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Apr 19 2016
6-PACK — La'Porsha Renae Is Sorry, Gays + Decades Of Decadence + Joey Potter Directs + Bradley Cooper Subway Snap + Hillary's NY Sprint + Kasich Wants U.S. United, Gays To GET OVER Discrimination! Comments (0)

La-porsha-renae-diamonds-American-Idol-VideoLa'Porsha Renae (Image via FOX)

*widget boy cultureLa'Porsha Renae is sorry she used the word “lifestyle” in conjunction with the word “gay,” affirms she is against discriminatory laws.

*widget boy cultureOMG, the '80s just crashed into the '90s in a movie about the '00s being released in the '10s.

*widget boy cultureKatie Holmes directed and acted in a movie that someone said is not half bad ... and she's the best thing in it!

12987077_1321467294546711_850638828282902122_nBradley Cooper's rear car (Image by David Miller)

*widget boy cultureDavid Miller spotted Bradley Cooper on the subway and did what he should do—discreetly took a pic of his butt. (And the rest of him.)

*widget boy cultureWHAT CORONATION?: Hillary Clinton has campaigned her heart out to win New York, thus proving she does, in fact, have one.

*widget boy cultureJohn Kasich, who's apparently running for president, asks gay people to “just relax,” “just get over” discrimination. (At least he didn't confuse 9/11 with 7-Eleven!)

Apr 18 2016
6-PACK — KING COBRA Strikes + Rihanna Found Gay Love In A Hopeless Place + Colton Haynes Gets Into Cosplay + Are You Still Desperately Seeking Madonna's Jacket? + Madonna & Child + Hillary & Kirsten Fill Bernie's Gun Stance Full Of Holes! Comments (0)


A photo posted by Garrett Clayton (@garrettclayton1) on

*widget boy cultureKing Cobra plays Tribeca. Will the story of the murder of a monstrous porn producer titillate the critics?

*widget boy cultureGAY ICON: Rihanna has been coaching a gay fan on coming-out, via direct message. We've made progress since discreetly taking in Judy concerts.

*widget boy cultureDelectable Colton Haynes indulges in cosplay—what an evil queen!

231158_0(Image via Julien's Auctions)

*widget boy cultureMadonna's (mostly Rosanna Arquette's) prop jacket from Desperately Seeking Susan—recently sold for a quarter of a million bucks—is back on sale. Opening bid: $40K.

*widget boy cultureP.S. Madonna, looking stunning, is seemingly mending fences with her wayward son.

*widget boy cultureHillary Clinton and Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand (D-New York) level double-barreled attacks on Bernie's terrible record on gun control.

Screen Shot 2016-04-18 at 6.42.49 PMSen. Gillibrand (Image by Matt Sobocinksi for Off Message)

The Wonderful World Of James Franco Comments (0)

Kingcobra_original_3_pressGarrett Clayton (Image by Jesse Korman)

Garrett Clayton, surely one of the best-looking actors ever to emerge from Disney Channel, will next be seen in the James Franco-powered King Cobra, all about the sordid murder of porn impresario Bryan Kocis. Clayton plays porn star Brent Corrigan, who had zero to do with the film, written and directed by Justin Kelly, who somehow found something positive to say about ex-gay nut job Michael Glatze in I Am Michael.

Clayton chats with Out about his racy role, saying:

I initially got a call for the movie from my manager saying ‘There’s a pretty risqué role for this film. They want you to meet with the director for it. I’ll send the script. Give it a read and let me know what you think.’ And I read it and I’m like, ‘Ha, I’m not doing this.’ And then looking it up because I didn’t really know anything about it, I guess because I was in middle school when it happened, (laughs) I don’t know, I guess I freaked out. And I was like ‘I’m definitely not doing this.’

No idea if the film is any good (guessing not), but at least we'll have scads of shots of Clayton half-naked and pretending to have gay sex, albeit with Christian Slater.

Blond Admissions: Madonna's BLOND AMBITION Dancers Open Up On Their Revealing New Documentary Comments (0)

IMG_6062 copyFront: Luis Camacho. Back (L-R): Ester Gould, Reijer Zwaan, Carlton Wilborn, Kevin Stea, Oliver Crumes, Slam Gauwloos. (Image by Matthew Rettenmund)

Strike a Pose, the touching documentary that catches us up on the lives of Madonna's dancers from her Blond Ambition World Tour and the ensuing warts-and-all documentary Truth or Dare, is currently playing the Tribeca Film Festival. This limited engagement was enough to score me some face time with five of the seven original dancers: Slam Gauwloos, Carlton Wilborn, Luis Camacho, Oliver Crumes and Kevin Stea (Gabriel Trupin died of AIDS in the mid-'90s and Jose Gutierez was doing another interview).

