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Sep 07 2014
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Sep 05 2014
Suits Me Just Fine: The Naldo Montanez Swimwear Show Comments (0)
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When I received a very sweet personal invite to the swimwear show by Naldo Montanez, I realized that after 22 years in NYC, I had never attended a fashion show, let alone one during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week...it was a must-go.

Eduardo-Joy-Just-OnceHats off to Eduardo

I wasn't sure what to expect, but when I arrived I had a front-row seat next to charming Eduardo Joy, the creative force behind Just Once, who designed all the headwear the models would be wearing.

His hats are slick, inventively visual takes on the standard baseball cap; the one he pulled off of his head for me to inspect was basically wearable art and felt like it could be worn successfully through a hurricane.

Naldo-MontanezI was so close it was practically a Matt-walk.

The show was impressive, and not only because I wanted to make babies with every model. Well, at least the ones with whom I could not physically make one.


Male-model-assI'd love to own that suit. No, I mean, that actual suit.

If I had a waist, you couldn't keep me out of Naldo's retro-sexual briefs, which are chic and classic.

Hot-guyBlond. James, Blond.

Because chic and classic can veer into boring if you're not careful, Naldo includes some eye-popping tops (don't say it) in bold colors as well as some pretty luxurious wraps.


Holding handsGotta hand it to them

Of course, Naldo had everyone's attention from the moment his show began, sending two hand-holding studs down the catwalk—gay never goes out of style.

Fashion-weekThe front row was exactly how I'd hoped it would be...

After, the show was over so fast I didn't get to fulfill my fantasy of cornering models backstage for impromptu and revealing photo ops, but I did grab these two—two of the best!—in their street clothes on their way to whatever comes after a perfect afternoon:

IMG_9088I asked if I could take their picture and the unspoken response was, “Duh.”

Sep 04 2014
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Jane BadlerSay hi to Jane on Facebook!

Jane Badler, 60, the bad-ass bitch from V (1983 TV movie, 1984 mini-series and both 1984—1985 and 2011 TV series), is looking seriously overdressed in this preview shot from a spread in Crush.


Sep 01 2014
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Two more supersexy shots from photographer Rick Stockwell, this time of built-like-a-brick-shithouse Blake French. One more after the jump...

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Aug 29 2014
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More hot stuff from Rick Stockwell, including another shot of model Ben Horen after the jump...

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Casey Jackson wasn't even a professional model a month ago. I think he's off to a great start!

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