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Jul 02 2015
Mika's Very Good, Very Gay New Record Comments (0)

Screen Shot 2015-06-26 at 1.41.26 AM

It's no secret that Mika has gay fans. His new album No Place in Heaven (itself an obvious gay reference) is chock-full of gay-inspired music, too.

“Good Guys,” a song written by Mika with Skyler Stonestreet is an homage to his teen heroes all of whom were gay or thought to be gay:

It’s not the cowboys

that are missing anymore

That problem was already old in ’94

Don’t be offended

this might seem a little wrong

But where have all the gay guys gone

To the romance when I was 14 years old

To my heroes that were dressing up in gold

Only hoping one day I could be so bold

Where have all the gay guys gone

If we are all in the gutter

It doesn’t change who we are

Cuz some of us in the gutter

Are looking up at the stars

Tell me where have all the good guys gone

Thank you Rufus,

thank you Auden and James Dean

Thank you Emerson and Bowie for my dreams

Wilfred Owen, Kinsey, Whitman and Rimbaud

Thank you Warhol, thank you patience,

thank you Porter and Cocteau

The song sounds like its allowing for gay people to be less than perfect, but urging us to aspire to be big, bold, brash, memorable. The gutter reference is an allusion to a The Picture of Dorian Gray line, and there are “Where Have All the Flowers Gone?” (Pete Seeger, 1955) and “Where Have All the Cowboys Gone?” (Paula Cole, 1997) echoes as well.

As underscored by his publicist:

“By asking where have all the gay guys gone, Mika poses a question on the relevance of gay icons nowadays, wonders where bold, challenging, rules breaking heroes may be today.”

The video for the song, which is a European single, was shot in London, directed by KT Alueta and co-choreographed by Mika.

The American single is the pop smile-inducer “Talk About You” ... hopefully, we'll get the gay song, too!


On a related note, in case you missed it, Mika has also released a Web video of the song “Last Party,”  directed by Peter Lindbergh. The song was directly inspired by the story of the three-day party Freddy Mercury gave when he found out he was HIV positive.

Check out that video after the jump ...

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Nov 01 2013
Monsieur X Comments (0)
Out singer Mika is now a judge on X Factor Italia, becoming a superstar in Italy in the process. Now, he's landed on the cover of Vanity Fair Italy.
Jun 02 2013
A Case Of The X Comments (0)

Two exclusive shots of Mika in Italy, just after completing judging duties on X Factor in Genoa. Wish he were a judge on an American show; I'm sure he has a lot of insight and would charm audiences.

MikaCourtesy of Giulio Mazzoleni

May 30 2013
Be Italian Comments (0)

MikaElio, Morgan, Simona Ventura & Mika

Mika, already famous in Italy, is now poised for superstardom after learning to speak Italian in advance of a coveted gig as an X Factor judge.

Oct 17 2012
Need To Know Comments (0)

Thom EvansDrawing attention to Thom-Thom's club

Boy culture WIDGETThom Evans spreads the love.

Boy culture WIDGETTerrorist attack on NYC's Federal Reserve thwarted by FBI.

Boy culture WIDGETWhat's so great about reproduction?

Boy culture WIDGETSip some of his tea.

Mika_tallBoy culture WIDGETMika co-wrote five songs in an afternoon, including Madonna's "Gang Bang".

Boy culture WIDGETBeyoncé to tear up the Super Bowl.

Boy culture WIDGETTowel boy.

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Boy culture WIDGETAssociate Provost of Diversity and Inclusion at Gallaudet is a poster-girl for discrimination.

Boy culture WIDGETDebate questioner Katherine Fenton is still undecided, has been smeared by the right as a "feminazi."

Boy culture WIDGETMitt Romney's "binders" lie didn't work out too well for him:

Sep 11 2012
Love, Mika Comments (0)
Origin of Love Artwork
Mika's got another video for his single "Origin of Love" from his new CD of the same name, out October 16 in the U.S. (with iTunes pre-orders starting September 18)—and the video is after the jump...

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Jun 08 2012
Mika You Happy Comments (1)

New video leak: Mika will "Make You Happy".

Mar 02 2012
Stepping Into Her World: The MDNA Listening Party Comments (37)

Madonna MDNA new pictureThis is me, rain-soaked, after the listening party (notice anything?)

Tonight, a dream came true—I was invited to Liz Rosenberg's office for a Madonna listening party. It wasn't for Like a Prayer and this wasn't 1989, but MDNA lived up to my expectations and Liz always surpasses them.