Check out my review of Strike a Pose

First, I thought I was getting them in a crowded round table session, so I only had a couple of questions prepared. After all, I'd once been in the same situation with Madonna and it had been a battle to get a word in edgewise. As I got into a cab, I received word I'd have them to myself. Gulp. Could I handle those guys? They seemed high-maintenance in Truth or Dare, holding their own in scenes alongside the planet's biggest superstar. On that topic, Slam later noted of Madonna, “She was not that insecure, you know? I think a lot of artists don’t do that because of their insecurities. She just was perfect at picking the good talent, putting it together, and just, in the end, it made her look better, too.” Kevin chimed in, “When you’re secure with yourself as a star, you want stars around you.”

I frantically dashed off some impressionistic questions. Lucky for me, I'd seen Strike a Pose as well as Truth or Dare and do know quite a bit about the subject matter, so even though I ultimately wound up sharing them with one other journalist, I was ready for these guys and wasn't too nervous that they'd gang up on me.

Making things easier, I found the boys—now men—to be extremely articulate, witty and forthcoming, as you might expect from the cast of Truth or Dare, which has been called the “grandmother of reality TV.” (I submit that Madonna might prefer “aunt.”)

If I dominated a bit, I hope the other writer can forgive me. After all, these were the guys who showed me it was okay to be gay, and who were in the position I most coveted 25 years ago: Madonna-adjacent.

As the film shows and as my life experience had already taught me, glamour is often an illusion, and reality is better anyway. 

Keep reading for my talk with the guys, and with filmmakers Reijer Zwaan and Ester Gould ...

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Apr 15 2016
Dancers From The Dance: A Review Of STRIKE A POSE Comments (0)

Unnamed(Collage by Matthew Rettenmund)


I was 21 when Madonna's Blond Ambition World Tour came to Chicago. I semi-slept out with my friend John in the freezing cold, scoring eighth-row seats the old-fashioned way: Luck.

We knew a lot about the show from the underground fan network that existed, courtesy of the USPS, prior to the Internet, and via foreign magazines that had published shots from the tour's opening in Japan. When I spotted some of Madonna's (gay!!!) dancers in the Water Tower, I followed them around a bit, coveting their tour jackets. We knew their names: Oliver Crumes (rumored to be having an affair with Madonna), Slam Gauwloos, Kevin Stea, Carlton Wilborn, Gabriel Trupin, Luis Camacho and Jose Gutierez.

John and I traveled to the venue on one of the nights before our show, the last in the area. Doing reconnaissance, we spied on the intoxicatingly well-stocked merch booths and even had a close encounter with Liz Rosenberg, Madonna's famous publicist. I asked if she was Liz Rosenberg. Yes. Can I have your autograph? Mine? No.

We left.

The morning of our show, I received a note from a friend at my dorm expressing sympathy over the gig's unexpected cancelation. I had not heard, and was devastated when I confirmed that Madonna had indeed canceled. My friend didn't believe me when I phoned him. I can still remember the haunted denial in his voice.

He never saw the show, and I had to train home to Michigan and buy a horrible scalped seat just so I could say I'd been there in person. It was worth it, as the tour was a work of art more powerful to me than anything I'd seen in a museum ... and I like museums.

MadonnaTruth_096PyxurzLuis, Slam & Jose in a scene from Truth or Dare (Image via Miramax)

A year later, Truth or Dare came out. It was the ultimate Madonna product and project, a film that in many ways both cemented her place in world popular culture as an icon, and that also, conversely, demystified her so successfully that she's never truly returned to the giddy heights of a moment when people craved to know so much about her that a documentary on her tour and touring company became the highest-grossing documentary of all time. (It is currently #17 on that list.)

I will never forget sitting in the theater, watching Truth or Dare. Every frame was giving me what I wanted—more information about Madonna, straight from the source. Unlike with films—Dick Tracy or Who's That Girl—there was no padding, just a full-on Madonna smorgasbord. It was like her celebrity pap smear, an R-rated X-ray.

I can't completely explain the feeling, but I recall feeling, well, stupid after the movie ended. It is a brilliant film, but it also reminded me at every turn that (1) I probably cared too much about Madonna, and (2) Madonna wasn't really as mysterious as previous music videos and photo shoots had hinted. I decided I would cool off on collecting Madonnabilia for a while.

Instead, I doubled down and wrote a book about her and haven't looked back.

Truth or Dare remains a cunning piece of entertainment, one that influenced legions of fans in a variety of ways, not least of which to embrace their sexualities and sexual identities, a side effect attributable less to Madonna than to her film's curation of her dancers' personal stories. Their names aren't on the movie poster, but they should be, because Madonna's dancers were a huge part of both the film's truth and its daring.

Screen Shot 2016-04-15 at 6.35.08 PMCarlton Wilborn in a scene from Strike a Pose (Image by Ester Gould & Reijer Zwaan)


Twenty-five years after the release of Truth or Dare, Dutch filmmakers Ester Gould and Reijer Zwaan have ballsily reassembled Madonna's troupe of dancers to find out what happened to them in the intervening years, providing the results in their documentary Strike a Pose, which is currently playing the Tribeca Film Festival and seeking theatrical distribution.

