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Sep 25 2014
In The Name Of Love: A Review Of PRIDE Comments (0)

PridePride is a rare gay film that isn't about sex and romantic entanglements.

BOY CULTURE REVIEW: **** out of ****

Writer Stephen Beresford and director Matthew Warchus (1999's Simpatico with Nick Nolte, Jeff Bridges and Sharon Stone) have crafted the perfect '80s gay movie in 2014's Pride, which tells the feel-good-'n'-Socialist story of Great Britain's striking miners of the summer of '84 and the unlikely alliance between them and a group of gay activists.

Mark-Ashton-PrideThe late Mark Ashton (L) and Ben Schnetzer (R), who ably brings him to life in Pride

In 1984, with miners on strike and being starved out by heartless right-wing PM Margaret Thatcher (her face in the film begs for boos), a grassroots group calling itself LGSM (Lesbians and Gays Support the Miners) decides to align itself with the cause of the miners, recognizing fellow underdogs. Their efforts are met with some resistance from the workers, who don't look too kindly on perverts and fairies, but they are ultimately welcomed and open minds even as they work to collect donations.

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May 27 2014
Need To Know: Instastuds + Saw, Too + HEART Attacked & Praised + Swear-In Closets + Hot Jocks + MORE! Comments (0)

Edward-WildingHis expression says, “I know...right???”

*widget boy cultureMale models Instagramming in their undies.

*widget boy cultureMad Men's other brother.

*widget boy cultureJapanese pop group AKB48 attacked by saw-bearing fan.

*widget boy cultureFacebook director slams media in epic rant.

*widget boy cultureKanye's wedding speech was puke-inducingly narcissistic.

*widget boy culturePro Normal Heart review: “Sometimes yelling is required.”

*widget boy culturePro Normal Heart review: Bomer & Parsons rule, shoulda been a miniseries.

*widget boy culturePositive Normal Heart review: “...for mostly better, sometimes worse...”

The-normal-heart-matthew-bomer-mark-ruffalo_article_story_largeHeart monitored

*widget boy cultureMeh Normal Heart review: Characters die too fast. (Um, hello?)

*widget boy cultureMeh Normal Heart review: Good acting, bad directing.

*widget boy cultureB- Normal Heart review: “AIDS isn't the public health issue it once was.”

*widget boy cultureNormal Heart slam: Bad timing? Too much man-on-man sex?

*widget boy cultureElton John: “Today, as ever, silence equals death.”

*widget boy cultureIllinois has a long tradition of Republican closet cases.

*widget boy cultureIt's always a good moment to see Hugh Jackman's butt.

*widget boy cultureBieber gives $545,000 to AIDS research.

*widget boy cultureRugby players are rather attractive, don't you think?

Rugby-shirtlessRugger buggers

May 16 2014
Need To Know: Mister Graaant Gustin + PrEP Squad + Military Meat + GRACE Hits A Bump In The Road + She Can Twerk It Out + MORE! Comments (0)

*widget boy cultureABOVE: Extended The Flash trailer, starring Grant Gustin...who I spoke to!

*widget boy cultureCDC is pro-PrEP—is this “the HIV breakthrough we've been waiting for?”

*widget boy cultureCher & Bruce Jenner reportedly dating. So rich on so many levels.

*widget boy cultureMilitary dudes with socks on their cocks.

*widget boy cultureIs Barnes & Noble about to come to THE END?

*widget boy cultureGrace of Monaco is apparently even worse than it looks.

*widget boy cultureEllen DeGeneres & her '70s prom date reunite.

*widget boy cultureRicky Martin gets pampered on Instagram:

Ricky-Martin-shirtlessI always suspected Ricky Martin adored facials!

*widget boy cultureIdaho equality is on hold...for now, full speed ahead in Arkansas.

*widget boy cultureIs Miley more popular than Jesus?

*widget boy cultureNASCAR fans' tribute to RuPaul quotes.

*widget boy cultureGoffney Twin, former gay porn actor & thief, is out of prison, not out of excuses.

*widget boy cultureBeyoncé, Jay-Z and Solange are “moving on as a family.”

*widget boy cultureWatch this attack cat make mincemeat of a wayward guard dog.

*widget boy culturePrince Harry's 1st-ever tweet.