In a nutshell: Write my Orbituary, MDNA is a beautiful killer. (I'm equally in love with Orbit's work, which is with more personal-sounding songs as I am with Solveig's clubbier creations.)


As I was about to share with my new pal Sergio Kletnoy, seeing that legendary profile on Liz in The New York Times in '92 (a backlash pill meant to allow for something positive to be said about Madonna at a time when she was being excoriated everywhere) made me want to be in her nerve center so badly. My longtime friend Giulio got to visit Liz in her Warner Bros. offices (complete with the hair dryers from Blond Ambition!) a few years ago, but her new digs are still special.

PreviewScreenSnapz001Jealous of my 21 Jump Street pen?

Got there early to find only a couple of people (it was later packed) ignoring the fabulous hors d'oeuvres and cupcakes, things Madonna probably hasn't eaten since she was dating Basquiat and was stealing food out of Dumpsters. The sound was pumped to the point of distortion, with "Gang Bang" blaring. It's an assault-on-the-senses kind of ditty, so it was perfect to walk into a wall of it.

IMG_5895nSergio, Liz, Nadia & Matt

My Russian doll Sergio arrived, we finally met in the flesh and I spent most of my time engrossed in conversation with him about our mutual obsession. It was like sex addicts meeting to talk about favorite blowjobs—it went on and on and never got old. Also got to chat with Liz's beautiful and indulgent assistant Nadia (she must know that fans like Sergio and I should probably be handled with tongs and Hazmat suits, but like the wife in The Painted Veil, Nadia mixes and mingles out of the goodness of her heart) and my longtime so-many-mentor Denis, and of course with lovely Liz.


People seemed to be having fun so were either acting and couldn't wait to declare Madonna over once back in front of their computers or were actually enjoying the record.

The highlight of the night was when Liz and Nadio cranked "Gang Bang" and danced to it at the head of the table for everyone. "'Gang Bang' is my favorite song, go figure," Liz announced.

I'll do a full review after I've legitimately heard this album in a focused setting, but here are some thoughts to chew on—at least it's not from someone anonymous!

"Girl Gone Wild" (still listed as "Girls" in my hand-out, oopsy) opens the album and is, for my money, a scorching-hot song. Is it "Madonna?" No; she didn't write it or anything. But it's a terrific opener and undeniable (to me) fun. "Gang Bang" is like "GGW" on female Viagra (chocolate?)—it's a dark, driving club stomper, aggressive as hell. It has a techno edge that reminded me superficially of "Control" by Traci Lords. (A song I love. And please don't take any of my comparisons too literally; there was nothing that sounded...reductive.) Mika came up with this???

"Turn Up the Radio" is a sweeping, joyous pop-dance song as anthemic as "Get Together," one of my very favorite post-Ray of Light songs. "Give Me All Your Luvin'" sticks out like a sore thumb on this album. I remain a fan of it, but it's not near the top of my MDNA list.

Loved hearing "Superstar," complete with Lola singing backing vocals! A charming and fluffy song ("ooooh, la la!") that felt for me like "Little Star" had grown up and was having fun.

The suite of songs "Love Spent," "Masterpiece" and "Falling Free" is probably going to please any Madonna fan I've ever met. They're beautifully sung and are not cursed with oversimplified lyrics, nor do they sound like they care much if asinine radio programmers will like them. "Falling Free" is my fave song of the album so far, gorgeously sung, a total stand-out. Go, Joe Henry! Keep it together, indeed.

Now, I'd heard the bonus tracks were to die for, but who knew that a rumor would be true times 10? "Beautiful Killer" is a fucking great Orbit-sounding Solveig song (could Orbit really not have had a hand in this one???). How in the HELL this is not on the album proper, how in the HELL this is not a title track, I'll never understand. Even the cringe-inducing title "I Fucked Up" turns out to be a really pretty, plaintive pop song. "B-day Song" didn't seem to have its guest star—M.I.A. was M.I.A.

At some point, Nicki Minaj declares Madonna the only queen.

I genuinely loved most of what I heard. I would be shocked if many people didn't feel this was a vast improvement over Hard Candy which, let's be honest, was a good record. There are definitely songs on here that are personal, uplifting and inspiring mixed among the far louder "I'm still hot and young, fuck me in any hole you can!" club crushers.

More news...

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