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Mar 24 2012
Beautiful Boys: A Review Of The 6th Annual Broadway Beauty Pageant Comments (2)

IMG_6567And this bitch didn't even win!

IMG_6461This past Monday, I was thrilled to attend The 6th Annual Broadway Beauty Pageant, a hilarious and ribald event staged at Symphony Space (before a sold-out crowd) to raise money for The Ali Forney Center.

As a member of the Host Committee, I'd pledged to sell $500 worth of tickets, which I absolutely did—mostly to myself! I took José, brought my pal Jason along 6a00d8341c2ca253ef016764157837970b-400wi(VIP tickets including the afterparty) and the rest went to a Boy Culture reader who later informed me he'd been a homeless gay youth just a couple of years ago and to a lucky, last-minute couple.

As much work as it was trying to interest people in tickets, the show would go on to sell out, raising a record-breaking $75,000.

Arrived early to cover the junior red carpet, but it was kind of a bust for me because as a hobbyist blogger, I don't have pro lighting and it was in a 100-degree antechamber that might as well have been a cave.

I grabbed a few quick tidbits from the contestants but skipped everyone else, including judges Jackie Hoffman, Michael Musto and Tonya Pinkins, feeling bad about taking up anyone's time when they were impossible to see. Speaking of which,I didn't see expected guests Paul McGill, Rachel Dratch or John Glover, but I did at least make the acquaintance of Broadway expert Richie Ridge, one of whose helpers turned out to be Alex, a Boy Culture reader who kept my spirits up in the stifling heat.

IMG_6464Probably lots of Preparation H on those fresh faces (in some cases, perhaps coincidentally)

IMG_6492Sat down just in time to see the show open, featuring hysterical emcee Tovah Feldshuh who, as she pointed out, starred in Broadway's longest running one-woman show—take that, Lena Horne. She cracked wise about Grindr, Boy Butter and her many unconsummated Tony nominations. She was, without a doubt, 10 times funnier than last year.

IMG_6481Tonya Pinkins, Jackie Hoffman, Ali Forney's Carl Siciliano & Michael Musto

IMG_6486With Body (& Soul) Beautiful, Carl Siciliano, the director of Ali Forney


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Feb 27 2012
The Shirts Off Their Backs! Comments (0)

Shirtless andrew chappelle wilkie ferguson corey mach jesse swimm anthony wayne hotJudging shirtless men...the national gay pastime!

As I blogged before, I'm helping to solicit attendees for the sixth annual Broadway Beauty Pageant on March 19 at Symphony Space. This is a truly entertaining event in which five guys from five different Broadway shows compete for the title of Mr. Broadway.

Andrew chappelle wilkie ferguson corey mach jesse swimm anthony wayne

The guys competing are Andrew Chappelle (Mamma Mia!), Wilkie Ferguson (Porgy and Bess), Corey Mach (Godspell), Jesse Swimm (Mary Poppins) and Anthony Wayne (Priscilla Queen of the Desert). And there'll be special appearances by Brent Barrett and past winners Michael Cusumano and Frankie James Grande, not to mention a hysterical lineup of judges.

If you are interested in attending, please contact me so I can get you tickets directly, or just let me know if my blog led you to purchase tickets—I have an ambitious goal for how many I'd like to sell, and I could use your help.

This event raises big bucks for The Ali Forney Center, helping homeless LGBT youth—an amazing cause!

Feb 10 2012
Broadway Babes Comments (0)

Screen shot 2012-02-10 at 3.02.42 PMPast winners Frankie Grande and Michael Cusumano

This year, I'm on the hosting committee for The Broadway Beauty Pageant, a way-too-fun event taking place March 19 at 8PM at the Peter Jay Sharp @ Symphony Space here in NYC.

Some of Broadway's hottest chorus boys compete for the title of Mr. Broadway in the areas of talent, interview and swimsuit—if they were forced to give BJs, it would be just like a casting call for a real Broadway show! I kid. But I'm not kidding when I say the show is fabulously fun and delightfully lugubrious.

Tickets are $150, $40 or $25 now through Valentine's Day, after which the $40 tickets bump up to $50. CLICK HERE TO BUY.

All monies raised go to the Ali Forney Center, a charity well worth your time and funds.

If you decide to go because of my info, please comment my blog below so I'll have an idea of how many tickets I've sold; I've pledged to get $500 for the cause.

Here is my coverage from last year in case you're on the fence.

Jan 24 2012
The Queen's Speech: Attending Madonna's Movie Premiere Comments (25)

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MadMadonna gets teary thanking her late mom

I was invited to cover the red carpet for Madonna's W.E. premiere at the Ziegfeld earlier tonight. Then I was uninvited. (Space.) Then I was re-invited. I wound up getting to go, and it was a blast of epic proportions. There was a very light turn-out of fans in the cold rain, but the press was packed into a long tent leading into the theater. I was placed two slots from the bitter end, which turned out to be a nice position because anyone who did the red carpet had to pass us to get inside.


*IMG_1481I've had front row before but A-1...I'd be riding her dress train!

I made friends with a woman covering for Pink Is the New Blog, but she was whisked away ("first, they came for...") to a spot in the lobby so I wound up bonding with Matt from Hard Candy Music. As I told him, we were probably the lowest men on the totem pole so as such would be lucky to sniff Madonna's stardust as she breezed by. Which meant anything else would be a cause for joyous celebration. We also chit-chatted with a sexy, dark-haired (they have those there?) Swede named Pablo (they have those there, too?) who shoots for Vogue. He was much nicer than you'd expect for a Vogue shooter, and him saying, "One shot for Vogue?" had the effect of a brick wall, stopping nearly every celeb who breezed by. (Patti Smith was not impressed, but I was fucking impressed that Patti Smith walked past me, let alone that she was attending a movie by Madonna.)

