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May 14 2013
Pining For Him: Chris Pine Does MEN'S HEALTH Comments (2)

Uberhandsome Chris Pine covers Men's Health (June 2013). Inside, he says of criticism:

"You either listen to the naysayers and fall into the pit of self-loathing, or you stay on the path and move forward."

Good advice not only for professional actors, but for those everyday amateurs pretending to be someone they're not. 

Apr 11 2013
Nikolaj Coster-Waldau: Bottom Of His Game Comments (1)

Nikolaj Coster-Waldau from Game of Thrones is a brooding babe on Men's Health (May 2013). Inside, where he gets shirtless, he relates the story of how he almost became a star over 10 years ago:

"I flew to Los Angeles to read for the lead in Vertical Limit," a mountain-claimbing action movie. When he arrived, the studio picked him up in a fancy car, teased his hair into a Lethal Weapon-style mullet, and made him sign an inch-thick contract with numbers he couldn't believe—all before he even read for the role. And then he tanked the audition."

He learned the lesson of not counting chickens that trip, but his seem to be hatching quite nicely now with Game of Thrones.

Mar 16 2013
I Taiwannaboy Like You Comments (2)


Via 365 Days of Sexy: Taiwanese actor Eddie Peng for Men's Health China. The post's title is a reference to a song that turns 20 years old this year, and that can be heard after the jump...

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Dec 20 2012
The Dirt Comments (1)

Spartacus: War of the Damned star Liam McIntyre romps near the ol' fishing hole for Men's Health (February 2013). Inside, he's blunt about where his priorities regarding fitness are now that he's in his dirty thirties:

"As a younger actor, my motivation may have been, 'Do you want that job or don't you?' Now it's, 'Do you want to look like crap on film?'"

No worries there—check out the gallery above for proof.

Oct 21 2012
A Rower, And A Show-er Comments (0)
Patrick Loliger
Patrick Loliger hot
Patrick Loliger sexy


Mexican rower Patrick Loliger flashes his gams and his guns for Men's Health México (Julio 2012).

Oct 15 2012
Are They Madea? Comments (5)
Mens Health magazine cover Tyler Perry
Seriously? I mean, I know the guy has a huge following, but isn't it almost exclusively female? Are there many buff-wannabes who are likely to want Men's Health more so than usual because it has Tyler Perry's body secrets inside?
Sep 12 2012
Land Of Lincoln Comments (0)

Mens Health cover Andrew Lincoln
Andrew Lincoln of The Walking Dead gets the Men's Health (October 2012) treatment. His approach to fitness is a novelty:

"Of course I want to be in good shape and be fit, but I want to have stamina. It's not an exercise in vanity. It's about being able to do stuff...I'm probably talking to the wrong magazine, but this six-pack phenomenon in acting, I just don't subscribe to it."

Andrew Lincoln feet Mens Health
More after the jump...

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Aug 12 2012
Here's That BJ You Asked For Comments (2)

BJ Gaddour shirtless
BJ Gaddour looks delectable in Men's Health (September 2012), whether shirtless (above) or shirtful (below)...

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Aug 10 2012
An Inside Job Comments (0)

Men's Health Liam Hemsworth 2
"If I have one addiction in life, it's probably food," says Expendables 2 star Liam Hemsworth in his Men's Health (September 2012) double cover. Comforting that someone with a perfect body shares my vice. He goes on to say, of his exercise routine:

"I love going to the gym, sweating, running around, feeling like I'm having a heart attack. I like the physical side of boxing—it's fun to punch a bag for 20 minutes—but I also feel mentally strong when I box. I feel good in my own body."

I suspect I'd feel good in his body, too. And you?

Hot Liam Hemsworth Men's Health 1

More of Mr. Miley after the jump...

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Jul 29 2012
There's A Winner In You (One Hopes) Comments (0)

Via Sticky (Work Unfriendly): Gotta say that all of the contestants for the Men's Health cover competition look like winners to me.