The film—funny, moody, melodramatic, revealing—nimbly piggy-backs on the notoriety of Madonna and Truth or Dare while establishing its own identity. Madonna is the sun, but the dancers are the planets explored in what becomes a universal commentary on the folly of youth, the power of dance and the fact that sometimes, when people disagree, nobody is 100% right.

Madonna-luisLuis is ready to makeup (Image by Ester Gould & Reijer Zwaan)

Following the release of Truth or Dare, three of Madonna's dancers sued her; Oliver and Kevin sought more money, claiming their agreement to be filmed was never with the understanding that it was for a feature, of which they'd be such a large part, while Gabriel claimed he was additionally wronged when Madonna insisted on including a scene of him kissing Slam in the film, which effectively outed him to his family before he was ready. The suit was withdrawn and settled for an undisclosed amount in October 1994. The tumult from the lawsuit is beautifully and fairly explored in the film, including touching scenes of Gabriel's still-grieving mother recalling her son's death from AIDS on December 15, 1995, just over a year after the lawsuit was resolved.

Other than the lawsuit, even big-time Madonna fans are probably in the dark as to what the boys—now men—have been up to since 1991. Strike a Pose reveals their struggles—with drug addiction, with HIV and (even more so) HIV stigma, with chasing the heady success they tasted on tour with Madonna—but also presents them as more than entertaining support. In Strike a Pose, the dancers' lives are fleshed out to include how they make a living, with whom they are in love, what they do for fun. In short, this new documentary presents them less as vessels for button-pushing and topic-addressing and more as human beings. 

It says something that Madonna's lack of participation in this project is never missed, although her visage is revisited via clips from the '90s. The subjects are sensationally forthcoming, but the filmmakers never sensationalize the material. It's like the opposite of reality TV because it has so much reality.

In Truth or Dare, the boys—without even seeing the big picture—helped Madonna express herself. In Strike a Pose, it's their turn to articulately express their own selves, and these are six selves to which a large number of gay men around their age and younger will relate.

Don't miss it, because while beauty's where you find it, it helps if you're seeking it out.

Catch Strike a Pose at the Tribeca Film Festival tonight, on 4/16, on 4/18 or on 4/24.

Apr 14 2016
6-PACK — Gayest Film Series Ever + Tim Cook's Gay Power + FOX vs. Republicans + Mark Kirk: RINO + Bare-Bootied Rugby Fun + RIP To The 102-Year-Old Who Did Everything! Comments (0)

Lotsodom-690x600Lot in Sodom (Film still via Film Society of Lincoln Center)

*widget boy cultureFilm Society of Lincoln Center's An Early Clue to the New Direction: Queer Cinema Before Stonewall (April 22-May 1) has a fantastic slate, with work from 1895 on:

*widget boy cultureTim Cook is Out's most powerful LGBT person of the year. Others—here—include Ellen DeGeneres (#2, most powerful woman), Rachel Maddow, Caitlyn Jenner & more.

*widget boy cultureHas FOX News destroyed the Republican Party? If not, could it?

*widget boy cultureSen. Mark Kirk (R-Illinois) is doing everything but officially turning into a Democrat to save his seat.

*widget boy cultureRugby player gets a bare-butted massage. This type of job should be auctioned off.

*widget boy cultureRIP Virginia Campbell, actress who died on her birthday at 102. Campbell acted with Fay Wray, Harpo Marx and more, and later became a marionette artist.

Campbell-large_trans++v145lIpU2MM3nhqz3SKTatCP0Q8vVLEs6IxPkAJcyUYPaulette Goddard  gets scrubbed by Virginia Campbell: February 17, 1914—February 17, 2016 (Image via Paramount)

Stage & Screen Actress Anne Jackson Dies @ 90 Comments (0)

S-l1600Anne Jackson (September 3—April 12, 2016) with husband Eli Wallach (Image via PBS)

Anne Jackson, the widow of actor Eli Wallach, has died at 90.

Jackson often worked with her husband, including 13 appearances on Broadway over the years. She was nominated for a Tony for the 1956 Paddy Chayefsky drama Middle of the Night.

Just five and a half short years ago, husband and wife were alive and well as Wallach received an honorary Oscar: 

Apr 13 2016
DICK ... That's An Interesting Sequel Comments (0)

Giphy(GIF via Walt Disney)

Allegedly, Warren Beatty—78—is still mulling a sequel to Dick Tracy. The first film, back in 1990, actually broke the $100 million mark and garnered some Oscar nominations (including one very special win for Best Original Song), but it's not exactly a film one would think was crying out for a follow-up.

Though Beatty himself has confirmed he is thinking of doing a sequel, I have to believe this has something to do with his odd agreement with the Chicago Tribune, which stipulates something to the effect that if he's seriously considering a sequel, he retains the rights.

Further to my guess, check out the extremely odd Dick Tracy special Beatty created and appeared in and paid to have aired when no one would see it:

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