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Jul 27 2012
Golden Boys Comments (1)

Ryan Lochte
Us (August 6, 2012) has an Olympics special with shots of Ryan Lochte (above), Michael Phelps (below)...

Michael Phelps
...Trey Hardee (below):

Trey Hardee
...and Brendan Hansen:

Olympics Brendan Hansen
Golden boys all!

Jul 03 2012
Like Mike Comments (2)

Michael Phelps Details shirtless
It's not up online yet, but Details has a Michael Phelps cover story for August 2012 as well as a feature on "Olympic fitness" that's sparingly illustrated with some gorgeous bods.

Two of my faves after the jump...

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Aug 02 2011
Athlete's Feet Comments (0)

Check out these athletes and more (including Michael Phelps and his gigantic feet) over at Chexy's pad.

Apr 20 2009
Prejean = Prima Donna Comments (1)


Following the defeat of Miss California Carrie Prejean at last night's Miss USA Pageant, this juicy comment appeared on Towleroad. Sounds like she was a bitch on wheels behind-the-scenes anyway, which might explain why, when the Second Runner-Up was called, Carrie_Prejean_2 she only kissed Miss North Carolina, pointedly ignoring Miss California.

Most importantly, he mentions that Ms. Prejean's pageant director is openly gay so is probably "none too fond" of her at the moment.

But what's this about her hooking up with Michael Phelps??? What was he smoking—oh, wait. Never mind!

UPDATE: The California chapter of the Miss USA Pageant released a statement expressing hurt over Prejean's comments. That has to be just about unprecedented...this tension arises over the conservatism of pageantry and yet the liberalism of the gay men who are an integral part of it...
Nov 21 2008
Man Crushes Of The Year Comments (0)


GQ's "Men Of The Year" issue (December 2008) reads like People's "Sexiest Man Alive" issue with all the choice beefcake inside.

Leonardo DiCaprio:




Rafael Nadal:


Sean Penn:


James Franco:


After the jump, Jon Hamm, Aaron Eckhart, Michael Phelps and Jason Statham...

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