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Jul 22 2014
Need To Know: GOP Court Kills Obamacare + Death Of A Bear Model + Pornstar Makes An Ass Of Himself + Beyoncé NOT Divorcing + Do You Have A Lame Claime To Fame? + MORE! Comments (0)


*widget boy cultureBear model Chris Miklos dies in his sleep.

*widget boy culturePornstar Bruno Knight arrested for smuggling meth in his anus.

*widget boy cultureGOP-dominated appeals court guts Obamacare.

*widget boy cultureJudges who just defunded Obamacare did so over a proofreading error.

*widget boy culture14th Century candidate Marco Rubio: Hillary is a “20th Century candidate”.

*widget boy cultureWill B & Jay-Z split without divorcing?

*widget boy cultureShe calls out MSNBC for being pro-Israel, not invited back.

*widget boy cultureTed Nugent canceled for racism and hate-mongering.

Weird-Al(Really) Weird Al! (See video after the jump.)

*widget boy culture8 Republican Congress critters now support marriage equality.

*widget boy cultureWhat would Jesus do? Commit suicide.

*widget boy cultureFinally! Blake Lively launches lifestyle blog.

*widget boy cultureTom Daley comes in fourth at Shanghai, no medal.

*widget boy cultureAnti-gay idiots are vehemently against heterosexuals.

*widget boy cultureWeird Al Yankovic's funny “Lame Claim to Fame” video after the jump...

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Oct 20 2013
Why Thomas Roberts Is Dead Wrong On Hosting Miss Universe Comments (0)

Thomas-Roberts-gay-RUssiaI wouldn't want a seat at this particular table.

Thomas Roberts has done a lot of good for the gay community, both by speaking candidly of his molestation as a teenager and by being an out anchor on MSNBC, where he routinely asks hard questions, often regarding LGBT issues.

That's why his decision to not only host Donald Trump's Miss Universe in Russia, but to "aggressively pursue" the position, is bewildering and disappointing. And in spite of the fact that he's done great stuff, I believe his decision and his explanations for going deserve sharp criticism.

Russian.jpgBe sure to tune in to Miss Universe, dude, for a big dose of hope!

Roberts's initial explanation pre-emptively attacked anyone who might disagree with his action, or who might have a difference of opinion as to how best to deal with Russia on LGBT rights:

"Courage is contagious. I have felt that way since coming out publicly in 2006. I’ve never regretted it.

"This November, I will co-host Miss Universe in Moscow partly because it is a huge, visible opportunity for LGBT people. Everywhere.

"I am not a special case. I am a good person, good spouse, good child, good sibling, good friend and hard worker. That is me. I am just like millions of LGBT people around the world. We are good, regular, hard-working people who come from solid families. So when I heard there was a chance at this assignment I aggressively went after it. Lo and behold the Miss Universe team, NBC Entertainment & the Trump team agreed and offered it to me.

"Over the last several months Russian President Vladimir Putin has approved new homophobic laws for his country. Yes, laws that criminalize and stigmatize lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people and their allies in Russia. 

"These actions attracted worldwide news coverage with some critics labeling it: Russia’s dark chapter in the history of gay rights.  World leaders have expressed their contempt for these discriminatory laws with President Barack Obama declaring that 'nobody’s more offended than me.' 

"In August, the Miss Universe Organization issued its own statement that Russian laws are 'diametrically opposed to the core values' of Miss Universe.

"I too am diametrically opposed to these laws and share in the president’s outrage. I am unafraid to say I am proud of my husband and my family—I’m proud of their love for me. I’m proud of the incredible steps forward equality has taken this year.

"I’m proud of our nation, which still aspires to live up to the promise of its founding fathers. I am unafraid to tell you how traditional my husband and I are. After 13 years, we continue to foster and grow our life together, with highs and lows, the folly and the fights. The same things many long term couples experience. Simple things: Trash night, dog walks, the remote control. Tough things:  Homophobia, job loss, death.

"You can’t get more traditional than that and, above all, we love each other.

