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Jun 25 2014
Race To Re-Invent: Hunter McIntyre For MEN'S JOURNAL Comments (0)


HunterHunter McIntyre (shot by Ture Lillegraven) tells Men's Journal (July 2014) that he starting participating in the new sport of Spartan Racing after feeling empty about his life:

“In 2011, Hunter McIntyre was a 22-year-old washed-up male model. His dreams of joining an elite military training program were crushed when he was rejected by the Navy SEALs. He was living in Malibu at a buddy's 'bro mansion,' plotting a new career as a celebrity personal trainer, but mostly taking too much acid and Ecstasy. 'I was burned out,' he says.”


This whole Spartan Race thing sounds pretty crazy, but it's probably where he gets the body, more of which is on display after the jump...

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May 26 2013
Really Good Sports Comments (0)

Via Men's Journal (June 2013): The next wave of tennis greats by Theo Wenner, starring shirtless and otherwise hot men Grigor Dimitrov, Bernard Tomic, Milos Raonic, David Goffin, Ricardas Berankis, Ryan Harrison and Christian Harrison.

Oct 25 2012
Butler Did It (And Then Some) Comments (0)
Gerard Butler Mens Journal
Gerard Butler bare feet
*Gerard Butler Mens Journal cat
Gerard Butler water sports


Hot on the cover, hot inside (and with Laird Hamilton)

Gerard Butler covers Men's Journal (November 2012), to which he unloads about his past addictions:

"'I think, on a basic level, I have a pretty addictive personality,' Butler says. 'Both good and bad.' In his twenties the bad could get pretty heavy, when he'd drink too much and do something stupid, like smash a beer bottle over his head, or play chicken with a car, or hang off the railing of a cruise ship at 5 a.m. belting out Rod Stewart's 'Sailing.' He often looks back on those days and is genuinely surprised he's still alive."

Jul 11 2012
Wet Dream Comments (1)

Ryan Lochte Mens Journal
Men's Journal usually has such boring covers, but I must say its August 2012 Ryan Lochte cover and I are getting along swimmingly. He looks like Bruce Weber's wet dream. Inside, he stresses that he doesn't stress over his chosen profession—swimming—and the upcoming Olympics:

"Swimming doesn't define who I am. I'm still going to be exactly who I am and have fun with life. For me, it's just a sport that I do."

Yes, and war crimes were just hobbies for W. More mouth-watering photos of Lochte after the jump...

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Sep 16 2011
Pussy Is So Last Millennium Comments (1)

True Blood's Alexander Skarsgard shows Men's Journal (October 2011) how it's done, flexing on the cover and sexing up the interior. He tells them:

"Of course it's flattering. I mean, God, I'm human. But you have to be able to laugh at yourself."

Of his omnisexual character Eric, Skarsgard says:

"I think he's just tried everything there is to try. After 1,000 years, maybe he's just tired of the pussy for a while."

More after the jump...

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Mar 30 2011
Brokeback Mountin' Comments (0)

Jake Gyllenhaal has bedroom eyes on the cover of Men's Journal (April 2011). Inside, he recounts how some people still have something against Brokeback Mountain:

"In fact, it's so powerful that Gyllenhaal still gets people coming up to him to say that they would never see it. 'Seriously? People go out of their way to tell you to your face?' 'I get that all the time,' he says. Then, adopting an almost imperceptible slouch and the faint accent of a white rapper-homophobe, he reenacts the overshare. 'You're that guy in that movie, right? Brokeback Mountain, right?' 'Yeah, I—' 'I mean, I didn't see it. But you're that guy.'"

One more pic of that guy after the jump...

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May 30 2009
Love At 1st Sight Comments (1)


Rafael Nadal pops up on Men's Journal (June 2009) and Men's Fitness (June/July 2009). Tennis, anyone?


Dec 12 2008
Do The Congo, I Know You Can't Control Yourself Any Longer Comments (0)


So far, Emile Hirsch has been shamefully overlooked with any nominations for his fine performance in Milk. But the 23-year-old has bigger fish to fry—for Men's Journal (January 2009), he takes on the Congo in an exclusive diary of his visit there.

"I introduce myself as 'ambassador' and the village goes stone quiet. Until, that is, the laughter begins."

More images after the jump...

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