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Jun 03 2014
Need To Know: Vanishing Village + Eco-bama + If You've Slept With Andy Cohen, Tell Your Story + Hide Your Gay Kids, Hide Your Gay Life + Peruvian Pride + Milking It + MORE! Comments (0)

Village-PeopleYou actually can stop the music.

*widget boy cultureThe Village People's NYC is going the way of Nancy Walker.

*widget boy cultureObama takes strong action to save the planet.

*widget boy cultureThese dudes had a 50-year engagement!

*widget boy cultureAndy Cohen bringing unscripted (!) I Slept with a Celebrity to TV.

*widget boy cultureHottest hotties of the 2014 World Cup.

*widget boy cultureOY VEY!: Donald Sterling goes to (black) church.

*widget boy cultureConservatives hating on freed POW freed from Afghanistan & his family.

*widget boy cultureEx-gay Antoine Dodson has a kid now, vows to help the kid be straight.

*widget boy cultureMeghan McCain on GLAAD's board now. Ugh.

*widget boy cultureBieber apologizes for telling N-word joke on camera at 15.

*widget boy cultureGaga in search of a swagger coach?

*widget boy cultureMiss Coco Peru urges: Show Me Your Pride!

*widget boy cultureJonathan Groff is so not into social media. #stuckup

*widget boy cultureLaverne Cox is, in fact, a woman. Assholes.

*widget boy cultureTHE NAKED AND THE RAMMED: Nude bike ride banned.

*widget boy cultureMusto's worst movie musicals list is tone deaf. (On purpose.)

*widget boy cultureMelissa Etheridge gets married again.

*widget boy cultureHunky Miles Davis Moody does Hey Qween!

*widget boy cultureNaked rugby brothers!

*widget boy cultureFools want to reject mail with Harvey Milk stamps.

*widget boy cultureChurch not responsible for molester priest because he wasn't on the clock.

Terence McAlindenOh, look, he got a bonus at work.

Nov 23 2010
She Holds That Office Very SRSLY Comments (5)

S-MEGHAN-MCCAIN-KICK-OBAMAS-ASS-large Meghan McCain has recently made a big, honkin' deal about the sacrosanct aspect of the presidency, saying it was "unbelievably desperate and sad" for President Obama—in trying to lure young voters to the polls this month—to have submitted to some questioning by the likes of Ryan Seacrest
(on whose show she has asked to appear more than once, although she isn't the PRESIDENT, of course).

"I'm one of the people that still holds the office of the Presidency very seriously," Meghan McCain says.

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Oct 19 2010
McCain (Not That One) & Obama & Me & Us Comments (5)

I can't believe I'm going to say this but...an interesting interview with Meghan McCain by Rachel Maddow last night. McCain's getting scorched for coming out and saying what many in the Republican establishment are saying behind-the-scenes, namely that Christine O'Donnell is a "nutjob."

But what interests me is that she went on to talk a bit about President Obama and Don't Ask, Don't Tell. I give McCain credit for openly—and, clearly, sincerely—disagreeing with and being hurt by her father's homophobic stance on DADT (and all other gay issues). In the past, I've been unimpressed with her for focusing on what Obama hasn't done when her father—and her party—is actively, aggressively working against gay issues. But she doesn't harp on that here, instead saying politicians should be held responsible for their failings but admitting she really has no answers as to how. (She doesn't advocate not voting for them again, protesting or other measures suggested by Maddow.)

Also interesting is that Ms. McCain seems to think that Obama has been given a free pass for his gay-rights disappointments. I'm glad Maddow pointed out to her that many in the gay community have given him no such free pass (choice comment at Joe.My.God. yesterday: "Obama can't tell his black ass from his white elbow," and it goes downhill from there on a daily basis in the comments section), but I think the central question remains: What do we do about it?


I don't think there are easy answers. I know AmericaBlog and others have advocated not to give the Democrats money. Some have argued that they'd never vote for Obama again or that they wouldn't vote for any Democrats, or that they wouldn't vote at all. Dan Choi's sincerely, passionately applied tactic is to embarrass the president by turning up the heat via civil disobedience and high-profile demonstrations; these things have worked in the past in other areas.

I'm not attracted to any of these remedies, but like Meghan McCain—and unlike those who use the word "Obamabots" in every other sentence—I don't have all the answers and don't pretend to.

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Jul 16 2009
Silence = Golden Comments (1)

MeghanMccain1Nice shirt! Why were you so fucking silent on gay rights during campaign season?

I know I'm supposed to be happy that Meghan McCain is a Republican who loves the gays, but I couldn't care less—she's still a Republican. My interest in politics, unlike that of I would bet a good number of other gay people, does not begin and end at gay issues.

MeghanMccain2 Even if they did, McCain is acting like speaking out now that her father lost handily to Barack Obama means she is somehow brave or honest or real. Hardly! She was palling around with pop-cultural terrorists Speidi during the election, not publicly demanding that her father protest the horrendous wording regarding gay issues in the Republican platform.

If her father had won, only an idiot would believe that Meghan would have turned into a Patti Davis thorn-in-the-side, hounding him about Don't Ask, Don't Tell, DOMA and other gay-rights issues. Hardly. She would have been posing for fashion magazines and hosting parties.

She wears a "Silence = Death" tee for Out, but for McCain, her silence during the prickly campaign was golden. It was a strategic silence similar to Obama's silence now, for which she's laughably castigating him.

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Mar 12 2009
Self-Centrist Comments (0)

I think some on the left are pleased with Meghan McCain's recent emergence as a comparatively critical thinker among the ranks of Republicans—she's called Ann Coulter offensive and has said the GOP is dangerously out of touch with the wonders of the 'Net and should spend more time and money appealing to the youth vote. Fair enough, but my take is that she's still an airhead, almost a mirror image of her father ideologically.

She strikes me as a fairly liberal person in many regards who's faking conservatism (which in my book still counts as a conservative), just like her father. She also just made an appearance with Rachel Maddow in which she charmingly said she doesn't get economics.

Remember when McCain did the same?

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