"So people may wonder: 'Thomas, how can you accept this assignment? Shouldn’t you boycott Russia?' I am not going to boycott.  Boycotting and vilifying from the outside is too easy. Rather, I choose to offer my support of the LGBT community in Russia by going to Moscow and hosting this event as a journalist, an anchor and a man who happens to be gay. Let people see I am no different than anyone else.

"All kids—Russian, American or otherwise—need hope. I am a happy, healthy, gainfully employed, educated and married man. And yes, I am gay. These new Russian laws won’t stop Russians from being born LGBT and growing up to identify as such. Russia’s treatment of its LGBT citizens is unacceptable, unrealistic and only promotes homophobia and intolerance for a community that does and will continue to exist. 

"It vaguely resembles ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.’ As a country we recently pitched DADT into the dust bin of American history. We are too smart for that now. 

"But we still have elected U.S. leaders rallying against marriage equality and the Employment Non-Discrimination Act. History teaches us these political approaches hurt good kids and people everywhere—those who need hope, guidance, education, safe space and YES, LGBT role models. 

"We do them no favors by turning away now. We must be visible, we must show up, and, as Harvey Milk said, we must 'give them hope.'

"I go to prove there’s hope."

There is so much wrong here, one almost doesn't know where to begin, but something that is crystal clear is that Thomas Roberts is no deep thinker, and he is terribly invested in presenting himself as NORMAL.

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Nov 20 2012
Need To Know Comments (0)

Obama-Clinton-barefoot-MyanmarMyanmar my gal

Widget boy culturePresident Obama and Secretary of State Clinton go barefootin'. Jaime_Parada_Hoyl_insert_courtesy_Jaime_Parada_Hoyl

Widget boy cultureChile elects first (HOT) out politican.

Widget boy cultureRachel Maddow: Sen. John McCain (R-Arizona) is "incompetent."

Widget boy cultureLongest English word is not antidisestablishmentarianism.

Widget boy cultureSyracuse, New York, adapts gender non-discrimination.

Widget boy cultureBlacks support marriage equality more and more.

Widget boy cultureTexas may not swing for a while. If ever.

Widget boy cultureGay families in Florida tell their stories.

Widget boy cultureCan you say "Detox Icunt" on TV?

Detox-Icunt-RuPaul-dragYou will Ru the day... 

Apr 20 2011
Birth Of A Nation Of Idiots Comments (0)


Just in case you were losing track.

Mar 09 2011
Kathy Griffin Tells Jokes, Sarah Palin Is A Joke Comments (0)

Kathy Griffin responds to Sarah Palin's stupid accusation that she is a "bully" with good humor and some good barbs. (She actually seems very mellow here.)

Jul 23 2010
Call Me Madam Comments (2)
Rachel Maddow's take-down of Bill O'Reilly for insulting her about ratings when she was insulting him about his, er, loose take on reality is so satisfying it borders on the sexual. I don't always watch her because sometimes the snarky tone isn't my cup of tea even if I almost always agree with her, but this time she nails it 100%. 
Jun 23 2010
Bloody Nonsense Comments (4)

Via Joe.My.God.: Yesterday on The View, fill-ins D.L. Hughley and MSNBC's Thomas Roberts (the former much more so than the nervous latter) contributed to a discussion on the FDA's decision to maintain its ban on blood donations from any men who've had sex with other men since 1977. Hughley eventually stated agreement with the decision, stating that "political correctness" has no place in the medical world.

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Jun 22 2010
Praying Mantras Comments (7)

"Gay-lifestyle" foe D.L. Hughley and out MSNBC anchor Thomas Roberts joined The View today, and the results were...a whole lot of crazy coming from Elisabeth Hasselbeck and way too many prayer-obsessed hosts. The debate was whether or not President Obama should have referenced prayer regarding the BP spill. Joy Behar said no because it's not logical, which led to Hasselbeck insisting that prayer IS logical. Oh, and of course Sherri Shepherd emphatically believes prayer "works."

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