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Nov 09 2015
Need To Know: All T, All Shade + Jaywalk Of Shame + Hate-Watching Trump + Hillary Won't Harsh Your Buzz + More Carson Fantasies + TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE Icon Dies + MORE! Comments (0)

Drop-the-t-x750Gay people continue to get more and more conservative.

*widget boy cultureIt's okay to stop reading my blog if you think LGBT should abandon the T. Images

*widget boy cultureCops in Austin swarm black guys, beat one, for jaywalking.

*widget boy culture10 million people watched Donald Trump suck on SNL.

*widget boy cultureChildless James Woods gets knickers in twist over kids swearing.

*widget boy cultureHillary Clinton proposes reclassifying pot as less dangerous drug.

*widget boy cultureBernie Sanders did not work against Barack Obama in 2012.

*widget boy cultureBen Carson probably made up this ridiculous Yale story, too.

*widget boy cultureEven if you're pro-PrEP, should we be glamorizing “partying?” Leatherface-435

*widget boy cultureSpeedo alert!

*widget boy cultureR.I.P. “Leatherface.” Images

*widget boy cultureMichael Fassbender: The horse-boner-whisperer.

*widget boy culturePlan to close Guantanamo Bay on the way?

*widget boy cultureThanks, Gay Calgary & Wicked Gay Blog & Kenneth!

Screen Shot 2015-11-08 at 2.22.50 PMDead reckoning

*widget boy cultureDid this harmless-looking teen execute his family? Images

*widget boy cultureHe sells pics of his naked bod.

*widget boy cultureHot 'n' hairy dude is naked, but not. But naked. Screen Shot 2015-11-08 at 2.25.38 PM

*widget boy cultureWhistle-blowing teacher is bullied & punished. Images

*widget boy cultureOh, man, this dude's hairy chest!

*widget boy cultureDirty, filthy ... embroidery???

*widget boy cultureMyanmar to have female leader before U.S.

*widget boy cultureTim Gunn is NOT a Kardashian fan.

*widget boy cultureCaitlyn Jenner (in a bubble bath) enlivens Kris Jenner parody vidImages

Sep 13 2015
Going On a Fassbender Comments (0)


Michael Fassbender (and Jean Genet) by Bruce Weber for The New York Times T Magazine.

In the accompanying piece, Fassbender says his try-out for the Drama Centre of London was guided by something he saw while having a piss ...

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Jun 01 2014
McQueen's Logic: Michael Fassbender For DETAILS Comments (0)
  Michael-Fassbender-1 Michael-Fassbender-3 Michael-Fassbender-back-cover Michael Fassbender-James-McAvoy

Michael Fassbender gallery above, including a bonus James McAvoy shot

Michael Fassbender, coverboy of the new Details (June/July 2014) and subject of a bromantic piece on his relationship with co-star/pal James McAvoy, relates some advice given him by his frequent director Steve McQueen:

“'We're gonna by gone one day, so why not just let it all hang out? Don't worry about falling on your face, because that's inevitably gonna happen if you're really searching.'”

He also recounts losing consciousness after his character rapes Lupita N'yongo's in a 12 Years a Slave scene:

“It was the rape scene—not a pleasant place—and there was a lot going on within 'Epps,' a lot of conflicting emotions. It was one of those things. For the most part, I don't...get so intense. I wish Steve wouldn't say anything about that.”

May 07 2014
Need To Know: Fassbender On Top, Mary Jane Machine, The Cursing Nun, America Needs Porsha Control + MORE! Comments (0)

Fassbender-McAvoySomeone's in the kitchen with Fassbender...

Boy-CultureHugh Jackman helps Michael Fassbender & James McAvoy achieve fan friction.

Boy-CultureMan and transgender woman on trial in Uganda for homosexual acts.

Boy-CultureMarijuana vending machines, eh.

Boy-CultureOur Gang and Laurel & Hardy actress Jackie Lynn Taylor dies at 88.

Boy-CultureI've been remiss: Efrem Zimbalist Jr. died May 2 at 95.

Boy-CultureSally Field vs. Julia Roberts in filthy Celebrity Curse-Off.

Boy-CultureSupreme Court losing fans faster than an audited Twitter account.

Boy-CultureBabies with eyebrows is a good idea:

Babies-eyebrowsAny way I can get chocolate milk from those?

