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Mar 01 2017
Beefcake By The Ocean: Barrett Pall Comments (0)

Screen Shot 2017-03-01 at 11.41.59 AM(Image via Instagram)

Feb 28 2017
Pietro Boselli: Boy Of Summer Comments (0)

Example1-VMAN SS17(Image by Steven Klein for VMan, collaged by Portis Wasp)

Feb 27 2017
Cape Cod Bod: New Duds From Javier Echenique Comments (0)

Screen Shot 2017-02-27 at 4.49.15 PM

Screen Shot 2017-02-27 at 4.50.54 PM

Check out this model in S/S '17 12:05 Cape Cod Collection clothes by Javier Echenique. He sure ain't ugly.

Screen Shot 2017-02-27 at 4.50.14 PM

From a press release:

The collection, inspired by the artistic and bohemian Cape Cod, is a daring fusion between art and fashion. Each piece is based off of Echenique’s signature sand paintings, part of the Crystal Riviyera Custom Series.

I hear the showing at the Ted Chapin Studio last week was fashionably fun. More here!

Two more shirtless shots after the jump ...

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Spencer's Gift: SELFISH Comments (0)

Screen Shot 2017-02-27 at 2.38.13 PM(Video still via Spencer Sutherland)

Model Spencer Sutherland also sings! Check out his video for “Selfish” after the jump ...

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Feb 23 2017
Your Nightly Briefing: Michael H. For All American Guys Comments (0)

Allamericanguys-michaelh-02(All images via All American Guys)

Via All American Guys, check out Michael H.


From the site:

The super sexy and built Michael H. is a native of South Florida, born and raised. He enjoys lifting weights and is working on getting known in the fitness modeling circuit as a physique competitor. Michael breeds dogs and also enjoys outdoor activities such as fishing. Check out All American Guys for lots of video footage of the not-shy muscle hunk. Also get some promotional images here with this post, in addition to a teaser video.


More here! More shots after the jump ...

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You're Welcome: Nick Sandell Comments (0)

Screen Shot 2017-02-23 at 12.17.01 AM(Video still via Ali Evans Photography)

Just a taste of fitness model Nick Sandell ...

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Feb 22 2017
6-PACK — Boy Bander's Big Talent + Model Travel Diary + Madonna's Twin's Dad Cries Foul + Why You Can't Be Christian & Support Trump + Justice For Murdered Gay Teen + 7 New Planets + Mug Shot Heaven Comments (0)

UrzTJoxKDel Vechio has many followers. Wonder why? (Image via Eduardo Del Vechio)

WIDGETBrazilian boy bander Eduardo Del Vechio's big, honkin' D. (Work Unfriendly) Gay power of the oral persuasion. Plus: Superhot Charlie Matthews, a day in the life: 

WIDGETBio dad of Madonna's new twin girls insists he was tricked. (Dude, they were in an orphanage, not a gas station.)

WIDGETSING IT, SISTER!: This woman nails why Christians for Trump are like Jews for Nazis:

WIDGETWill there be justice for Rashawn Brazell? Arrest made in case ofBrooklyn gay teen murdered/dismembered in 2005.

WIDGETThere are seven newly discovered, Earth-sized planets that may have water on them, and that three are potentially inhabitable!

WIDGETMUG SHOT HEAVEN: The oh-so-very-sophisticated hipster who ran a drug den. Allegedly. Plus: He IS the lawFace tattoo screams COP KILLER.

53f489a1-612c-414d-aef0-44f24a1f996d-large16x9_evangelotavelaris.PNGEvangelo Tavelaris (Image via 13 WHAM ABC)

Feb 20 2017
Gonna Make You BWET Comments (0)






(Images by Adrian C. Martin)
Pedro Heffernan in BWET (Portside Collection 2017) by Adrian C. Martin. More after the jump ...

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