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Feb 15 2014
Won't Be Mine Comments (0)


The typical Valentine's Day question "Will You Be Mine?" is unnecessary when you spend the day with a straight model, but it was more satisfying than a box of chocolates anyway. Dawson, with JSA Image Scouts, took care of all his V-Day duties the night and morning before in his hometown, allowing him to put his heart into posing for me in NYC.

Underwear by Rufskin. Body & styling by God.

Feb 14 2014
Happy Valentine's Day Anyway Comments (0)


Image via Amen Madonna: Crappy V-Day for me—single and just lost my job! At least chocolate will be on sale tomorrow.

X Marks The Spot Comments (0)


My pal Jason and I braved an over-capacity crowd at Bookmarc, the chic, Marc Jacobs-branded Village bookstore on Bleecker, to support photographer and artist Maripol as she publishes her latest book, Maripola X (Le Livre, $90, 600 numbered copies). Little did I know, it would become a sitting!

Downtown types were packed in that place like roe in a mama salmon, but we did eventually get up to see Maripol, who was spending time with each well-wisher. Maripol, recall, was the architext of Maripol-Matthew-RettenmundMadonna's "Material Girl" look, a great friend of the icon's and a stylist who crafted looks for the Like a Virgin album cover and more. On top of that, she's French. In spite of being a Downtown designer, a Madonna associate and fucking French (just kidding, French people, mwah!), she's warm and cuddly and impish, a complete delight. And this night was no exception.

Maripol surprised me by grabbing my camera and shooting a picture of together, then blew me away by grabbing her Polaroid and snapping this shot of me, which she promptly signed.

The book is delicious, an erotic collection of writings and positively lush Polaroids from the '70s and '80s, including (but not limited to) several classics of Madonna. It's a must-own for anyone interested in photography or that era, and a well worth the price.

Feb 02 2014
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IMG_0307 copy 3 copy


So as I've mentioned in the past, I've taken up photography. It's baby-steps time for me, but I'm learning by doing. I made a significant (and tax-reportable!) amount of money shooting events last year, but the photography I'm doing now is fine-arts with an accent on male nudes and the male form. The very first shoot I ever did, several months ago, is one I'm working on now. I've been reluctant to release stuff because I had wanted to get better at any post-production concerns, but I'm going to move ahead and roll stuff out. "House Calls" is the one I'll release ASAP, with anything nude living over at my adults-only Tumblr. Stay tuned, and all advice is accepted!

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Jan 25 2014
Got Me Covered Comments (0)


Boy-CultureTime for a reminder that my collection of erotic short stories (all from the '90s) is yours for 99 cents. I would also be grateful for reviews—I received one good one and then a comically phony bad one from a disturbed person who initially wrote me to rave about it and is going through some issues. Thanks for the 250 or so I've already moved!

I'm looking to release Blind Items: A (Love) Story and some fresh stuff next. Here was the original cover of Blind Items, which I loved almost as much as the one for Boy Culture (pictured at right):


Jan 22 2014
When Muskrat Love Goes Wrong, Nothin' Goes Right Comments (0)


The Captain & Tennille, famous for their smash hit "Love Will Keep Us Together," are liars—they've filed for divorce after 39 years of marriage. Sad! I met them when I did a small TV show as a guest, talking about Encyclopedia Madonnica. They were nice, especially Toni. 

On that same show was none other than a young Debra Messing, who was extremely sweet even though she probably thought I was one of those weirdos (I am, of course). We sat together during her interview and interacted.

Jan 17 2014
Betty White Turns 92! Comments (0)

Betty-WhiteWe look like we're at a cocktail party casually chatting, but it was a Derek Del Rossi Disney screening.

From here: Commemorating a happy 92nd birthday to Betty White with a sad birthday for "Rose Nylund."

Jan 12 2014
Get It While It's Hot Comments (0)


So my first e-book sold 100+ copies in its first couple of days, landing in Amazon's Top 7 among gay erotic books. Not too shabby! Thanks for your support. If you haven't bought it yet, it's only 99 cents, so you can't go wrong.

Get it on Amazon here.

Get it on SmashWords here.

If you're frustrated by both, e-mail me and I can sell you a PDF directly.

Jan 11 2014
When Your Body Fat % Would Make A Pretty Good Pop-Quiz Score... Comments (0)


I'm starting Mark Fisher's Snatched in Six Weeks on Tuesday, an intensive regimen that's all about what you're eating and what you're doing. If I like the results, I'll pose my before-and-after pictures. Scary.

Jan 09 2014
Where Do They Come (Up With This Stuff)? Comments (0)


As I've mentioned, I've published my first collection of gay erotic short stories (buy here), all written about 20 years ago. At that time, I actually worked for a spell at a porn publisher (Torso, Honcho, Inches, Mandate, Playguy...plus straught stuff like Juggs and Leg Show, the real moneymakers). While there, we were given this pathetic style sheet to help us remember that "asslips" was a single word, etc. Because the readers were really concerned about that sort of thing.