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Jun 30 2015
Return To The Valley Of The DOLLHOUSE Comments (0)


Todd Solondz is shooting a sequel-of-sorts to his '90s classic Welcome to the Dollhouse, and just like that, life got a little less miserable.

Jun 29 2015
WIN IT: 5 TIGER ORANGE DVDs! Comments (0)


Wolfe Video is celebrating 30 years with one of its sexiest releases, Tiger Orange

From a press release:

Tiger Orange Box ArtTwo estranged gay brothers attempt to make amends in Wade Gasque's charming small-town drama. Set against the sun-kissed fields of Central  California, and anchored by strong performances from pornstar-turned-leading man Frankie Valenti (aka Johnny Hazzard) and Mark Strano, TIGER ORANGE pits two diametric opposites against each other – the closeted introvert versus the out-and-proud hunk. The result is a blunt, playful meditation on queer sibling rivalry and the childhood bonds that force us together. 
TIGER ORANGE is the feature film debut of award winning director Wade Gasque, who co-wrote the film (and produced it) with the film's co-star Mark Strano.
To enter for your chance to win 1 DVD of this hot new flick, just comment this post and tell me your favorite character from any gay-themed movie. I'll pick 5 of you to win 1 DVD 1 week from tonight at 5PM ET (USA only). Good luck!
Jun 27 2015
Out & Internet Comments (0)


Kieran Turner curates a program/panel of Web series called In with the New Out, featuring high-quality LGBT-themed Web programming. Each installment shows four to six Webisodes of the various series, followed by series creators doing Q&As.

This lively program is booked at Outfest, so give it a go if you're there.

Check out the In with the New Out trailer after the jump ...

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Jun 26 2015
Old & New: Dockers® Hosts FLANNELS FOR HEROES Comments (0)

Álex González_arrivals 1Wouldn't you love Álex González to demonstrate this for you?

Men's clothing brand Dockers® (part of Levi Strauss & Co.) held quite the classy event on June 19, Dockers®  Flannels for Heroes, a day-long cricket match at Burton Court.

1950s blonde bombshells Vera Day and Peggy Cummins(L to R) British actress Vera Day, 79, and Gun Crazy (1949) actress Peggy Cummins, 89

This was the second year the brand sponsored the event, which was in support of veterans' charities.

Álex González and  Barış Kılıç with Vera Day (L to R) González, Day & Barış Kılıç

From a press release:

All proceeds from the Dockers® Flannels for Heroes event will support two charities with the same mission to improve the lives of service men and women and their families. Walking With the Wounded (HRH Prince Harry joined Dockers® brand ambassador Jaco Van Gass on a trek to the South Pole in 2013), which retrains and re-skills servicemen to help them find new careers following duty cut short; and Combat Stress, which has for past 95 years helped UK veterans and their families suffering from depression, anxiety and PTSD following departure from the armed services. 

At Levi Strauss & Co., giving back is part of the company’s DNA. Powered by the pioneering spirit that goes all the way back to its founder, Levi Strauss, the Dockers® brand under the umbrella of Levi Strauss & Co. is always seeking ways in which it can make an impact. That’s one of the reasons the Dockers® brand was proud to support Flannels for Heroes last year, and why the brand chose to return as sponsors in 2015. 

Keep reading to see more of the dapper attendees ...

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Need To Know: Bryce-Looking Fellow + Activist Or Heckler? + Palin Preggers + GONE WITH THE WIND Storm + Elation! Madonna Hits #84! + MORE! Comments (0)


*widget boy cultureBryce Harper wants to flex you up + Aaron Taylor-Johnson Flaunts it!

*widget boy cultureTrans activist tries to shout down the prez, he ain't having it.

*widget boy cultureBristol Palin is surely the world's most judgmental cum-whore.

*widget boy cultureSPLC wins suit: Ex-gay conversion therapy is fraud.

*widget boy cultureGone with the Wind is racist, but is it the same as a Confederate flag?

*widget boy cultureCourtney Act's Reddit.com Q&A involves prostitutes and meth conventions.

*widget boy cultureTyler Posey's 1st kiss was ... Miley???

*widget boy cultureAlso, Courtney will Tumblr for ya!

*widget boy cultureMadonna hits the Hot 100, plus Billboard's two bits on the $10 debate.

Madonna-10-dollar-bill-2015-billboardShe don't need money, she needs love!

*widget boy cultureKennedy and Roberts helped save Obamacare. Why Roberts? This.

*widget boy cultureBobby Jindal gives no head.

*widget boy culture3 simple safety tips everyone should follow.

*widget boy cultureIn the privacy of my own home? FUCK THAT.

*widget boy cultureHuge, huge ass. Unbelievable.

*widget boy cultureRose McGowan blasted Adam Sandler, got dropped by her agent.

*widget boy cultureChris Crocker gets lips enhanced, gets nose out of joint.

*widget boy culture#ageism: NYC's oldest gay bar closes.

*widget boy cultureWorld's sexiest Madonna fan? See his video here.


Jun 25 2015
THE AVENGERS Star Patrick Macnee Dies @ 93 Comments (0)


Dapper Brit Patrick Macnee, world-famous for his role on The Avengers in the '60s, has died at 93. According to The Advocate, he was the son of lesbian moms, which means people who think it would be tough nowadays (like the Pope) are at least 93 years behind the times.

Lansdowne Club Kids Comments (0)

Tom Law with his father_Lansdowne Club_June 18Actor Tom Law with his daddy (his actual father)

On June 18, LS&Co. held a reception at Lansdowne Club to kick off its Spring/Summer 2016 collection that attracted quite an array of upper crust guys 'n' girls.

Film Noir actress Peggy Cummins with Mitch Miller, singer with in background_Lansdowne Club_June 18

Katy Haber, producer with actresses Peggy Cummins and Susan George_Lansdowne Club_June 18_Above: Gun Crazy (1949) noir actress Peggy Cummins, plus Cummins with producer Katy Haber (L) and actress Susan George (R)

Mitch Miller performs_Lansdowne Club_June 18Singer Mitch Miller

Oliver Dimsdale_Lansdowne Club_June 18Oliver Dimsdale

Doug Conklyn_right_with wife Katie DiLallo Conklyn_Lansdowne Club_June 18 (At right) Dockers® COO/SVP Doug Conklyn & wife Katie DiLallo Conklyn

Lisa Collier President of the Dockers brand with Peggy Cummins and Anthony Armstrong-Barnes_Lansdowne Club_June 18(L to R) Cummins, Dockers® president Lisa Collier & Anthony Armstrong-Barnes

Jun 24 2015
Drunk On Infamy Comments (0)

Tumblr_mw2ittaFBT1sar103o1_1280Macauley Culkin as Alig in the late-'90s biopic Party Monster

Michael Alig, the murdering club kid who got out of jail last year and professes to be sober, was drinking wine at the premiere of the movie Glory Daze this week. Alig, repped by R. Couri Hay (who also reps Ian Reisner and Mati Weiderpass; gee, he has great taste in clients), claimed he was only at the event to appease Hay, and claims wine is okay.

Sober means no wine, among other things, as we all know.

Oh, and the movie is a doc about his life, one about which he isn't thrilled. I'll drink to that.