The carpet got off to a slow start, but the tip sheet was insane! Check out all the names: 

PhotoSome of these people didn't do press or didn't show

The first star on the carpet seemed to be one of the film's two male leads, dreamy James D'Arcy, who looks even better with a shaved head that he does with his foppish blond Edward 'do.

IMovieScreenSnapz001Julia Stiles is miles of smiles—for Vogue

IMovieScreenSnapz002Ewan told this reporter the answer to her question was HIS business

IMovieScreenSnapz007Andrew McCarthy was born to run

IMovieScreenSnapz008Patti Smith— love to know her opinion of her fellow Downtown doyenne

IMovieScreenSnapz010It's Diane von Furstenberg, y'all!

Zzzzz1"Mine is even younger than yours, dahhhling!" With Calvin Klein!

 IMovieScreenSnapz015Guy Oseary said "too stressed!" when I asked if I could quiz him



QuickTime PlayerScreenSnapz001

QuickTime PlayerScreenSnapz002Spartacus sexpot Lucy Lawless with Liam McIntyre; she unceremoniously plopped her coat on the carpet to pose. She was fab!

Big, unaffiliated stars slipped past most of the press, namely Ewan McGregor (who was at one point attached to do this film), Julia Stiles (who was having absolutely none of any press except for a shot for Vogue), Andrew McCarthy (who gamely answered my question about a fantasy Madonna collaboration: "A duet, of course!"), a stunning Lucy Lawless with equally stunning Liam McIntyre (she gave me a great answer, he sort of avoided making eye contact rather than give us a "no") and then still others who I only saw fleetingingly like Diane von Furstenberg, Guy Oseary (Madonna's manager said he was too stressed to answer my question), Donna Karan, Calvin Klein (big kiss for and from Madonna and some conspiratorial chatting amongst them, perhaps about hot young guys!), Lady Bunny (I was impressed, too), Zac Posen, Ivanka Trump (pretty, actually) Jack McCollough & Lazaro Hernandez (hotness) and several people even I didn't recognize. (Not Z-listers, more like fashion A-listers.)

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Jan 20 2012
Dancer And Vixen Comments (4)

Screen shot 2012-01-19 at 3.45.31 PM

I met Michael Cusumano when he won Mr. Broadway last year—what a sweet guy! (This year's Broadway Beauty pageant is coming up.) But along with being nice and having an atrociously, provocatively perfect body, he's hilarious.

Screen shot 2012-01-19 at 3.44.30 PM
Screen shot 2012-01-19 at 3.45.01 PM
Screen shot 2012-01-19 at 3.45.05 PM
Screen shot 2012-01-19 at 3.45.08 PM

Keep reading to check out his very funny and partially NSFW character reel...

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Jun 21 2011
I Know What I Like—A Review Of Broadway Bares XXI: Masterpiece! Comments (10)

Img_0646Composite image of Brandon Pereyda from "René Magritte"

1 Support Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS! Visit the official BCEFA YouTube channel!






Last night was the twenty-first annual edition of Broadway Bares and the fourth one in a row I've attended. Broadway Bares XXI: Masterpiece! snuck up on me; as I was watching it, I was thinking it wasn't my favorite. However, looking back at pictures and videos, it's obvious that there were some stunning numbers in spite of some pretty cringe-worthy humor interludes. In fact, the full-length musicals in which the night's dancers are currently performing should take notes.

2The David? How about The Brandon! (Rubendall)

IMG_0557 We arrived at Roseland to get in line around 9:30PM, so would have our pick of spots once the show let us in two hours later. Jason and I ran into a bunch of his friends, including Clark Kent, "Hey, Jude," and someone who once dated with Truth Wins Out good-fighter Wayne Besen (I guess his ex-, just not an ex-gay). There was a Bares virgin among us (sounds like a Treasure Media title), but the rest of us knew what to expect inside—skin, bawdy humor and opportunities to slip green into pink and/or brown. (Sidebar: Not just saying that—this year's Bares felt remarkably more racially diverse than past installments.)

Let's just look at Rotation here instead of at the end

IMG_0571 Just past 11:30PM and after the 9:30PM show's patrons had spilled into the streets looking keyed up and, well, drunk, we filed in and beelined to the far side of the middle runway. I was pleased to be right at the stage, yet I'd later realize my "less good" position in previous years had actually been more desirable—I was so close it was tougher to take pictures and, at times, see thanks to the very sweet but confoundingly non-transparent guy in front of me. Making conversation as a go-go boy doled out ones in exchange for twenties, he asked me if I liked that the dancer was wearing a cock ring.

The sea of horny homos looked like Grindr come to life; I didn't check it inside, but I imagine the first 50 guys on my screen would have been 0 feet away.

IMG_0553AKeegan Albrecht paints "Come back to Broadway Bares, Jimmy Dean, Jimmy Dean"

The place was teeming with celebrities along with testosterone, including Wilson Cruz (in my group yet too far for me to chat with), John Benjamin Hickey, Nick Adams, BearCity's Joe Conti, entertainer nonpareil Scott Nevins, Jack Plotnick, Jonathan D. Lovitz and probably more.

While waiting for things to begin, we were treated to watching a cute artiste (Keegan Albrecht) painting an image of James Dean, but it was just as fun watching the pre-show T-shirt vendors attempting to steal the dancers' thunder by baring their buns for a determinedly devoted crew at the end of the middle runway.

Number by number:

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