*widget boy cultureDebbie Harry vs. Solange & Rush Limbaugh:

Mar 31 2014
Picture Perfect: A Review Of FINDING VIVIAN MAIER Comments (0)

Vivian-MaierMaier produced countless self-portraits, some as arresting as anything Kahlo painted.

BOY CULTURE REVIEW: **** out of ****

Finding-vivian-mayer-poster-mVivian Maier died in a Chicago nursing home in 2009 in her eighties without ever having published her work, without ever having seen thousands of the images she shot and without owning a single negative—everything had been unceremoniously sold at auction along with the rest of her worldly possessions for a few hundred bucks a box once she was injured in a fall. Cheap, considering she had taken well over 100,000 images with her trusty, stealthy Rolleiflex from the late 1940s until some time in the 1990s.

When a historian and second-generation flea marketer, John Maloof, started scanning some of the negatives he'd bought in 2007, he sensed they were good. How good, he wasn't sure. Until posting a batch on Flickr, when users flipped out, reassuring him he had unearthed the work of a brilliant photographer. He bought up as much of Maier's output from other buyers as he could, eventually winding up with about 90% of it. Next, he began cataloguing everything—no easy task since Maier, about whom he knew absolutely nothing, had apparently been a packrat.

Vivian-Maier-girlMaier seemed able to pull exquisitely relaxed, soulful poses...when she bothered to ask.

When her obituary pinged his Google search in 2009, Maloof learned a bit more about Maier—she'd been a nanny, a private figure, French.

But what else? And had she seen herself as an artist?

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Mar 21 2014
Let's Hear It For JOY: A Review Of BIG JOY Comments (0)


BOY CULTURE REVIEW: *** out of ****

Screening in NYC March 21—23 at Anthology Film Archives, Big Joy: The Adventures of James Broughton should be required viewing for young LGBT people. Not because he is the most important gay figure in our pantheon (though he's certainly a pioneer in film and poetry), but because he is the type of original character we don't seem to be able to produce anymore.

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Feb 14 2014
Magical Unrealness: A Review Of WINTER'S TALE Comments (0)

Winters-tale-colin-farrell1I don't believe that Farrell really respects the ridiculous movie in which he stars.

BOY CULTURE REVIEW: * out of ****

One of the dumbest movies I've sat through in 100 years is Akiva Goldsman's embarrassing adaptation of what I may unfairly presume to be Mark Helprin's equally inspid novel, Winter's Tale. What's dumb about it? What isn't? It opens with Matt Bomer (let's just call them all by their real names; this movie is one of the most ostentatiously casted all-star films since those movies in the '70s about crashing planes or killer bees) and his wife at Ellis Island being sent back to Europe thanks to pulmonary issues, only to decide to give their infant son a better chance at life...by placing him in a toy boat and lowering it into the ocean, hoping it would not capsize before delivering him safely to NYC.

What fate awaited them back home that could have been worse than near-certain death by drowning in the icy Atlantic, I don't know.

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Feb 03 2014
Sundance Reviewed Comments (0)

Primary_RogerFramedHandsGraceWang_creditIf only Ebert were around to review his own movie...

A friend went to Sundance and generously contributes all of his views on many of the films...

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Dec 20 2013

American-HustleDo the hustle!

I've been remiss in assessing the movies most likely to achieve Oscar gold in early '14, mainly because I've been busy working, doing outside writing and actually watching the things! But a mini-update:

American Hustle by David O. Russell American-hustle-picture-1-07292013-180655

David O. Russell can do no wrong. Well, yes he can—he did the excruciating I Heart Huckabees (2004) and almost gave Lily Tomlin a coronary. Other than that, he's made a series of sensational
films, the most recent of which—Silver Linings Playbook (2012) and The Fighter (2010)—were among the most Oscar-nominated films of their respective years.

With American Hustle, Russell is disco-dancing right back into the heart of awards season by offering a cheeky semi-reality show about a balding con man (Christian Bale), his eager accomplice (Amy Adams), his long-suffering wife (Jennifer Lawrence), a relentless government agent (Bradley Cooper) and the Jersey mayor destined to pay a pretty price for believing the guy (Jeremy Renner). It's all set in the '70s, a darkly funny fairy tale set in the era of Abscam, but much more about one man's relationship with his fellow man...and especially with his fellow woman.

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