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Sep 16 2014
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Sep 14 2014
Need To Know: Up In The Hair + GOOPs! She Did It Again + Madame President + Didn't Ask Didn't Tell + MORE! Comments (0)

Mike-StalkerAre you a stalker Stalker?

*widget boy cultureMike Stalker's legs are hairy, chest is smooth...wonder what else is hairless?

*widget boy cultureA courageous young Texan's coming-out story.

*widget boy cultureMartha Stewart says Gwyneth Paltrow “needs to be quiet.”

*widget boy cultureHillary Clinton is running for president, duh.

*widget boy cultureISIL beheads British aid worker David Haines.

*widget boy cultureComing Out Under Fire (1994) makes a comeback.

Coming_out_under_fire-01Military service: What a drag!

*widget boy cultureFashion Week posers skewered by Jimmy Kimmel.

*widget boy cultureTexas teacher dodges sex charges by marrying his 16yo girlfriend.

*widget boy cultureArkansas judiciary stacks the deck against gay marriage.

*widget boy cultureMaher IDs the dude keeping “twentysomethings in their parents' basements.”

*widget boy cultureZimmerman threatens motorist: “Do you know who I am? I'll fucking kill you!”

*widget boy cultureMadonna collaborator Patrick Leonard teaming up with Leonard Cohen.

*widget boy cultureEven Russell Crowe's own kid wants him to get out of his face.

*widget boy cultureGuess whose tits these are:

JACKSON-SPIDELL-BARECHESTEDI love him, a bushel and two pecs!

Sep 12 2014
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Via Calvin Klein.

Sep 11 2014
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Hot model

Sep 08 2014
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Nick Bateman looks like this.

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They call me Bruce (Weber).

Sep 07 2014
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  Underwear-2 Underwear-3 Underwear-4 Underwear-5 Underwear-6 Underwear-1

FU Underwear introduces its Triathlon Cut, modeled by Tony and shot by Vaughn Stewart.

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