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Nov 05 2013
Need To Know: LaBelle LaLegend, Benghazi Bluffer, Naked Men Acting, ENDA Game, SacksDreams: Gaga Cans Manager + MORE Comments (0)

Patti-LaBelle-Oprah-Winfrey"'How's Oprah?' Meet her one day yourself."

*widget boy cultureOoh-ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh—Patti LaBelle's got an old attitude. (And it's cool.) Wrecking-ball-parody

*widget boy cultureLying Benghazi "witness" exposed.

*widget boy cultureMichelle Pfeiffer was in a cult, didn't know it.

*widget boy cultureHow 13 kids react to watching gay-marriage proposals.

*widget boy cultureUltimate Bryan Hawn butt video.  (Work Unfriendly-ish.)

*widget boy cultureShia really eating out in this movie? (Work Unfriendly.)

*widget boy cultureDon't click, size queen! (Very Work Unfriendly.)

*widget boy cultureKenyth Mogan's catchy "Fall Apart" is serving "Tearin' Up My Heart." Britney

*widget boy cultureYoko Ono is 80...and a bad dancer.

*widget boy cultureBritney sprays fans with "Perfume."

*widget boy cultureCristiano Ronaldo IS big. It's the undies that got small.

Cristiano-Ronaldo-underwearTall order.

*widget boy cultureMadonna likes Rebecca Walker's Adé. Madonna_and_ingrid_casares_image3

*widget boy cultureMadonna used to like pussy.

*widget boy cultureStephen Bray confirms unreleased Madonna tracks.

*widget boy cultureBaby Madonna's dad was preaching about would be 26 now!

*widget boy cultureNOT IN MY STRAIGHT BACKYARD: Gay bar nixed by hix.

*widget boy culture7 youth orgs write open letter urging Congress to pass ENDA.

*widget boy cultureENDA advances in the Senate!

*widget boy cultureBut President Boehner is against it, so fuck you all.

*widget boy cultureThe Battle of amfAR debuts December 2 on HBO. Lypsinka

*widget boy cultureYour Lypsinka swag is here.

*widget boy cultureGaga fires manager, will host/be musical guest on SNL

*widget boy cultureGaga looks horrible, performs a downer ("Dope") for YouTube.

*widget boy cultureGaga's Golden Girls moment.

*widget boy cultureIn case you're "bicurious" about Judi Dench's new flick, Philomena:

Oct 29 2013
Need To Know: Blackface Goes Viral, Chrissy Snowjob, Holy Steve Grand, Sean Zevran's Back + MORE Comments (0)

Elvira-RuPaulShe drives him crazy.

*widget boy cultureDRIVING MISS ELVIRA: RuPaul takes Cassandra Peterson for a ride.

*widget boy cultureTop 5 gay movie monsters.

*widget boy cultureDesigner Allesandro Dell'Acqua & many guests at party do blackface.

*widget boy cultureCelebs in better costumes, just in time for Halloween.

*widget boy cultureTHIGH HIGH: Wall Street Journal decides Suzanne Somers is a healthcare expert...

...but her "takedown" of Obamacare is rather anemic. What's "Nurse Terri" say?

*widget boy cultureBen Cohen showers.

Steve-Grand-Matthew-Rettenmund-Boy-CultureMy snap of Steve Grand from his recent NYC trip.

*widget boy cultureSteve Grand on straight boys, conversion therapy and the Church. (My pic above.)

*widget boy cultureSpeaking of my pics: Here's a Work Unfriendly portrait of pornstar Sean Zevran's butt.

*widget boy cultureCyndi Lauper is not a fan of nostril photography.

*widget boy cultureSen. Dianne Feinstein (D-California) turns on the NSA.

*widget boy cultureHot model Quentin by Jason T. Jaskot.

*widget boy cultureIt's Britney, witch!

Witch-Britney_SpearsShe's British, bitch!

Oct 28 2013
Need To Know: Let Kelly Eat Cake, Okla-homo, Katy Perry's New Release = Cognitive Dissonance + MORE Comments (0)

Lady-Gaga-X-FactorGaga is losing it...her clothing, anyway.

*widget boy cultureGaga hugs Sharon Osbourne, does G-A-Y nude, camel-toes the line on X Factor.

*widget boy cultureBut Kelly Osbourne is not impressed. Josh Groban, neither. And he's a card. Love Out Loud (Charity Cover)

*widget boy cultureHow to run a gay bar in Mississippi.

*widget boy cultureWarren Nomi's anti-bullying single "Love Out Loud."

*widget boy cultureMale couple same-sex married in...Oklahoma???

*widget boy cultureOlivia Wilde and Jason Sudeikis are preggers.

Sexy-Instagram-menI have an "i" for beautiful men.

*widget boy cultureCome check out my sexy Instagram...unless you're allergic to male beauty. OctThierry Pepin1

*widget boy cultureHo-bag Katy Perry sniffs at ho-bags.

*widget boy cultureScorching-hot Thierry Pepin undies snaps.

*widget boy cultureRon Howard for Hillary Clinton.

*widget boy cultureMadonna loves nature, as well as art, freedom.

*widget boy cultureClive Barker announces Hellraiser reboot.

*widget boy cultureChris Brown is still an animal.

