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Dec 11 2012
Morgan Freeman To Be Her Campaign Manager? Comments (3)
Ashley Judd is making noises that she might run for Senate in her home state against longtime Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-Kentucky), an idea that I originally found far-fetched...until a poll showed that even before lifting a finger she's only four points behind the guy.
Dec 02 2012
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Oct 27 2010
Lofty Goals Comments (4)

I'm pleasantly surprised the Democrats got off their asses and did this gimme of an effective ad. It's a bit late in the game, but the game ain't over so there's no reason not to keep playing hard...

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Aug 25 2010
I Take Them At Their Words Comments (2)

Gee, I don't know why so many people mistakenly believe President Obama is a Muslim. I mean, it's not like it's been repeated in the tabloids (the above is the current issue of Globe), asserted by right-wing leaders (Rev. Franklin Graham notes he was "born a Muslim" and possesses "the seed of Islam") and alluded to passively by everyone from Hillary Clinton (back in the day) to Mitch McConnell (just the other day).

I was fascinated to read that this kind of religious conspiracy theorizing also haunted Abraham Lincoln ("slurred" as a Catholic) and FDR ("slurred" as a Jew). It's never correct, but it correctly exposes which religious group is currently the most loathed.