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Mar 16 2018
Modus Vivendi's Mesure Line Measures Up Comments (0)

ModusVivendi_MesureLine_Campaign (4)

Modus Vivendi wonders if size matters, offering its Mesure line in response ...

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Shears Revelations + Dragging The Swastika + Stormy Threatened Physically? + Tinder Swiping Left On Trans People + Anti-Gay Judge Smacked Down + Another Reason To Love LOVE, SIMON + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

Above: All a matter of perspective.

Below: Keep reading for Shears revelations, the Jewish drag queen who toys around with Hitler motifs, a 62-year-old beauty icon, Tinder's anti-trans reputation, Stormy Daniels's lawyer saying she was threatened/a second Trump lawyer attached to his Stormy pay-off/Stormy's gay bud revealing more about her Trumplationship, judge penalized for anti-gay ways, Will & Grace pulls a boner, playing the gay character you always wished you'd seen in the movies, a dead hottie and a guy on the street who's a treat ...

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Mar 14 2018
Talented Pole Dancer + Lynda Carter's #MeToo + Tennis Pro Loses Shirt + LOVE, SIMON Star On Gay Bro + Kenworthy Reviews LOVE, SIMON + Naked In Public! — 6-PACK Comments (0)

Above: You can't take a bad snap in Waikiki, especially if you look like that.

Below: Keep reading for an Israeli pole dancer, Lynda Carter's #MeToo story, a tennis pro's unmatched shirtless torso, Nick Robinson on his gay bro, Gus Kenworthy's Love, Simon rave and a buncha naked dudes on vacay ...

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You're Welcome: Charlie By MZ Comments (0)

Unnamed(Images by Charlie by MZ)

New Charlie by MZ shots will make you think $100+ for undies and swimwear is worth it ...

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Mar 13 2018
You're Welcome: Roly Vizcay Comments (0)

Roly-Hunk2-Swimwear-b(Images by John Justo for Alphae Carioca² by HUNK²)

Check out model Roly Vizcay in swimming briefs Alphae Carioca² by HUNK²!

More after the jump ...

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Taylor Swift's Video Power-Bottom Co-Star + NYC Murder Gossip + ICE Official Resigns + Spice Rumors + Trump's Assistant Canned + RuPaul Hearts Judge Judy + Happy B'day, Charo + Bernhard vs. Griffin + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

Above: I have a weakness for dumbbells.

Below: Keep reading for Taylor Swift's gay-porn extra, the steroid queens who murdered a dude in NYC, ICE official resigns over lies, hot dude in the wild, Spice Girls rumors, RuPaul's Judge Judy tears, Trump's assistant gets fired/rehired, OnlyFans offer, seeing a grown man nekkid, Sandra Bernhard trashes Kathy Griffin, that House investigation on Russia debunked and Megyn Kelly thinks Trump's being blackmailed ...

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Knight Watch: NYC's Gotham Knights Will Drag The Cash Out Of You Comments (0)

Unnamed(Images via the Gotham Knights)

It's that time of year again, the time when NYC's premiere gay/inclusive rugby outfit — the Gotham Knights — host their annual drag fundraiser show ...

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You're Welcome: ES Collection Comments (0)

ES Collection  Squates & Stripe Mix boxers (Images by ES Collection)

ES Collection launched its Spring/Summer 2018 undies collection, named Water, Spike, Stripe Mix, Cravat and Squares.

Keep reading for more ...

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