Boy-CultureClass assignment: Argue whether the Holocaust was or wasn't real.

Boy-CultureIdiotic Johnny Weir and his crook husband reconcile. Yay?

Boy-CultureRHOA's Porsha Williams apologizes for explicitly anti-gay sermon.

Boy-CultureMaybe she would've been a good match for a dictator's son.

Boy-CultureJinkx Monsoon's The Inevitable Album is out at Out.

Boy-CultureHGTV giving show to anti-gay zealots David & Jason Benham. UPDATE: It's off!

Boy-CultureMichael Musto's letter to Michael Alig is killer.

Boy-CultureHE BANGS: Ricky Martin papped in his undies.

Boy-CultureMet streaker was Madonna's hydrangea-bearing prankster, Vitalii Sediuk.

Met-streaker-Vitali-Sediuk-shirtlessMankini overboard! (Photo by @jimshi809)

Nov 03 2013
Mr. Man Country Comments (0)

Mr. Man—filled with male celeb nudes—is a new pal of mine. Check out the Work Friendly images above for a taste, and if you like what you see, give their sidebar ad a click.

Nov 02 2013
Need To Know: Tosh Tush, How Reid Read Romney, The Chris Of Death For Buono, Does Ian Ziering's Peen Have A Price? + MORE! Comments (0)

*widget boy cultureDaniel Tosh "Borats" it up for a Tosh.0 segment. Many more here.

*widget boy cultureHollywood ready to tackle AIDS, many gays (see comments) glib about HIV risks.

*widget boy cultureGREAT GOSH AMIGHTY: Gospel singer Kevin Terry's gay sex tape hits the Web.

*widget boy cultureREVEALED: Reid's source on those claims that Romney didn't pay taxes.

*widget boy cultureHere is Queerty's chat with Val Lauren on Sal. And here's mine.

*widget boy cultureSomethingteen Courtney Stodden is divorcing her fiftysomething hubby.

*widget boy cultureJimmy Carter likes Hillary's chances in '16.

*widget boy cultureVia the Dems: Chris Christie is on track to win in NJ in spite of this:


*widget boy cultureMichael Fassbender feels "sexually harassed" by all the big-dick talk.

*widget boy cultureLil' Kim offers "Dead Gal Walking" as this year's treat.

*widget boy cultureWould Ian Ziering pose naked for a million dollars?

*widget boy cultureAre all Obamacare horror stories mythological?

*widget boy cultureInvasion of the Madonnas.

*widget boy cultureThe old woman below is a sculpture. Sam Jinks's work is unreal.

Sam-Jinks-sculpture-old-womanThis old thing?

Oct 19 2013
Person Of Interest: Michael Fassbender On/In GQ Comments (0)

GQ-FassnbenderDelicious Michael Fassbender graces GQ (November 2013), and tells the perfect story about fame as an aphrodisiac:

"You become a lot more successful in terms of, like, talking to a girl. She's all of a sudden more interested in me. I know that, like, three years ago, she would've walked away after two sentences left my mouth. I remember I was sitting at this table at this thing, and I was talking to this girl. I was like, 'God, I am so boring right now.' But she was like, 'That's so interesting!' I was like, 'You know what? Five years ago, this would not have been interesting.'"

That's so interesting!!!

Apr 04 2013
Need To Know: Jeremy's Spoken, Bend It Like Fassbender, No Ken Do + MORE Comments (0)

Tumblr_ljo1fpo4Ui1qizmg7o1_500"Could a father not marry his son?"

*widget boy cultureJeremy Irons can suck marry my dick.

*widget boy culturePresident Obama returning 5% of his pay. Guys TINIESTWAISTYOUAREASTATUE

*widget boy cultureDateline 1983: Danceteria.

*widget boy culture20 sexy Michael Fassbender gifs.

*widget boy cultureHe's living life as a merman.

*widget boy cultureLady Gaga in—and out—of her wheelchair.

*widget boy cultureBeyoncé thinks she might be a feminist, even if she's married.

*widget boy cultureMadonna will auction off a Leger painting for girls' education.

*widget boy cultureWorking out with Madonna's trainer.

*widget boy cultureIs Ken Cuccinelli against anal sex because he's an asshole?



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