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Sep 24 2018
Meet Ru's New Beau + Anti-Gay Attacker Loose In Brooklyn + Miami Hate Criminal Slain + Out Jock Scores + 1st Royal Gay Wedding + '80s Obits + MORE! —12-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: You can never quit — like those damn thighs.

BELOW: Keep reading for RuPaul's new love interest, the violent end of an anti-gay thug, an out jock scores, some incredible '80s trivia and much, much more ...

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Sep 22 2018
Off Into The SUNSET Comments (0)

Check out my massive post (the first of several) filled with perceptions-of-aging mindfucks over at Gr8erDays.


There are lots of doubletakes in there, I promise.


Along with the above, consider: J.Lo is older than Jean Stapleton was during the first season of All in the Family. And ... scene.!

Sep 21 2018
NewFest 30 Looks Amazing Comments (0)

Screen Shot 2018-09-21 at 12.51.44 PMFor its 30th, NewFest is embracing diversity: Lose Yourself. Find Yourself. (Image via NewFest)

I first became familiar with NewFest in 2006, when the film Boy Culture — promotion of which led to the creation of this ancient blog, and which was based upon my novel — was among the selections. Now, the LGBT fest is celebrating its 30th year, and it is announcing the entire lineup (October 24-30) online this evening.

Last night, I got a sneak preview, and was happy to meet one of the stars of Kanarie, a much-buzzed-about selection — Hannes Otto. He was there with his husband, Will Seefried, and couldn't have sounded prouder of the acclaimed film.

I also bumped into Todd Stephens, who wrote Edge of Seventeen (1998) and the Another Gay Movie movies (2006 & 2008), which he also directed. Great guy! It was like 2006 all over again, because I believe AGM was at OutFest with Boy Culture.

Check out NewFest's official site for details on what's playing, when and where — and I'll likely see you there!

In Praise Of Hairier Men + Kavanaugh Doppelganger Theory Spiked + Trump Victim-Blames Blasey Ford + Pence & Dean Cain Address Anti-LGBTQ Con + Gentleman's Ball + DESIGNING WOMEN Dish + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: Like it? It was half off.

BELOW: Keep reading for a tribute to hairy men, a prominent Kavanaugh conspiracy theory shot to hell, Trump victim-blames Ford (and her parents), a gay old time in Atlanta, doggy daddies, some Designing Women reboot dish and much, much more ...

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Sep 20 2018
Model Citizen + Jocks In Suits + Hunnam & Malek Go Buns-Out + Kavanaugh? Nah! + Trump's Star Barred + HIV Flashback + Gay Ex-Mormon's Campaign + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: Going his way?

BELOW: Male model heaven, jocks in suits, Hunnam & Malek's booty power, Trump's star gets barred, Kavanaugh's popularity dives, Florida candidate's supporter goes full-on racist, out wrestler expresses his happiness and much, much more ...

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Going On 40: A Short Doc That's Long On Big Surprises Comments (0)

UnnamedHer dad ws probably thinking he couldn't wait to film this to help his future queer daughter make a short. (Image via video Gaby Dunn)

Gaby Dunn's short film 40 is a rare combination of cheerful and mind-blowing, exploring what happened when her father hit 40 and met his birth dad for the first time, and how that monumental event informed the rest of his — and eventually Gaby's — life.

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Sep 19 2018
Tyler Hoechlin's Body Language + TEENAGE Warlock + Bert & Ernie Recloseted + Robyn's Coming + Kavanaugh Drama + Grindr Getting Kindr + Cher's S.O.S. Vid + Pride Flag Exorcised + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: He's just keepin' it teal.

BELOW: Keep reading for Tyler Hoechlin and Billy Reilich flexing their acting muscles, a dark reboot of Sabrina the Teenage Witch, Robyn album news, Grindr's attempt to spread kindness along with your legs, Cher's feminist take on an ABBA classique and more ...

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Sep 18 2018
Viva Cuba: Mr. Man's Favorite Naked Cuban Cuties Comments (0)

Cuba’s new president announced that he is pro-same-sex marriage, so Mr. Man immediately started a search for a Cuban husband.

If You Sign Up with Mr. Man via My Links ... THANK YOU!

They've longed for some Cuban love ever since their first trip to Miami … and, I mean, can you really blame 'em? In all seriousness, our friends at Mr.Man applaud this new progressive and inclusive direction and want to celebrate with our favorite Cuban naked cuties ...

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