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Mar 15 2016
6-PACK — U.S. About To Commit Trumpicide? + Trump Racking Up Impeachable Offenses + BROAD CITY Girls Are #WithHer + Uber Shooter Took App Very Seriously + John Stamos Covered In The Stuff + XENA: LESBIAN PRINCESS! Comments (0)

*widget boy cultureThis could be the day the U.S. decides to off itself.

*widget boy cultureDonald Trump probably violated the law in promising Ben Carson a job.

*widget boy cultureBroad City girls lose their sh*t over Hillary Clinton. Must be Floridians.

Screen-Shot-2016-03-15-at-11.54.39-AM-620x412Broad City's Hillary episode airs March 16 at 10 p.m. on Comedy Central (Image via Comedy Central)

*widget boy cultureSON OF UBER: Kalamazoo shooter says app controlled him.

*widget boy cultureSexy John Stamos, covered in goo.

*widget boy cultureXena: Warrior Princess reboot goes full-lesbian?

Xena-gabrielle-lovewins.article_x4(Image via NBC)

Mar 13 2016
Polls Show Trump Winning FL & IL, Not OH; Clinton Ahead In All Three (But, What's Up, IL?) Comments (0)

A batch of new polls promises that Tuesday night will be ... unsettling. Or very, very, very settling, as in nominees could be settled.

Worth noting: Florida and Ohio's delegates are winner take all on the GOP side. This Tuesday involves voting in those states plus Illinois, North Carolina, Missouri and the Northern Mariana Islands (for Dems).

The polls show Trump cleaning up in Florida and Illinois, but losing Ohio to Kasich, who is, at this point, no more than a spoiler/contest-convention-hopeful. Rubio/Kasich? Romney/Kasich? Cruz/Kasich?

The polls also show Hillary ahead by miles in Florida (I don't particularly understand that) and Ohio (ditto), but leading by a slim margin in Illinois, her actual home state. This sort of makes sense in that I don't think Illinois feels like her home state and Illinois has a very Michigan feel (but so does Ohio, so..?). It would probably embarrass her to lose Illinois again; last time, Obama was such an Illinois hometown hero, it was a foregone conclusion.

What would work out best for the Democrats on Tuesday—presuming Hillary is going to be the nominee anyway, which regardless of your preference is a pretty safe presumption—if for her to win them all, relegating Bernie to “you did surprisingly well, but are not going to win” status. He's already had a big impact on the race, so I wouldn't say he should or will quit on a dime ... (Keep reading after the jump)

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Mar 09 2016
6-PACK — Bernie Sanders Declares A PEOPLE'S REVOLUTION + You Liked Nancy Reagan? What Are You Smoking? + Wachowski Comes Out + BAD GIRL Digs + Missouri Dems Talk The Talk + Kim K's Butt ... Because Feminism! Comments (0)

*widget boy cultureSanders holds very impromptu presser just before big MI win.

*widget boy cultureLosing patience with liberals waxing nostalgic over Nancy Reagan: She sucked.

*widget boy cultureBoth of the Wachowski Brothers are sisters—welcome out, Lilly!

Giphy(“Bad Girl” GIF via Warner Bros.)

*widget boy cultureMadonna's “Bad Girl” music video apartment location re-discovered in NYC!

*widget boy cultureMissouri Dems filibuster anti-gay bill for 24+hours. (Southern Dems count, y'all.)

*widget boy cultureThe state of feminism in 2016: Stars brawl over Kim Kardashian's T&A

Mar 08 2016
Sanders Has Historic Surprise Win In MI Primary, Clinton Dominates In MS, Republicans Still Like Trump Comments (0)

Hillary Clinton has narrowly lost the Michigan primary to Bernie Sanders, in spite of polls showing her winning by 20+% (and the normally reliable Nate Silver's FiveThirtyEight giving her a greater than 99% chance of winning).

Sanders will win by around 20,000 votes, meaning they will split the delegates. Still, the win should psych up his supporters in places like Ohio, where Clinton is also—for now!—expected to win in a week. A week's a long time!

Hopefully, for Clinton voters like me, this defeat will remind voters not to rely on huge leads in polls—the only polls that matter are the ones on election day.

For those keeping track, it is still seen as nearly impossible for Sanders to win the nomination; there are simply too many delegates he'd have to make up, and this will likely be his only major upset. As much of an upset as it genuinely is, for which he and his supporters deserve credit, it does not fundamentally change the race.

But it's a big win.

Trump won big in Michigan and Mississippi, but Cruz took Idaho.

Neither side's primary is over!

6-PACK — Needling Brett Lawrie + No Asylum For Gay Iranian Couple + Mariah Carey STILL Doesn't Know J.Lo (Use Wikipedia, Girl) + Janet Jackson's Very Breakable Tour + Hillary Surges, Bernie's Fingers Crossed In MI + Trump To Gay Marriage: SIT DOWN! Comments (0)


(Image © Brett Lawrie/via Instagram @blawrie1515)

*widget boy cultureBrett Lawrie's acupuncture sesh—here.

*widget boy cultureIranian men seeking Australian asylum sent to Nauru—where it's also illegal to be gay.

*widget boy cultureVIDEO: Mariah Carey still doesn't know J.Lo!

Tumblr_m41aygNfBB1r15uyio2_r4_250(GIF from here)

*widget boy cultureJanet Jackson calls off entire European tour.

*widget boy cultureHillary surges nationally, expected to clean up today, Sanders needs MI.

*widget boy cultureDonald Trump refuses to answer gay-marriage question: “Sit down.”

Mar 06 2016
Bernie Shushes Hillary In Contentious Debate From Flint, Michigan Comments (0)

Gotta say, I don't think rude and cranky is a good look for Bernie Sanders. Bernie's strength in the debates thus far—and I feel Hillary has bested him every time, if not be a whole lot—is that he's remained cool, calm, respectful. Maybe too much so; it's hard to imagine anyone taking the high road with Donald Trump, for example.

But in this latest debate, from Flint, Bernie sounds angry. I just don't think it's going to pay dividends in my home state. I could be wrong, and of course, as always, Bernie raises many valid points and does not come off as slippery, which Hillary can do at times. (I would be slippery, too, if the Republicans had sued me and tried to put me in jail for 25 years!)

Feb 22 2016
Alleged Kalamazoo Uber Killer Jason Dalton Made Stops During Killing Spree Comments (0)

More details on the eerily calm Uber driver who—apparently, randomly—killed innocent people while still making stops.

One of the alleged killer's fares claims he jokingly asked Dalton point-blank, “You're not the shooter, are you?” and Dalton denied it.

Feb 09 2016
6-PACK — Kathryn Knott That Innocent + Wicked Gay Return + Selfless Kim Davis Selfie? + Michigan Outlaws Funnest Sex + REAL SISTER WIVES OF NEW YORK + Steven Avery's Twins' Verdict! Comments (0)

Kathryn-KnottKnott as seen in publicly released surveillance footage (L) and in her public mug shot (R)

*widget boy cultureGay-bashing Kathryn Knott sentenced to 5 to 10 months in jail.

*widget boy cultureWicked Gay Blog is back!

*widget boy cultureWhy this gay dude took a selfie with Kim Davis.

*widget boy cultureWHAT WATER CRISIS?: MI Republicans outlaw sodomy.

*widget boy cultureRamona Singer dated LuAnn de Lesseps's fiancé.

*widget boy cultureSteven Making a Murderer Avery's twin sons speak out on his guilt.

Steven-Avery-twin-sons-Making-MurdererVideo still via Crime Watch Daily