10K, so, yeah.

DSC03075Yes, there was some Mr. Brainwash on hand!

May 14 2015
We Had A Life Ball Comments (0)


DSC03013Gay up

Had such a fun time with my anonymous buddy at the bon voyage party for this year's Life Ball, held once again in Vienna, Austria, in support of AIDS Life.

1Jinkx, Paula & promoter extraordinaire Chip Duckett

DSC03014Amazing-looking Abdul

DSC03016Small wonder

DSC03018It's just the way that Jinkx loves her.

DSC03019Their vibeology was off the charts!

The intimate event was hosted at BG on the 7th floor of Bergdorf Goodman, where Paula Abdul, Dionne Warwick (with her singer granddaughter Cheyenne Elliott), Mad Men's Kit Williamson + fiancé John Halbach, Carmen Electra and the incomparable Jinkx Monsoon mixed and mingled.

DSC03006We were told not to ask family questions; all I wanted to do was talk “That's What Friends Are For” and Liz Taylor trash!

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Mar 29 2015
Desperate...I Love That Word...It's So Romantic Comments (0)


Today is the 30th anniversary of the release of Desperately Seeking Susan, an absolute '80s classic. I could write forever about this movie, which I've seen countless times, and which has so many perfect touches throughout (above and beyond a cooler-than-cool Madonna), but I've just finished writing thousands of words about it in Encyclopedia Madonnica 20; I just completed my first draft of the book today! Now, I'll proof it. Then I'll place photos. Then I'll hand it off for an 8-week design odyssey. Then it will be ready. Excited.

I will post info for those of you who want one and who missed supporting my Kickstarter. I'll have a limited edition available (very limited, since most will go to the Kickstarter supporters), and then a general edition. The difference between them will be the covers and the limited edition will have a special photo section.

Mar 10 2015
Madonna Update Comments (0)

I'm a big fan of Rebel Heart, but won't post a review; I'll include it in my book, Encyclopedia Madonnica. I'm close to having a first draft of the manuscript, then will proof it, key in photos, have it designed and then finally printed. I had projected April, but it's looking more like summer—sorry, this was draining and I'm also co-writing a Web series (!!!) and will in August or September publish a humorous memoir.

Feb 28 2015
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Feb 23 2015
Going For Gold, Achieving Bronze Comments (0)

Lady-GagaI can be normal, too, bitches.

OriginalLady Gaga stole the Oscars with a great Sound of Music (1965) tribute that—as she's been doing lately—focused on her straight vocal talents at the expense of her out-there persona. It makes it cool to like her again and sets her up well for a return as a pop diva. Some on Twitter maintained she was lip-synching, but the audience leg-synched her a standing O. The only part where she lost me was when she seemed to veer into mimicking Andrews's British accent; no reason to adapt the accent, and certainly she didn't need the gimmick because she was on-point.

Also very much enjoyed the other musical performances—actually, all of them.

Neil-patrick-harris-nph-underwear-oscars-2015-billboard-650What would David Niven say?

As for the awards, I can't say anyone was robbed. Birdman is a great, creative film, so if Boyhood couldn't grab it, it couldn't have gone to any other more deserving flick. And Julianne Moore finally won; she has deserved Oscars many, many, many times.

I was struck by two things overall: As adorable as NPH is, he seemed a little too pleased with himself and didn't seem to catch on that the writing was really bad. His lockbox joke fell completely flat, which was when (at show's end) he finally seemed to understand it wasn't his best performance as an emcee. Still LOVE him, but he just didn't impress me. Loved the opening. (<---Sounds like an upbeat 50 Shades blurb.)

And the second thing was how political—but within reason—the show was. Many speeches got serious, whether about suicide, Alzheimer's disease, ALS, equal pay for women, immigration. That's probably why I felt NPH's little quips after a couple of those moments (mocking the lady's dress after she brings up suicide, making a treason joke after the Snowden doc won) felt a bit off.

Oh, and regarding the in memoriam segment: How in the FUCK is Lizabeth Scott left out??? Yes, yes, Joan Rivers was left out as a statement; they definitely knew people would be annoyed. But Scott seems to have been forgotten. Big-time actress who lived nearly to 100. Shameful.

In your opinion...who (if anyone) got robbed?

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Feb 13 2015
Guydar DELUXE Comments (0)


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