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Dec 13 2017
SAG-Bashing + He's Outta There + Omarosa Gone, Girl + Trumps' Votes Disqualified + Moore Bitchin' + Gary The Dog Fight — 6-PACK! Comments (0)

Above, Ben Cohen is Dad forever.

Keep reading for the SAG nominations, an exiting gay ump, Omarosa's final bow and much more ...

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Oct 18 2017
Mother Of Gender-Fluid Teen Whose Murder Has Attracted Federal Attention: IT SHOULDN'T HAVE TAKEN FOR A CHILD TO LOSE HIS LIFE Comments (0)

635933040571663551-0312-Kedarie-Johnson-13It's a remarkably positive development that Donald Trump's extremely anti-LGBTQ AG Jeff Sessions has sent a federal hate crimes attorney to assist in prosecuting a man accused of shooting dead a gender-fluid high school kid in Iowa ... but the victim's mom is nobly calling for more than just help for her own case.

Katrina Johnson, whose 16-year-old child Kedarie was shot and killed in 2016, is reacting to the Trump Administration's out-of-nowhere assistance in the wake of the DOJ's other, aggressively anti-LGBTQ moves ...

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Sep 27 2017
Murder Of Trans Girl Involved Stabbing Her Genitals, Cops Don't Think It's A Hate Crime Comments (0)

170927-weill-trans-murder-tease_nv0xsxAlly Steinfeld came out as trans this year, saying she was “proud to be me.”

Months later, she was brutally murdered in what is being described as a plot by a group of teens who stabbed her in her genitals.

Why isn't her murder being investigated as a hate crime? The answer is all kinds of “white lives matter” ...

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Aug 14 2017
Missouri School Censors Pro-Gay Yearbook Quotes From 2 Out Students Comments (0)

Screen Shot 2017-08-14 at 2.29.51 PMTwo Kearney, Missouri,  high school students who are openly gay (in Missouri — God bless) contributed cute, pro-gay quotes to go under their pictures in their yearbook, only to discover their quotes had been censored — without so much as a warning.

Keep reading for their quotes, their earnest interview with KCTV (they're really sweet) and a response from their principal and the school superintendent ...

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May 11 2017
Again, Can We Get A Separation Of Church And Hate? GOP Rep Says Gays Aren't Human Beings Comments (0)

C_gvzwRUIAAoR6RIt's unreal that a monster like this could hold any government position. (Image via

Fusion: Rep. Rick Brattin (R-Missouri) stood on his state's House floor during discussion of a (failed) statewide LGBT rights bill and said:

When you look at the tenets of religion, of the Bible, of the Qu'ran, of other religions, there is a distinction between homosexuality and just being a human being.

So guess again, gay people who criticize other gay people for being too flamboyant, too in-their-face — these people do not hate conservative gay people less, they hate us all, and if they had a chance, they would be rid of us, period.

In fact, after the LGBT rights bill failed, guess what passed? That's right — a bill that added speedbumps into the process by which people could sue for discrimination.

America is fading fast.

Oct 14 2016
Raped In Jail, Then Sent A Bill For It Comments (0)

Screen Shot 2016-10-14 at 9.51.51 AMRape should never, ever occur in prison. (Video still via FOX13)

Via Crime Watch Daily: This is an example of why I am touchy when people make easy prison-rape jokes, even when referring to highly unlikable inmates:

One man who was sent to jail—not federal prison—for 30 days for violating his probation on a marijuana charge (which already shouldn't be illegal) says he was raped by a fellow inmate, that the inmate then traded what sounds like drugs with a guard, that he was then immediately raped again and that when he was sent for medical treatment ... he was handed a $920 bill for the ambulance ride.

The victim claims he was also strongly urged to recant his story by another prison guard, who said he was friends with the rapist.

Watch/listen to his story after the jump ...

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Jun 23 2016
6-PACK — Music Man + Pulse Victim's Final Indignity + Trump Is Anti-LGBT — Get Over It + Hillary's Veepstakes + Miss Missouri Is An Out Lesbian + SCOTUS Effs Up Immigration! Comments (0)

57680bb32200002d00f81ecd(Image via Nick Deutsch)

*widget boy cultureHow hard can it be to love a man when he looks and sounds like Nick Deutsch?

*widget boy culturePulse victim's body went unclaimed when father refused to do it out of contempt for his son's homosexuality.

*widget boy cultureDonald Trump won't even commit to issuing an LGBT Pride Month proclamation as prez, you stupid Gays for Trump.

*widget boy cultureDon't get too excited about Veep Elizabeth Warren—Tim Kaine is coming on strong.

*widget boy cultureWith her selection as Miss Missouri, Erin O'Flaherty becomes first-ever lesbian Miss America contestant.

*widget boy cultureBAD DECISIONS: SCOTUS deadlocks on immigration, meaning no more action on the issue through rest of O presidency. Freddie Gray cop gets off.

Mar 15 2016
Clean Sweep: Hillary Buries Bernie In Key States of FL, OH & NC; Wins IL In Close Call; Wins MO By Skin Of Her Teeth Comments (0)

Hillary Clinton's path to becoming the first female presidential nominee of one of the two major political parties just got clearer: She dominated in North Carolina, Florida and, somewhat surprisingly, in Ohio.

She won Illinois, which was not called by CNN until about 12:15 a.m.

Screen Shot 2016-03-16 at 12.23.21 AM(Screen grab via CNN)

As of this writing, she's trailing slightly in Missouri and leading slightly in Illinois.

Looking at which votes have yet to be counted, it's possible her position could switch in both states; either way, by winning big in the big states and by keeping it close in the rest, she will extend her delegate lead tonight—big-time.

10378539_10209262096655381_5211573232749899050_n(Image by Fritz Liess)

She won in Missouri by approximately .2%. That's POINT TWO. Something like 1,531 votes.

Screen Shot 2016-03-16 at 1.18.59 AMOopsie-daisy! (Screen grab via Google/HuffingtonPost)

She was classy in her speech toward Bernie Sanders, who had a really bad night. Sanders apparently didn't congratulate Hillary in his speech. WTF?

I can only surmise that in Michigan, lots of cross-over voters who figured she had it in the bag voted as Republicans, and the surprise loss there lit a fire under her supporters in Ohio. Still, her dominance in the historically important swing state of Ohio is a shocker.

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