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May 19 2013
Need To Know: Tyson's A Knock-Out, Romney Sniffs At Obama, France's Final Oui To Marriage + MORE Comments (0)

Tyson-BallouHot Ballou

*widget boy cultureTyson Ballou is summer-ready.

*widget boy cultureBROKEN NEWS: Phylllis Diller celebrating Barbra Streisand in 2001.

*widget boy cultureMitt Romney not a fan of Barack Obama's. (Who cares?)

*widget boy cultureColorado Republican storms away angrily from Aurora victim's dad.

*widget boy cultureMarriage equality in France is a done deal.

*widget boy cultureCannes shooter: "It really appears to be a crazy guy." 

*widget boy cultureCatholic loon Bill Donhue jumps on the IRS wahhh!mbulance.

*widget boy cultureJason Bateman & Will Arnett give 'em something' to talk about:

Jason-BatemanAn arresting development.

Mar 29 2013
Need To Know: You Say You Want An Evolution, Marriage-Equality Foot-Draggers, Bernhard Pretends It's 1988 + MORE Comments (0)

CallumbluepeenmaybeBlue movie

*widget boy cultureCallum Blue's best "part" ever.

*widget boy culture13-year-old boy stopped, frisked and emasculated. Vogueing

*widget boy cultureGloria Gaynor vs. cancer.

*widget boy cultureSen. Lisa Murkowski (R-Alaska) is "evolving" on marriage.

*widget boy cultureAre gays really too powerful to protect?

*widget boy cultureProminent teabagger plays the NAMBLA card.

*widget boy cultureReporter planned to murder this rapist.

*widget boy cultureSNARKS & PROCREATION: Marriage not only for spawning.

*widget boy cultureWho was early, who was late on marriage equality.

*widget boy cultureDenny Fouts: The best-kept boy in the world.

*widget boy cultureMitt Romney happy to be "normal." DennyFouts

*widget boy cultureOUT OF THE MOUTHS OF BABES: Amanda Bynes imparts wisdom

*widget boy cultureAnderson Cooper and Kathy Griffin phone the Ryan Gosling Help Line.

*widget boy cultureSandra Bernhard dishes on Madonna and trashes Anderson Cooper.

*widget boy cultureMichelle Visage is "just sayin'" Madonna didn't invent vogueing.

*widget boy cultureMadonna's latest Instagram = Joan Crawford by Hurrell. LOVES.


Feb 22 2013
For Those Who Consider Jimmy Carter Useless... Comments (0)
President Obama reportedly thanked Jimmy Carter's grandson, James Carter IV, for his role in the release of Mitt Romney's infamous "47% tape."
Feb 03 2013
Need To Know Comments (1)

6a00e54fb7301c8834017c36706456970b-500wiSuits me just fine

*widget boy cultureJakub Bandoch uncovers self, covers Instinct.

*widget boy cultureScott Evans co-stars with Matt Bomer's butt.

*widget boy cultureAmerican Sniper author shot and killed at gun range.

*widget boy cultureEven Chris Wallace thinks Wayne LaPierre is ridiculous.

*widget boy cultureJustin Bieber mounts a horse.

*widget boy cultureSen. Ann Romney (R-Massachusetts)?

*widget boy cultureAnother bigot refuses to sell cake to gay lovebirds.

*widget boy cultureEd Koch's video self-eulogy: "Do ya miss me?":

Grave Knobber Comments (0)
André Cassagnes, the inventor of the Etch-a-Sketch, has died at age 86. And now, Mitt Romney can finally have a good cry over what went down in '12.
Dec 23 2012
Need To Know Comments (0)

Widget boy cultureNick Youngquest unbuttons for Dorian. Beyonce-Colton-Haynes-Santa-Daddy-Saddle-gay-humor

Widget boy cultureMadonna's final MDNA gig suffers a power outage.

Widget boy cultureAre you in the market for a daddy saddle?

Widget boy cultureNRA's Wayne LaPierre: "Call me crazy." Okay.

Widget boy cultureCelebs for gun control.

Widget boy cultureBanana slicer's reviews a tad sarcastic.

Widget boy culture20 pop hits of 2012 by Made in Brazil.

Widget boy cultureColton Haynes & mommy make Santa sandwich.

Widget boy cultureBackground on Romney's drive to be prez.

Widget boy cultureCharges against Lt. Dan Choi dropped.

Widget boy cultureTwo of Malcolm Forbes's sons are gay just like dad was?:

Dec 06 2012
Need To Know Comments (1)

O-JOSH-PACHECO-SUICIDE-570So sweet he even apologized in his suicide note for not being strong

Widget boy cultureBullying pushes Josh Pacheco a Fenton, MI, teenager, to suicide.

Widget boy cultureSupreme Court strikes down Mexico's anti-equality law. Barbra-Streisand-Jan-Brewer-Lady-Gaga-Dave-Brubeck-Dita-Von-Teese-Madonna

Widget boy cultureGov. Jan Brewer "slugged" the climate-curious reporter.

Widget boy cultureCurtains: Maestro Dave Brubeck, Music Man's Susan Luckey.

Widget boy cultureDita Von Teese's ultimate style icon: Madonna.

Widget boy cultureOpinions on gay rights are rapidly changing.

Widget boy culture"You can't say, 'Gay once, gay always.'"—various quacks

Widget boy cultureGay-bashing Miami cop gets job back.

Widget boy cultureFrench sperm quality totally sucks.

Widget boy cultureJulie Andrews can sing "Old Man River"—not much else.

Widget boy cultureWorkers in Belarus banned from quitting.

Widget boy cultureBarbra Streisand might cast Lady Gaga in Gypsy.

Widget boy cultureGay Secretary of Commerce for Obama?

Widget boy cultureWorld's oldest woman dies at 116.

Widget boy cultureRyan & Rubio distance themselves from Romney.

Widget boy cultureChanning Tatum taking a breather.

Channing-tatum-shared-picture-2002445262I thought we were on a break!

Nov 30 2012
Need To Know Comments (0)

Mormon-Kama-SutraWhen every position is the missionary position

Widget boy cultureThe Kama Sutra re-enacted by Mormon missionaries.

Widget boy cultureObama/Romney lunch meeting was hand-shaky. Pool-shirtless

Widget boy cultureHere are the polls that made Romney believe he'd win.

Widget boy culture"Greg" by Lionel Andre is hot and wet.

Widget boy cultureBrowns player Tank Carder goes unpunished for "fag" rant.

Widget boy cultureBritish man fighting 50-year-old criminal record for being gay.

Widget boy cultureKatie Holmes hits Broadway again.

Widget boy culture$pend the day with Lady Gaga.

Widget boy culturePerfect 10: Hot, free Madonna remixes.

Widget boy cultureTwilight's 18-year-old gym buff strips in a parking lot.

Widget boy cultureNJ Dems want Hillary in '16, prefer Christie as guv to two of their own kind.

Widget boy culture"The Middle Class Cats of Instagram." Purrrfect.

Cat-instagram-kitty-enhanced-buzz-3533-1353990844-0These pussies are a riot