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Mar 17 2016
Your Nightly Briefing: Etnos Menswear Comments (0)

Screen Shot 2016-03-17 at 5.11.31 PM(Video still via Andres Fitness)

Andres Fitness provides hot video from the Etnos Menswear fashion show in Miami this week. You won't be able to take your eyes off the styles ...

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Jan 24 2016
Don't Cry For Her, Miami Comments (0)

Madonna whipped out her rendition of “Don't Cry for Me Argentina” for Miami tonight. Lucky sods.

May 06 2015
Squirt Too Hot For Miami? Comments (0)


Squirt, the gay hookup app, was apparently a little too much for Miami—when its creative, with lines like HOT 'N HORNY HOOKUPS and NON-STOP HOOKUPS, went up in the city last year, the signs were consistently vandalized and the city removed them after complaints from the community

Now, Squirt is back with new creative: MEET MR. RIGHT NOW:


The app's digital business director, Attila Szatmari, says:

“We are excited to have our campaign back in the Miami Fort Lauderdale area. We worked very hard to get our ads reinstated. Ad equality is very important and we are excited that ads targeting the gay community are back in the streets with other ads where they belong. We also worked very closely with Outfront to create a less suggestive but still sexy ad that would not offend the local community.”

Next up, the app is promoting tolerance as well as a good time, expanding into the Chicago market this week.


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