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Oct 10 2011
Career From Career To Career Comments (8)

Men's Exercise (December 2011) is, as always, more like a sex menu than a fitness guide (at least for me, a glutton rather than a conscientious flexer). The cover guy by Tom Cullis is perfection, but appears nowhere inside. This little tongue-teaser (by Barry Noland) isn't such a bad offering in his place, though:

After the jump, two more men whose bodies should force schools to add "muscle worshipee" to those quizzes that push students toward likely careers...

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Oct 09 2011
So Many Men's Comments (0)

From Men's Exercise (September 2011), a selection of hotties. The one above is listed as having a Facebook and the editors encourage you to friend him. Not sure if the others have Facebooks, but they have faces...and bodies...

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Oct 06 2011
Gene Genies Comments (4)

The thing about twins is that any time they get in front of a camera, it's almost a guarantee they will be lured into doing perfectly innocent poses that when printed will make it appear as if they could have slipped into sexual intercourse at any moment.

Even without that, James Franklin's shots in Men's Exercise (December 2011) of these genetically gifted brothers are pretty sexy...

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Jul 04 2009
The Torso Whisperer Comments (8)


I'm not a devotee of fitness mags, and I do believe that too much is sometimes more than enough, yet I found myself craving the model on Men's Exercise (September 2009) in the same way I often yearn for cold spaghetti or a cupcake late at night. He's probably famous or definitely should be, but also of note (aside from his body beautiful) is that he was shot for the mag by Hans Fahrmeyer, who also happened to shoot the amazing cover for my first novel, Boy Culture, for which this site is named.

Here is that cover, proving Hans is like the torso whisperer:


More of the gorgeous Men's Exercise man after the jump...

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