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Oct 18 2018
Is ELITE Netflix's Most Gay-Friendly Series Ever?! Comments (0)

The salacious Spanish-language Netflix series Elite is one of the hottest shows we've seen in a while. Tons of gay sex and many of the gorgeous actors are constantly shirtless and beyond.

Elite takes place in a fancy Spanish prep school, where a handful of poorer kids displaced from a nearby school by an earthquake are now enrolled. The clash between haves and have-nots — which includes a mysterious murder — brings out the naughty side of the sexy classmates ...

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Oct 04 2018
Top 10 Male Nude Scenes On TV! Comments (0)

TV is often sneaky about male nudity, which can be really frustrating.

A lot of times, naked men are obscured in shadows or by strategic props, but Mr. Man was able to compile this sexy list filled with plenty of dudity.

Count down these hot scenes and let me know which you think are sexiest ...

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Sep 26 2018
Mr. Man's Tribute To Jake Gyllenhaal's Hotness! Comments (0)

Jake Gyllenhaal’s new movie came out last weekend, and that’s ALL the reason Mr. Man needs to pay homage to one of the handsomest (and most talented) actors in Hollywood.

Keep reading for Jake's sexiest moments in the movies ...

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Sep 17 2018
Naked Emmy Noms! Comments (0)

Xxosf-RY6JBDFX741-Full-Image_GalleryBackground-en-US-1528481210410._RI_SX940_John Leguizamo's most naked performance (Image via Mr. Man)

Tonight, we'll find out who won Emmys in about 194, 231 categories.

Until then, enjoy the ... naked Emmys. (Work Unfriendly)

Sep 16 2018
Happy 26th To Nick Jonas! Comments (0)

Tumblr_nv4udiXACR1qd6639o1_500Are you a sucker for Nick? (GIF via GIPHY)

Nick Jonas turns 26 today. What better way to celebrate than by ogling him as naked as he's ever gotten on film? (Work Unfriendly)

Sep 15 2018
Happy Father's Day — I Mean, Happy Birthday, Daddy! Tom Hardy Is 41 Comments (0)

Mr. Man loves daddies, and one of their all-time fave British dads is celebrating one today — the devilishly sexy and incredibly naked Tom Hardy turns 41! Keep reading for some of Tom's meatiest roles ...

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