*widget boy cultureEpitome of cool/Downtown legend Lou Reed is dead at 71

Lou reedI saw him once with partner Laurie Anderson and was too gob-smacked to say so much as hello.

Jun 11 2013
I Can't Believe I Ate The Warhol Thing... Comments (5)
  Lot 125_Querelle
Lot 1_Pool Party
Lot 17_Male Nude
Lot 23_Self-Portrait in Drag
Lot 33_Bodybuilder
Lot 65_Philip Johnson and Truman Capote
Lot 78_Miguel Bose

© The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts, Inc.

I, uh, have no money. But I, uh, am totally going to bid on at least one of the lots in this fabulous-looking, online-only auction of Andy Warhol art to benefit The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts.

For Members Only: Eyes on the Guise will run from June 13—27.

Check out Michael Musto, Jesse Tyler Ferguson and Margaret Cho on Warhol.

May 19 2013
Death Of The Party: Michael Musto Fired, Village Voice R.I.P. Comments (7)


Tumblr_ltnfujFGFt1qhn2b2o1_500In case you haven't heard, Michael Musto, the longtime Village Voice nightlife reporter and gossip-with-a-purpose, was fired by the paper in a recent "bloodbath" of employees. What the bottom-liners at The Voice don't seem to realize is that in firing Michael Musto, they've voted to kill the paper off entirely. As the editor of a teen magazine I founded, I was often told, "You are that magazine." I always knew that wasn't entirely true, but I do think that proclamation applies to Michael Musto—he truly was the voice of The Village Voice.

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May 14 2013
Bringing Out The Breast In Us Comments (12)

More proof that the Internet makes dumb people dumber, mean people meaner, and suspicious people into paranoid conspiracy theorists: When Michael Musto first Facebooked Angelina Jolie's preventative double mastectomy news, the first comment was from a woman who theorized that Jolie was just using the specter of cancer as a smokescreen for replacing her saggy boobs. And she meant it.

I mean, Jesus...the woman did something radical to help herself and her family. I don't think I'd have the courage to do something similar. Good for her. I would think if she felt the need to have plastic surgery, she would be able to do that without coming up with any sort of cover story at all.

Feb 18 2013
You Can Do Whatever You Feel: Michael Musto's Disco Extravaganza Comments (0)

Michael-Musto-4The queen's throat

Disco-2Last night, we attended Michael Musto's Disco Extravaganza at 54 Below, a heart-filled effort to revive the disco era decades after its death under mysterious circumstances. (Did it die out naturally like the dinosaurs, or did those "disco sucks" schmucks commit foul play?) It was a lot of fun, even if the prominent stage in such an intimate space confused some attendees about whether they should be dannnncing, yeah!, or watching the performers. Holding it on the site of the original studio 54 was as good a way as any to conjure up the ghost of Disco Sally.

OrfehOrfeh was the opposite of "meh"

The evening began on point, with the bow-tied doorman bluntly but amusingly informing those who'd arrived with extra plus ones—even the esteemed photographer Patrick McMullan—that there was no way they were getting in. He was a one-man velvet rope!

Michael-Musto-1Musto said he was fulfilling his dream of bringing people together to appreciate disco

Inside, McMullan and others were snapping photos of those attendees who'd arrived in '70s wear. For anyone keeping score, the main drawback to polyester boogie shirts that haven't been worn since 1978 would be the smell. 

NY-CE157_GARDNE_DV_20130210183125Musto celebrating Halloween at Studio 54  in 1979

Nobody was giving blowjobs in the corner, coke dust wasn't raining from the roof and we didn't find any money hidden in the walls, but the 90-minute set list was satisfying, featuring the cruise-ship-ready stylings of Elektrik Company (great singers, great at shaming us for not dancing), the incomparable Orfeh (who blew us all away with her "Come to Me" and "Don't Leave Me This Way") and a rockin' and ramblin' "Y.M.C.A." by original Village People person Randy Jones.

Randy-JonesRandy said the glitzy setting made him feel like Liza, "...only younger!"

Musto himself, did a carbs-in-cheek, fatphobic (wait, that's an anachronism if we're back in the '70s) send-up of "I Will Survive" but was singing, seriously singing, on "Macho Man" and "Last Dance" (he noted he'd be a disco queen like Donna Summer, except gay-friendly, then asked, "Too soon?"). I'm not saying his vocals were a revelation, but he sounded better than Ethel Merman on her disco album.

DiscoHey, you guys!!! It's the Elektrik Company...

It was cool enough hearing those songs performed live, and then Tish & Snooky—original backing singers from Blondie and Downtown legends who were in the Drop-Outs and the Sic F*cks before opening Manic Panic—really lit a fire under us with their "Freak Out."

Snooky-and-TishC'est chic to "Freak Out" with Tisk & Snooky ("the one with no STDs," Musto clarified)

Steve Rubell would've been proud. And horny. And in need of some blow. After the fold, check out some of the musical highlights...

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Apr 11 2012
Hard Out Comments (1)

Paul Iacono, known for a part in Fame and as the titular star of MTV's big-dick comedy The Hard Times of R.J. Berger, has come out in an interview with Michael Musto. Good for him! I remember seeing him at Michael's last bash, so perhaps he's been grooming Iacono for this interview for a while!


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